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  1. I've got to hand it to Foreskin Ninja for sending me Buiikikaesu over MSN back in t'day. Their albums are hard to find over here / expensive to import but "Buiikikaesu" and "Rokkinpo Goroshi" are essential. Newer album "Yoshu Fukushu" isn't quite at that level, but still ace.
  2. Walking in to Topshop and knowing it's not worth trying anything on Being in Exodus Talking to students Grudging paying extra for items that are trendy/cool/'in' 2+ day hangovers Being a weekend warrior Going to weddings Random heartburn Shite metabolism
  3. Highlights of the year for me so far have been Goon: genuinely funny locker room Ice hockey comedy. Sleeper hit, hope it becomes huge. The French Connection: can't believe it's taken me so long. Fantastic cop thriller. Hugely influencial. Rekjavik-Rotterdam: being re-released as Contraband this weekend, Icelandic original. I reckon it'll be impossible to top. The Descendants: wasn't overly emosh 'til the end, but was bowled over. Clooney is a powerhouse, but daughter does best. Buried: intense if you buy in to it, I guess if you don't it's just a dick in a box. Party Down (TV): brilliant, understated comedy from the states about failed actors doing catering. Cringe/comedy-tastic. Boardwalk Empire (TV): it would be almost impossible to fuck up with that many great performances and an epic story. Mare, proper, reviews here
  4. Can a MOD delete my signature plz. Thx lol
  5. Even if 52% voted no at this referendum it's still wouldn't be a convincing victory, and the pro-web group would be hurling the exact same arguments around. (Likely there would also be another referendum once GCP had focus grouped the shit out of the next design) The the only reason it's even close is because the ballot had two choices: 'Retain the Gardens' or 'Support the Web'. Deliberately extreme and misleading, and if there had been even one middle ground / compromise option, the other two would have been humped. More than anything, the UTG situation has clearly highlighted how much the council need to assess the conflict of interests between ACSEF/Chamber of Commerce members in their professional capacity, and their ability to influence policy, public spending...
  6. Comes down to the fact that most of the parties in the 'NO' vote camp are non-profit organisations or small-scale operations, no millionaires on this side. Pit a handful of these poorly funded and uncoordinated groups with different agendas (political, environmental, social etc) against one massive, strategic, extremely well funded campaign by a shit-hot PR agency and you're not going to hear much in the way of the other side. Pound for pound I think that a ~52% vote is pretty pathetic/disappointing given the amount of money thrown at this by the Granite Web campaign.
  7. It baffles me that nobody really figured out or questioned that by raising the gardens to street level the project is creating around 4 storeys of space the size of gardens + dual carriageway + train track - in the centre of town. This is the only reason the 'choice' was all or nothing. I'd bet my mortgage that this has been marked for something already, and that in a couple of years the public may still 'own' the garden, but the space underneath is sold to Stewart Milne / Ian Wood / anyone involved in this mess - and probably done so to fund the overspend. Can't wait to see a theater next to a theater, an arts centre next to an art gallery, a park on top of a park and the council trying to maintain a gardens twice the size of the one they couldn't keep. Also I hope everyone feeling so strongly about the decision is doing more than just moaning about it in this thread?
  8. Disappointing, although I'm guessing that mostly older folk would have voted by post, so I assume in the end, it will be very, very close. Assumming it's around 55% either way, I guess it could be overturned again...
  9. Unfortunately I think that the confusion and misinformation created from the past 4 years of ongoing Web/Plaza/GCP "have they voted yes yet?" polls and consultations has taken its toll on a good portion of the public. Most of my friends and colleagues are past caring about this, which is unfortunate. I could think of about 6,500 better ways to spend the cash.
  10. Not necessarily 'the best' films, but the ones I enjoyed most were: Inception Jackass 3D MacGruber MicMacs Toy Story 3 The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Stinkers this year were: We are what we are Somewhere Warrior's Way Hornet's Nest Skyline
  11. Machete: Decent fun, grindhouse parody / romp. Very enjoyable, but not an amazing film. The American: slow-pace but great throwback thriller. Clooney is outstanding, looks fantastic Hornets' Nest: absolutely terrible ending to trilogy. Finished off Played with Fire story. TV movie at best Monsters: solid reality-based sci fi. Minimal story, some decent effects. worth catching, but don't expect Godzilla. London Boulevard: Layer Cake / Lock Stock derivative, not bad. Farrel's decent, some witty lines. Winstone typecast! Average
  12. Skyline: Derivative, plagiarised mix of good sci-fi films. Not bad effects, but not a good film. Avoid We are what we are: boring arthouse cannibal film that should/could have been a great black comedy. Avoid. Definitely a toss week for cinema.
  13. The Social Network: It's alright, about as good as posh spazz's fighting over ideas in court can be. Due Date: Pretty funny, ruined by the trailers and not as good as The Hangover, but very enjoyable Jackass 3D: Amazing use of 3D, if you like the show you'll love this. Bigger, Better, Sorer, Funnier. The Human Centipede: Quite enjoyed it. Better than I expected, quite eerie / plausible compared to slashers etc. Wall St Money never sleeps: Boring, long, rubbish story. Impossible to feel sorry for city bankers.
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