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  1. Two different styles of games, with Skate being more simulation like and THPS excelling in combo based score attack gameplay. It's like saying why would anyone play Ridge Racer when there is Gran Turismo.
  2. You can buy various capacity removable hard drives from 20gb up to 250gb. If you have a slim Xbox360 you need the specific hard drive for that, as the 'fat' Xbox's hard drive doesn't fit on the slim and vice versa. Also beware of buying hard drives off Ebay (especially from Hong Kong sellers) as there are a lot of fakes on there.
  3. Good work! Pinball machines are pretty scarce nowadays, so it's brilliant that you have put one in the bar. Thumbs up!
  4. A smaller Yatai? Will it just be one table with two chairs?
  5. What game was it? Gamestation can resurface discs, but i'm not too sure of the price. Wouldn't be worth it if it's a cheap one I'd imagine.
  6. Before opening a dispute, why don't you email the seller and see what they say?
  7. You want to be like this 80's Saturday night stalwart?
  8. I can't see them closing the Aberdeen HMV. There are plenty of towns and cities with two or more stores, as well as smaller shops. They will be the first to go.
  9. John Landis. Yes I know you worked with Michael Jackson, but you don't need to pop up on every fu****g top 100 show to tell us, you bearded tosser.
  10. Cheapest deal alone is Asda at 36 odd. Sainsbury will sell you it for 27.97 if you spend 30 on other shopping at the same time. Tesco are doing a pretty good deal where it's 25 if you buy it along with a points cart (XBL 17.50 or PSN 20.00). The deal gets even better if you do it online, as you can go through Quidco and get 3.39 back (well that was the going rate for the game and XBL points card), bringing your total to under 40 for the two items. GAMES - Call of Duty Black Ops - Launch Offer - Free Delivery - Tesco Entertainment
  11. If you want to punch Jo Brand's face then surely you must want to hit John Sergeant too?
  12. I didn't quite get who the artist is...
  13. Is it a guitar with a detachable neck? If so, detach and go over the metal contacts with an eraser. Sounds odd but quite often it gets it working again.
  14. Good call on the chuddy munching craggy faced cretin.
  15. The Glider was the first club I started going to. We used to go frequent it on a Saturday night and were all under age when we first started going. I just remember it being tiny and I seem to remember the DJ being at the top of a small ladder. The bar was basic to the extreme and I also recollect Lemon Hooch being popular. We all loved going there, and I will always have good memories of it.
  16. A late addition to my list, but perhaps one of the most punchable people in Britain. King cretin himself, Steve Wright: What a fud.
  17. My list: Peter Jones: Smug beyond belief. Wouldn't be so smug as fists smashed into his fizzog. Michael Buble: Complete and utter prick who thinks he is a legend. Punching him would not only bring immediate satisfaction to myself, but hopefully I'd put an end to his pitiful career. Robbie Williams: No real justification needed. Ollie Murrs: Out of all the X Factor contestants ever he must rank as the cockiest most unlikeable ever, and that's some achievement. Rob Brydon: I really don't find him funny in the slightest and his face just annoys me. See also Anton Du Beke. Florence Welch (of Florence and the Machine Fame): I don't condone violence against women but there is an exception to every rule, and Ms Welch is that exception. Annoying screeching harpy publicity hungry moon faced bitch. Nae a fan.
  18. That maybe so but near the end of the film, Shaun's mum comes into his room and tells him that Milky is going to be alright. Presumably he is in hospital at this point.
  19. 1. The Smashing Pumpkins - For Martha 2. Soulfly - No Hope = No Fear 3. Slayer - Reborn 4. Type O Negative - Haunted (Per Version) 5. Eels - Blinking Lights (For Me) 6. Rage Against The Machine - Calm Like a Bomb 7. The Crystal Method - Cherry Twist 8. The Misfits - Queen Wasp 9. Forrest Whitaker - Samurai Code Quote #6 (from the Ghost Dog Soundtrack) 10. Pendulum - Hold Your Colour
  20. Cecil were great on record and live. Subtitles is one of the most underrated albums ever.
  21. 800 microsoft points for the Gazza/Fishing Rod/Six Pack Downloadable Content?
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