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  1. Oh god JJ Booths, I had forgotten about that place. Used to go to a weekly music quiz night there in the late 90s. Always got the feeling it was fixed though. Same people every week that won the crate of beer lol........
  2. Firstly, can anyone remember what "The Filling Station" used to be? It's starting to bug me now, thanks. Do you remember when Jimmy Chung's used to be "Cupids" (i think?!) and when The Illicit Still was the Bond Bar? Any other pubs/clubs in the 80s and 90s that are no longer there? Thanks Clyde
  3. Clyde

    Bass Advice

    Jesus you're really nice to your missus aren't you? What a jerk.
  4. Clyde

    Bass Advice

    "A fool?" Bachelor of Education in Music actually, Aberdeen University 1998. What qualifications do you have? What letters after your name do you have?
  5. Clyde

    Bass Advice

    Internet language? Thought we were talking about beats here. If all you do is come on this to insult people, then you've already lost the argument and this proves that you really didn't have a point to make in the first place. Go back to school funkeebassman.
  6. Clyde

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    Your grasp of the English language is a good indication of how much you really know.
  7. Clyde

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    I agree with you- a metronome is vital to keep the correct rhythm. Any idiot would know that. I use one almost all the time when teaching my students. AND IT HELPS - I KNOW THAT. Empty vessels make the most noise on this form i guess.............
  8. Clyde

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    I TOTALLY agree with you
  9. Hi, Did anyone go and see Deacon Blue last night at the AECC? I was unable to go and was wondering if it was a good concert? Thanks, Clyde.
  10. Who else went last night? Did you enjoy it? I thought she sounded very different from she does on her CD. Any thoughts?
  11. Heard on Northsound this afternoon that Amy MacDonald is to appear next Sunday (I think) at Hazelhead Park? Anyone know if this is right or not? Are there tickets on sale? If so, where? Thanks.
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