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  1. Yeh, they played at Truck too and were very hyped there. Anyway, the real reason Im posting here is cus... guess what... Broken Sunshine are now playing this too We were added to the bill late last night and will be on first, before The X-Certs, I dont know any other details, but Im assuming Komakino have pulled out... See you all there!
  2. Hey sorry, Ive been away. My inbox is now clear.
  3. Already talked to you about it ages ago and you werent even interested then so dont pretend you are And, Kirk, that was only you we were telling not to parade in your underwear
  4. Hey... Mart and I are looking into renting a flat and are looking for another person/couple to rent with. Anyone interested? PM either me or M.A.R.T and we can converse
  5. If you're going to write it with an apostrophe it's Hallowe'en, not Hallow'een. And Nightmare before Christmas is a great movie. Ive seen some people dress as jack and sally for halloween, but I dont really think it's worth doing unless it's done properly.
  6. Haha... you're not wrong there Mart, count yourself lucky Im not seeing you til tomorrow, maybe by then I'll have forgotten about this. Actually, I think if you look hard enough, there is a picture with me in it on Milner's gallery from that great EP launch we had last year
  7. Agreed. Id also put... Adam, since he put me before, and he posted my favourite broken sunshine picture And HarleyQuinn and Porter of course.
  8. Yay, it'll be good to see you! You havnt seen us in a while have you
  9. Again, well said. Can this guy not read? Or is he just refusing to believe that most people think his band is shit. Most people meaning everyone apart from his friends who dont know any better. Jeez...
  10. Do you need any supporters? I dont play, but if it's a nice enough day maybe we'll come down and watch and laugh
  11. You havnt been around long enough to slag off SPD. And as one of the promoters of your first gig... Was it your first gig? It certainly seemed like it. ...is the bassist for that band, and you've already made a completely false comment about him already, I should watch where you're going with this.
  12. Wow... perdy I especially like Dan's tongue sticking out
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