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  1. Bumpity-bump. A week on Saturday we'll be assaulting the Moorings with our nonsense. Come along!
  2. Thanks! Events page for the show at the Moorings can be found here. Also, you can find us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter if you would like to be kept up to date on things.
  3. We didn't go to a studio. The drums and gang vocals were recorded at Drum Central and everything else was done in mine and Jak's living room.
  4. Aw Bri, I was hoping for a shark or a monster or some sort of strange creature on the poster. As it is, we'll have to make do with an old photo that features two people who left the band some time ago :-)
  5. Hello all, Shields Up have just released our new EP "Our Nights" which can be listened to/downloaded from here. If you'd prefer a physical copy of the CD (and who wouldn't, given the awesome artwork and sexy digipack) you can find it along with our debut album and T-shirts here. We'll have all this good stuff with us when we play the Moorings on the 23rd July (with Broken Few). If you enjoy what you hear, please spread the word. Thanks! James
  6. Damn straight. Oh, and Jon, I look forward to you hearing it too. Just so I can see the look your face as you realise that I have ripped you off shamelessly and without remorse. Zing!
  7. Dutch metal and french surf. I love your wacky booking style.
  8. I'm in the process of starting a new band and we need a another guitarist and a bassist. It will feature some mighty riffing, big choruses and harmonies (so if you can sing as well, that would be a bonus, but not a necessity). I'm not even going to attempt to describe it but here's some bands I may have ripped off for some of the songs: Clutch, Mastodon, The Wildhearts, Fugazi, Devin Townsend, early Jimmy Eat World, He Is Legend, Hexes, Grace.Will.Fall,The Bronx, Cave In, Deftones, Far, Foo Fighters... well, I think you get the idea. The vocal duties are being handled by Bri of Deadloss Superstar/Fudge fame and Oggy from Bloodnut/ex-Radio Lucifer's playing drums. If this sounds like your type of bag, fire me a PM on this here site or email me at jw.johnson83@gmail.com. I have some songs demoed so I can email them to anyone who may be interested. Thanks! James
  9. Fighterplanes AND Fights & Fires? Cashback! Fudge, you spoil us, you really do.
  10. Thanks to those who came out to this last night. The most calamity ridden gig we've ever played but good times nonetheless. Thanks to Stephen for putting it on and Carson Welles and Escape Today for lending their musical might to the evening. Hopefully we shall return soon! Shields Up
  11. No, no. We are indeed playing the Bridge 9 gig on the 1st of June. Anyone who likes hardcore and doesn't come to this gig is a fool. Ruiner AND Polar Bear Club AND Defeater? Bridge Nine are truly spoiling us.
  12. I saw Deftones there around the time of "White Pony" and really liked it. Sound was good and there was a really good atmosphere. That was a long time ago though. I need to get tickets for this pronto.
  13. Orton will keep the belt. I'm almost willing to bet on it. It'll be him and Trips up till Summerslam surely? Changing the subject, what are everyone's thoughts on TNA Lockdown? I thought it was a great show. Gimmicks galore but the matches were pretty good and there were some great high spots. The highlight was the Joe-Angle match though by a mile. That was the most realistic match I've seen outside of Japan. They looked like they were beating the piss out each other. And Joe is finally champ. Hooray! Plus it further emphasised the fact that the WWE women's division (with the exception of a few like Mickie, Victoria, Beth Phoenix and Nattie Neidhart) is a joke. They should plunder SHIMMER or NOAH and perk it up a bit. I still can't work out why Sara Del Rey isn't signed to WWE or TNA. Oh and Mike Adamle can fuck off. Did anyone see WWECW on Tuesday? Fuck me, it was horrible. I had to stop watching. I'm sort of glad Styles has moved to an office job though. He was never the "OH MY GOD!" Styles of old in WWE apart from the first couple of One Night Stands. That's my thoughts for the day.
  14. This had better be good Fudge! Not only am I missing out on seeing Sick Of It All for this, I'm also going to be missing some top wrestling action. I demand a good time!
  15. Jackie Treehorn: so unbelievably ace they had to mentioned twice. Yas.
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