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  1. Final night of Rumour @ The Carmelite tonight. Our cocktails pay homage to Louisianan & Haitian voodoo and there's the obligatory Zombie on the list (nearly 120ml of alcohol...just have the one...or two...MAX). Steven Milne and Giles Walker provide the audio backdrop, Siobhan Ogg and Mike Chang on graphics and MOC on visuals. Last chance to get your cocktail on in the fine lobby of the Carmelite before we pack up and hibernate for the winter. Doors from 9pm // free entry
  2. Yeah, last Friday was really good, thanks for coming along. Tonight and tomorrow from 9pm again. Week 6 - Favela Carioca!
  3. Late reply, apologies. Yeah, we've been very happy with the response and crowd coming down. Demographic-wise, we couldn't have asked for a better clientele, and the atmosphere is good. Nothing too rowdy, just a comfy environment to listen to good music by the likes of Martin Jay and Giles Walker. We don't sell Tennents (it's Carling and Brewdog 77 Lager on draught at Carmelite - Carling is 3.30), but it's not about beer, it's all about the cocktails. The list changes every week. Hope some of you have had a chance to check it out - and try some of the cocktails. This week is week 6 and the theme is Favela Carioca - Brazilian street culture, vintage funk and simple, fresh authentic cocktails (Caipirinha, Batida...with sweetcorn). Last week is week 8 (Halloween weekend). After that, who knows where Rumour will end up next...
  4. Launches this Friday at 9pm in The Carmelite bar & lobby. The theme of the opening weekend's cocktail list is Soda Pop Shoppe. Entry is free.
  5. We are a cocktail, music and art collaboration - a pop-up bar - opening in a secret location in Aberdeen in September 2010 for 8 weeks only... Hand-crafted artisan cocktails & fine drinks, dj's/producers and clubnights, limited-run exclusively-commissioned print series, good people, good times... Like It: Rumour
  6. We are a cocktail, music and art collaboration - a pop-up bar - opening in a secret location in Aberdeen in September 2010 for 8 weeks only... Hand-crafted artisan cocktails & fine drinks, dj's/producers and clubnights, limited-run exclusively-commissioned print series, good people, good times... Like It: Rumour
  7. Late to the party as usual, but just thought I'd chip in my 2 cents here: I'll be completely up front. Formerly of Snafu, I am now at YO! Sushi. I'm not going to say anything about any other restaurant in Aberdeen as I wish them all the best - there's more than enough potential customers to go round! Nor have I signed up here just to post this, I have been around for a few years... Would just like to clarify some facts (and common misconceptions): 1. YO! Sushi do not use tinned tuna at all, even in our maki. It's all fresh and raw. On an environmental note, we use Yellowfin, not Bluefin. 2. Our rolls are made fresh. We are bound by probably the tightest food hygiene policy I have ever come across in any restaurant. Rice is a high risk food and is not kept over-night, nor any longer than 4 hours. Plus, we treat all our rice with vinegar to balance out the pH. Our food safety policy is available on-line (Fun, Fast & Fresh Japanese Food | YO! Sushi Restaurants & Takeaway) for all to read. 3. The law allows for our food to be kept at room temperature for 4 hours (i.e. on the belt) - we keep it for 2. We even put time stickers on each lid for complete transparency. 4. Once delivered, our fish is kept refrigerated for 48 hours maximum. 5. We have a Health & Hygiene Manager who used to work in a similar role for McDonald's and anyone who's worked there will agree that their food safety is tight - it has to be. All-in-all, YO! is a chain restaurant and some people prefer to support independents, myself usually also. However, I will strongly dispute any allegations about the quality of ingredients or a lack of freshness. Thanks for reading...if you made it this far...! Gomes
  8. Thanks for adding those mugshots, mine especially. No, really, thanks...
  9. Wax

    Posters in Five...

    Rather than clamp down on other venues, we'll clamp down on promoters who don't abide by a reasonable amount of etiquette. I wouldn't want to penalise the likes of IMP, etc. who use various venues. Instead we'll keep an eye out in town to see who's removing Snafu posters and replacing them and we'll try to hit the promoter in the pocket rather than the venue. Anyway, Moorings posters are usually bright and colourful - they add character to the wall!
  10. Done a bit of a tasting with some I picked up at a bar trade show on Tuesday. Bought another couple as well, so here's my thoughts: BrewDog (77 Lager & Punk IPA) - Think we'll definitely look at getting a range of these in. Fits our ethos about local produce and suppliers, and they seem to have a good following too. Watch this space... Isle of Arran Blond - Really disappointed by this. Pretty bland. Lattitude Pilsner - Not good, I wish I got some samples of the ales instead. Williams Bros Gold (Alloa) - I liked this one. I'm quite a fan of Belgian/Trappist beers and this one shows up well against them. Williams Bros Red - My flatmate loved this one. In fact, out of the 9 we tried, this one was definitely the best, and I'm not even an ale drinker. I've got in contact with the brewery to see about distributors. In the meantime, Oddbins near Five stocks it. Pretty sure it's on a 4 for 5 offer right now. Skull Splitter (Orkney) - My flatmate also like this one, but I found it a bit much. An ale drinkers ale I have deduced. Worth getting in though, I'll have a word with the brewery. Keep an eye out in Five, we should begin to stock ales in the next week or so. For the time-being we have Innis & Gunn Amber in bottles. Keep the recommendations coming though, cheers!
  11. What's everyone's favorite ale? Looking to beef up the selection in Five (currently only Innis & Gunn Amber or Guinness) and Snafu (currently only Guinness). Thinking about names such as Skull Splitter, BrewDog and Isle of Arran. Thoughts/suggestions?
  12. Wax

    Posters in Five...

    Got them and put them up! Keep em coming folks... Although, got the first naming and shaming: whoever is promoting/flyering for Silly Sundayz @ the Tunnels, wise up and stop putting them all over the inside of Five and Snafu. Fucking amateurs.
  13. Wax

    Posters in Five...

    Yeah, all venues are entitled to use the wall. As I said, just leave the posters for me to stick up. I have OCD and if the wall isn't symmetrical and at right angles, I may never get a good nights sleep again in my life. I wish I was kidding.
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