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  1. I like the idea of 'advanced emo'. Is that like advanced AIDS?
  2. Veal is top, followed by venison, fillet steak, pork fillet, bacon, glazed ham, fresh rare tuna. I've also eaten horse and alligator. I'd eat horse again. I like my steak bloody as hell.
  3. Surf and Turf last night was excellent.
  4. i can't believe we have to listen to that kinda crud at our grad ball. surely they coulda booked name DJ adam marnoch
  5. Hmmmm tricky one. Miyazaki Wes Anderson Guillermo Del Toro Billy Wilder Kevin Smith (I can overlook Jersey Girl) Christopher Guest Tarantino
  6. Sy-KO, from Central Scotland, are a band of outstanding musicians from outstanding backgrounds that share a passion for all music that is heavy and aggressive! They might just be one the most outstanding Metal bands on the Planet, to date! Over the last 15 years there have been a few awesome bands come and go that have punched a massive crater in the Worlds Heavy Metal scene that have given them the status of Gods! Metallica, Pantera, Slayer, Testament, Anthrax, Sepultura, Annihilator and loads more. All of these bands have made their name from not holding back when it comes to musical invention and hurdling over the bounderies that had been set by the media of the day. The intention of Sy-KO's existence is to take a firm hold of that power from each of these bands, and put it all together into one hell of a musical weapon. Not only to fulfill their own musical passion, but to let people know that there is still an unbridled aggression involved in todays musicianship from the World of Metal. Things have become too easy nowadays for bands popping up, playing some heavy songs then dying away again. The spectrum of the Metal genre has widened so far that a lot of the music has become blurred and catagorized to death. To give a genre an indexed catagory is to limit it's potential and it's power. Sy-KO are here to punch you hard in the ear hole and make you listen to music that is so powerfully dominating that you cannot help becoming inspired to hunt down the force that started it all. Broon, (Drums), and Phil, (Guitar), have been listening and playing Heavy Metal music for the last 18 years and still loving it. Although Sauce, (Guitar), is still relatively young at 20 years old, he has as much passion for Metal music as Broon and Phil. His guitar playing would put most professional players today to shame. The way he attacks the fretboard is scarey to say the least! With him and the other two core members of Sy-KO, this is one hell of a band! Sy-KO are here to help you on your musical travels and point you in the right direction. Sy-KO are here to take control of a lost genre! Be warned!! Sy-KO are coming for you! Stay HEAVY!!!
  7. I have the setlist in front of me (aye, I fuckin rock!). Vanilla Radio Caffiene Bomb (yep, spelt wrong) TV Tan Someone Who Wont The Revolution Suckerpunch Nexus Icon Sick of Drugs Everlone Nitro OCD Stormy In The North Headfuck Rootin I Wanna Go The gig was immense. Wildies on top form. And I got to drink with CJ and Hot Steve after the show. Hence my inability to walk by the end of the night.
  8. I'm thinking Ukraine got robbed!!! Gutted. We had it on with the lyrics. I tried teaching my friend how to recognise certain russian words to sing along to, but by the time she actually understood, the song was over. The Serbian lesbian heart on hand thing was just a little creepy.
  9. Yeah we had to turn folk away at the door because we were at capacity!!! Never in a million years did we expect that kind of turn out. Rethinking some of the policy for the back room next time, so that it's not as busy. Not enough room to swing my cat. I still smell of burst glowstick. Thanks for the comments tho. Glad you enjoyed.
  10. right, well basically you have the two rooms in moshulu. the main room has stalls, djs, dancefloor and we put on three stageshows through the night. the back room gets set up as a dungeon with lots of equipment like crosses, racks, benches, a frames, etc, that people are free to play on, consensually either with partners or with the people who come up with the equipment. the nature of the night is that you can experience as little or as much as you want, which is why the dungeon is seperate.
  11. sometimes called a Madonna. It's where the Madonna used to have her mole, above her lip. Surprisingly I've never heard it called a 'Cindy Crawford'.
  12. This all brings me back to my childhood when I'd come home from school, put on my Madonna clothes and spend the afternoon singing and dancing along to Madonna live on betamax. My mum has all my old Madonna records in her loft in old Pampers boxes. I'll have to go rake em out.
  13. What I've heard of it is incredible. Roll on the 10th!
  14. You do know Adam DJs Bond-age as well?
  15. Hahahaha nae luck. Where do you live?
  16. *waves hands* I'll do it!!! I can't believe he did that though. It comes across as a personal vendetta against RFR, as if he can't handle the fact that the situation is under control and the club/bar ain't shutting down.
  17. not so sure bout dr drea's likeness but yours is fucking spot on! looks ace!
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