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  1. I believe neil said "new users" not "younger members", either way I would like to see what evidence neil bases that assertion on, presumably nobody signs up to a forum in order to NOT post. This begs the question of why there is a sports forum on music website in the first place.
  2. Ahhh but you see, I understand that not EVERYONE who watches sports on tv is a drooling cretinous simpleton, but you get my drift. Statements like that shouldn't need a caveat tagged on at the end because most people understand that generalisations have their uses as an impersonal way of making a point.
  3. No, there is a huge difference between using a generalisation like that to illustrate ones point, and actually calling a specific individual names. Anyway I've already explained this twice in this thread, and you've just proved me right by doing the exact thing I'm complaining about.
  4. tbh if it's a good mix, it might need very little in the way of "mastering", or even none atall in some cases. These days I usually just normalise the render and sometimes use a multiband limiter if neccessary. It's definately easier to do things like that "offline" when you can actually look at the waveform and make more informed judgements about limiting etc anyway.
  5. Actually, I'm talking about posts like this
  6. Go and read this thread again.
  7. Look, I'm a confident and expressive person and I make no apologies for that, and neither should anyone else who sticks up for themselves and what they believe in. I think you'll find that I'm actually at the receiving end of a lot more abuse than what you and some others seem to (wrongly) perceive me as having dished out.
  8. abkhazia is looking distinctly less georgian by the minute aswell.
  9. If there was a thread about eating meat (I am a carnivore) and someone who was passionate about being vegeterian said something along similar lines, i.e people who eat meat are cruel sickos who support abusive farming practices and are a disgrace to humanity etc, most normal people would say, look, I think you're wrong, and here are my reasons why. Most normal people accept that is what discourse involves, especially on the internet where you should fully *expect* to encounter people with differing views. Sadly there are just users on here who apparently cannot tolerate that kind of diversity of opinion without resorting to calling people names and accusing anyone who disagrees with their, or what they perceive as being the popularly held opinion, of being a troll. I mean after all why try to change someones mind or put your own point of view across in a sensible and civil manner that creates an interesting debate when you can just call them an arse.
  10. I suspect the georgians expected nato or at least the US to back them up. Sadly it's pretty clear to everyone that russia is just going to pound them into submission. It's interesting to see how it's being reported by most news agencies in the US, i.e that Russia is the aggressor.
  11. Stripey


    Yeah builders, stewards and "whatnot" who live in the immediate area. Most of the construction work will probably be done by extremely cheap labour hired by contractors who stand to make huge profits. This argument about it generating income like that is completely fallacious.
  12. Ah right, so if someone starts a thread about a topic, and I, amongst others, post my feelings on the topic, and then someone who doesn't like my opinion calls me an arse and tells me to fuck off instead of just making a meaningful counterpoint in a civil manner or choosing not to post, it's not him that's the troll, it's _me_ who's in the wrong? Don't you think that just discourages people from speaking their mind?
  13. It's about time, I've really had enough of the minority of intolerant, abusive users on this site who won't let people put forward a point of view that deviates from their own without resorting to name calling and accusations of trolling.
  14. Stripey


    I think it's appalling that the UK is wasting millions on preparing for the 2012 olympics. I suppose the people in this country living in abject poverty, who can't afford to eat or heat their homes are supposed to feel a flush of patrotic admiration on seeing "that man that ran a bit faster than that other man and he done it in london in that big flashy new stadium!".
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