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  1. Friday MUDD CLUB @ LIVE Crown St Aberdeen 1030pm - 3 am 4 admission DJ James Johnson playing Alternative/rock/pop rock/indie/punk etc etc selected drinks 1.50 all night:popcorn:
  2. Drink offers this friday are as follows..... pints of lager 1.50 vodka + dash 1.50 flavoured sourz 1.50:up doors open 1030pm
  3. Quiet first night possibly down to my commitments at work last week and not being able to get the word out as much as id have liked,music was spot on i thought and a big thanks to all who came along, ive more time this week to push it so should be alot busier next friday,hope t see you all there again:popcorn:
  4. No dress code,no upper age limit:popcorn:
  5. Ive asked james the DJ to send a play list for you to look at,thanks for your interest
  6. selected drinks will remain 1.50 every friday. e mail the office bar for details
  7. TONIGHT1030pm, be there:popcorn:
  8. wont be anything like air guitar although im sure some older rock will be played but the plan is to play a broad spectrum of alternative music, we arnt out to educate people by playing music that hasnt been heard yet,we plan to keep it simple and play the songs people reconise. Air guitar is a classic rock night playing mostly 80s rock and we have no plans to copy that:popcorn:
  9. Friday MUDD CLUB Friday 3rd Aug and every Friday therafter 1030pm-3am 4 entry 1.50 elected drinks DJ James'binky'Johnston Alternative/rock/punk/blah blah blah old n new see ye there:popcorn:
  10. Monday Mudd Club Every Monday @ LIve crown St Aberdeen DJ Adam Marnoch 1030pm-2 am 3.00 entry or 2 b4 midnight with Flyer or NUS card Selected drinks 1.50 or double up selected spirits for a quid extra
  11. DJ for Fridays will be James 'BINKY' Johnston. James who until recently did Air Guitar at Moshulu has done several night for myself over the years and ive always been impressed with the choice of music he has played and this night will give him an oppertunity stamp his own style on the evening and make it his own. www.myspace.com/muddclubaberdeen
  12. 2 Weeks to go :rockon:FRIDAY MUDD CLUB starts 3rd Aug
  13. Just finalised everything with Mark and Shelly from LIVE today so heres whats happening ...... MUDD CLUB (Friday) starts on Friday the 3rd of August @ LIVE Crown St 1030pm - 3am 4 admission all night Selected drinks at 1-50 Mondays will continue to runs as usual Hope to see you all there:popcorn: www.myspace.com/muddclubaberdeen
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