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  1. As posted by @Flash@TMB "Grassroots live music venues are an important aspect of our city's culture. We need to convince the council and its relevant departments to adopt the Agent of Change Principle for Live Music Venues, in order to afford these places protection from the noise complaints that frequently threaten their existence. The UK as a whole has lost some 40% of it's grassroots music venues in the past decade alone. Where someone builds a brand new venue, from scratch, or suddenly starts holding gigs, then any noise complaints are entirely foreseeable, and it should be the operators responsibility to soundproof their premises. Where any new residential accommodation is built in the vicinity of an existing venue, then the developer should be forced to install sufficient soundproofing, and to remedy this should it ever prove insufficient. Existing buildings, which have showcased live music for many years, should be designated as music venues, and afforded a degree of protection. If a significant noise issue arises, then provided the operator can demonstrate that they have taken every reasonable step to remedy and limit the nuisance, the venue should be given cultural dispensation, and the affected resident(s) perhaps offered a grant to add additional soundproofing to their propertie(s). Where the 30dBA threshold could not ultimately be achieved then a pragmatic solution must be found to keep the venue open. While there is a movement to adopt the Agent of Change Principle at both Scottish and UK level, this may come too late (if ever) for some of the city's venues. Furthermore Agent of Change is something that the city council can choose to implement at a local level." Sign the petition: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/302/699/354/adopt-the-agent-of-change-principle-for-live-music-venues-at-a-local-level/
  2. All, A very overdue upgrade has now been made to the web site. Some elements are still a work in progress (e.g. the site still needs a new logo) and no doubt a number of configuration changes and bugs need addressed, but for the most part everything should be working. The forum software is still the same product as before but as you can see this latest version of the software changes the look and feel quite considerably and adds a whole load of new features. If anyone has any problems or questions then please reply here and I'll do my best to address them. Thanks for your patience!
  3. "After almost 10 amazing years at 1 Union St, it is with deep sadness and regret we must announce that Snafu & The Athenaeum look like they will be closing their doors for the final time. Despite our best efforts, the two businesses can no longer sustain themselves in the current economic climate. Things are not to be." Full announcement on their Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/clubsnafu.aberdeen?hc_location=timeline
  4. Needless to say, everyone has to vote for aberdeen-music or they'll be banned.
  5. Just a friendly reminder that registering multiple user accounts in order to make multiple votes is against the rules of the site. All user registrations are manually validated (which can take up to 24 hours I'm afraid) and I have and will continue to delete user accounts registered for this purpose. Please lets keep this vote fair, thank you.
  6. Yup, most of the posts are made by humans in Indonesia. They are presumably paid pennies by this guy to go through the process of registering multiple accounts and making the posts, one-by-one. It's a fairly common problem on a lot of forums. I'm looking into simply blocking users based in specific countries from accessing the web site in order to prevent this from happening. I figure that not many people in Indonesia, China, Pakistan etc. need to be able to post on these forums...
  7. This will come with the next version of the forum software.
  8. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1058136871/daemons-fram/posts/596114
  9. It doesn't make mistakes, people adding the events to Songkick (presumably promoters and fans) are making the mistakes. If there is a mistake though, then just report the post and I'll correct it. Unless Songkick start hosting music discussion forums for Aberdeen then I'm not concerned with directing traffic to their site through this. If anything, I hope the additional gig listings originating from Songkick might will spur more discussion. Promoters can still post there own info up there like before, but as you can see not many promoters are doing this hence why there is a considerable number of events being posted from Songkick that haven't been mentioned anywhere on aberdeen-music. I think that's a good thing, not a bad thing (as long as the events are in and around Aberdeen of course!) That said, if people don't want this then I'm happy to remove it. What do other folks think?
  10. I renamed it from Songkick to make it clearer that it isn't actually a user account. Don't really see how affects the quality of the forum. We've had new threads being automatically posted from the events calendar for years now. It's just the feed from Songkick that's new.
  11. Neil

    eminem paisley ticket

    Bellahouston Park is in Glasgow, not Paisley.
  12. P.S. I know about the broken HTML in the Songkick events as well - I'm working on a fix for that...
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