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  1. Is @Cloud still in real Poland, when a lot of others also relocated to Poland's because of him.
  2. Like any good tradesman, you've arrived 9 years too late.
  3. I just got an electric kettle this weekend in my part of Poland and the Polish wife is just amazed by it. I timed mine (2 litre kettle) and takes exactly 5 mins for full boil. Which is incredibly slow for U.K. standard, but if I was heating up a huge pan of water here on the stove it would take about 30 fucking minutes to boil.
  4. Yet not one of you moaning bastards would glass each other in a pub like a real man would.
  5. Yellow face, black face and a hitler 'tache, very confusing.
  6. First the potato famine, now this. Poland is destitute.
  7. A fairly shite piece of satire made utterly amazing by the needless to say, I had the last laugh quote.
  8. What really pisses me off is that it turns hobby masturbation into a crime.
  9. I've been in your Polish nation for last couple of months, albeit in the lower regions. And while I'm with you on polish to polish translations, my main pet hate here is still toilets with 2 inch gaps all around the door, the door which is also barely chest height, so if crack peeping isn't enough, just pop your head over for a good look.
  10. O'Deon Dublin is a fantastic cinema and a fine footballer.
  11. I honestly can't wait for the episode he takes his first shower.
  12. Yeah, Southampton is what I typed and it was an autocorrect mistake to Middlesunderlandboro for some reason...
  13. It's Middlesunderlandboro that you forgot.
  14. It's probably just google flights you're after.
  15. I was referring to the colloquial Poland, which in this case was the ROI and a fucking clever as fuck remark as Poland also qualified. A comment worthy of staggering accolades And obviously a triple banger as he meant Scotland.
  16. I'm pretty sure Poland qualified.
  17. HeinzHines


    If that anecjoke had a couple of racially motivated slurs sprinkled in, it would be absolutely perfect. (if anecjoke has never been coined, I'm claiming it) (I googled and some other cunts already have it as part of their lexicon, but not attached to something TRULY worthy of its use)
  18. She sounds like the type of cunt who would sign up for tough mudder.
  19. eBay will have them for cheaper than £400 a pop.
  20. I had a coat with 6 sleeves on it, it was a coat of arms.
  21. I hope you said "everyone gets one" then fucked off.
  22. You have to ask for a beer, brought to you in association with Smirnoff.
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