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  1. The overcrowded monkey house that was the 2007 holiday release schedule lost one of its 800-pound gorillas today. Without warning, this afternoon Take-Two Interactive stunned the game industry by announcing it was delaying Grand Theft Auto IV to the second quarter of its 2008 fiscal year, which begins on February 1, 2008. Published by Take-Two subsidiary Rockstar Games, the crime-action title had been slated to ship for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in North America on October 16, 2007. "Certain elements of development proved to be more time-intensive than expected, especially given the commitment for a simultaneous release on two very different platforms," said Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick in a statement this gives some of you now more time to save up to buy your ps3's or xbox 360's
  2. Untitled

    "Sex for the motherland"

    makes me wish i lived in russia
  3. Untitled

    best wii games?

    you managed to get mario party 8?!? you bastard!!!! i tried to get it from play and game but all with no luck due to this!!!! Mario Party 8
  4. Untitled

    best wii games?

    baseball is excellent but has done my arm in twice now 8-) zelda - twilight princess, raymans raving rabbids and resident evil 4 are the key ones to get for now but smash bros and mario party 8 are the ones im waiting for to come out
  5. Untitled

    DVD Region Problem

    i use a program called dvd x professional it allows u to play any dvd region you can get it here http://www.cmszone.org/portal/content/view/13194/86/
  6. Untitled

    Guitar Hero 3 Songs

    oh yus knights of cydonia will be sooo ace
  7. Untitled

    what to buy?

    buy a wii instead and play wii and gamecube games
  8. Untitled

    pool v chelsea

    i am soooo happy all in all a supurb game with alot of tension chelsea had no real chances that they could have taken advantage of agger controlled drogba very well and scoring the goal as well just brilliant
  9. Untitled

    GTA IV trailer

    ok fine so they have deviated on a few occasions but as for gta 3 and onwards have been
  10. Untitled

    GTA IV trailer

    all the games have been based from the first one where the cities were liberty city, vice city and san andreas so its no real suprise that with the new game is continuing with this although it would be nice to have a new city to go about
  11. Untitled

    Reading/Leeds Line Up

    and it be my 7th surely people know now its more about the camping that it is the actual bands playing 8-)
  12. Untitled

    Final Fantasy XII

    well, i guess that explains that then
  13. Untitled

    Final Fantasy XII

    trust me the ending is very much so worth it, a little short though and i did get the feeling that their may be a ff xii - 2 somewhere around the corner
  14. Untitled

    Final Fantasy XII

    completed it in 53 hours was that hard to be honest, just kept doing random fights with tough monsters till my characters were up to level 50 and kicked everyones ass the storyline was good and very different to the previous ones, along with the fighting style and i particularly liked the use of gambits as it helped with not having to deal with every abnormality a character got as with any final fantasy game, i'd advise anyone to buy it i've still got lots left to do with side line stories while will probably take me a good few more hours to do
  15. Untitled

    Final Fantasy XII

    i beat him havent really figured out the quickening thing, but im kicking ass now bought the guide book now but wont be touching it till i've completed it have just walked through the giza plains to the garif