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  1. Mint condition and rarely played. open to offers....
  2. Its the MR8 model, it doesnt have a cd drive.
  3. in silver, mint condition. open to offers
  4. (AECCs) Press & Journal Arena on Friday 3rd December 2010 with support from band Enter Shikari. 4 available, 20 each.
  5. work as a cargo agent, early starts, 50 hours + a week, but the im enjoying the money.
  6. hey guys, not really been on here in a while, im 18, have played in most of the venues in aberdeen. just looking for a jam, then mabye take it further. id say my main influences are; idlewild, oasis, the vines, american hi fi, the subways, steriophonics, the kinks.
  7. people refering to each other with the word "babe"
  8. should be no excuses for dropping any points tommorow, no disrespect to caley but they are a bottom six team with a bottom six squad. "wish you were caley" aye fucken right! i have a tenner on them going down
  9. Daniel

    2006/2007 season thread

    dont really worry about others who are interested in him, psv, werder bremen, dormund and rangers have all said they are tracking him, but for some reason he was quoted as saying he would rather come to aberdeen!
  10. Daniel

    2006/2007 season thread

    an exiting day for the dons fans, though i just cant see the club going through with this, due to finances. knowing jimmy calderwood, he has most likely received an email asking him to deposit 5k into an african bank account in exchange for a player, then shouting his mouth off. though afc tend to do their buisness outside the press when they sign someone.
  11. goodfellows is my favourite, but im getting into the new british drug/gangster films such as layer cake and the buisness
  12. id be pretty suprised if you could, theirs a few on ebay at the minute
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