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What Is Your Job/what Are Your Working Hours?

Little Green

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^what is says on the can.


i work in a lab ..... ohhh the excitement. yes i wear a white coat all day.

i work mon-fri 8am-5pm.

i hate working 5days.

i'm looking for a job where i can work 3-4 days at 10-12 even 15 hour shifts.

ideally i'd do 3 days at 12 hours giving me full time hours across 3 days.

anyone know what kind of job would allow me to do this?


i know nurses do 12 hour shifts and firefighters do 24h shifts with 72 hours off then rinse & repeat.

but i dont want to pursue any of those careers.

i have a BSc degree.

i'd do any job that doesnt require further study (ie going back to uni/college) not particularly fussed on the job more the hours.

would be nice to know what options are out there

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Job roles and working hours aren't always necessarily intrinsically related. This may be a silly question, but have you proposed your desired working hours to your employers, first and foremost? Obviously it depends on what sort of lab you work in and the nature of your role, but I can't help but feel that some lab work could facilitate such shift patterns.

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Teaching at a university.  Hours very flexible except for teaching and meetings.  Sometimes it gets busy though.  I've just finished writing (at 11pm) a lecture that I'm doing tomorrow morning.  I've maybe worked 60-70 hours over the last week.  Not every week is like that though, which is fortunate.  And it's mostly a very nice job. 


I realise that most people will read this and say 'so basically it's like being a student then'.  That's mostly true except you get paid better and aren't allowed to get off with students in your class.

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Mon to Fri, flexitime, so anything over 7 and a half hours that I work, goes towards one day off per 4 week period, meaning I essentially get an extra 13 days off a year. Flexi is the bomb.


I'd trade weekends for 2 consecutive weekdays off instead though. Weekends are crap when you've got stuff to do and town is rammed. Banks and doctors are closed. You can't get stuff done.

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Work in IT.  7.5 hour days with one 9 hour day per week plus on call 1 week in 4 and unpaid overtime as required.


I do get flex days which means I HAVE to work 39 hours per week, it can't be spread over the month and if you're off sick you lose next month's flex day. Which is all pretty unflexible if you ask me.



In some parts of the industry it is possible to have more flexible working arrangements and home working but not where I am just now.  Project managers seem to often have cushy numbers where they work from home or are part-time for most of a project, get paid a fortune on a contract basis then deliver fuck all at the end of it. 


I'm hoping to sit some more PM exams this year...

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Technical consultant. 8.30am - 5pm Mon - Fri normally with paid or unpaid overtime depending on the customer/contract. Could do the flexitime thing but I can't be bothered trying to keep track of all my hours. Could work from home as well if it wasn't for the nature of most of my work.

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Recently switched jobs. Doing the same thing - Product Manager - but at a better company making more interesting stuff - music streaming/storage websites and apps.

My last place ran a pretty terrible no-fixed-hours-but-you-better-be-online-all-the-time system which meant I could technically come and go when I want and work from home when I want but I much prefer having a set schedule. Which I now have. Pretty much 9-6 mon-fri and evenings and wknds aren't pestered with work. After 2 years of essentially always being on call I'm pretty happy with my new set up although its taking time to get used to.

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I work in an office-based role within the Scotch Whisky industry. Like many that have posted thus far, it is a 09:00-17:00 Monday-Friday sort of set up, although I do get some overtime when I work at particular events we host. I love having weekends free, because, y'know, that's when the vast majority of football is on.


It's a minimally paid job for the responsibilities I have, but gosh darnit, I get shed-loads of free or hugely reduced single malt whisky. As a whisky lover, what is not to absolutely love about that?

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I am a region legal advisor for an oil services company.


0830-1700 Monday to Friday are rough hours, but I can generally come and go as and when providing I do my hours across the week. Flexi-time Friday afternoons mean that if I make up extra through Monday-Thursday I can leave at 2pm on Friday.


I am contactable at all times thanks to a work phone (as long as I keep it on). Because I look after the South-West/East Africa region of the business there are a lot of expats out there that work silly hours, which means I often have to work in the evening to keep on top of things. It's okay though, because I like my job.

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