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  1. Skacel

    Beach Boys : Wilson V Love (which to see)?

    I saw Brian Wilson last year at the Usher Hall. He can barely walk these days, let alone sing. Al Jardine has still got it and his son is in the band too - he takes most of the high parts. I also saw him around 2007/2008 and that show was a hell of a lot better than last year's show.
  2. Skacel

    Albums/Music 2017

    New ATDI. Not so sure about this one...
  3. Skacel

    Albums/Music 2017

    Two I am looking forward to:
  4. Skacel

    EU Referendum Result

    I'm not trolling here but can someone explain to me why all the doom and gloom? Serious question. In or out, I wasn't too fussed but all day I've seen people losing their shit because of this result but I doubt any of us will notice a difference in our lives.
  5. Skacel

    Albums 2016

    The Minor Victories album is sounding promising. https://youtu.be/OkBW7e28LkM https://youtu.be/FGFbZckK7Eo
  6. Skacel

    The Jan Deal Smashing Pumpkins News Thread

    *BUMP* Yeah, so this happened: http://consequenceofsound.net/2016/03/its-an-easter-miracle-billy-corgan-reunites-with-smashing-pumpkins-bandmate-james-iha/
  7. Skacel


    I'll be 12 years on the 8th March.
  8. Skacel

    Albums 2016

    Damn, the new albums keep on coming! New PAWS: New The Hotelier:
  9. Skacel

    Aberdeen Comings and Goings

    I am Rick Moranis
  10. Skacel

    Albums 2016

    It's out next week. Big Scary Monsters doing the UK release and Burnt Toast doing US release.
  11. Skacel

    Albums 2016

    Just pre ordered this: Also PO'd new Frightened Rabbit, Minor Victories, yndi halda and the Atomic soundtrack by Mogwai.
  12. Skacel

    Albums 2016

    New Deftones!
  13. Skacel

    Albums 2016

    New At the drive-in. I wonder if it will be any good... http://consequenceofsound.net/2016/01/at-the-drive-in-to-release-new-music-embark-on-world-tour-in-2016/
  14. Skacel

    Festivals 2014

    Primavera 2016: Anyone going? edit I've forgotten how to post a picture edit 2: no I haven't
  15. Skacel


    Tickets for Redskins Bengals bought. WHO DEY!!