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  1. I'm surprised the figure isn't higher than that since the report included indecent remarks and dirty jokes as sexual harassment. You would think that if the respondents had really thought about it they could have thought of at least one time at work they had overheard a dirty joke or some kind of sexual comment about another woman.
  2. Really nicely recorded with a nice balance and separation in all the instruments and a lovely arrangement. You've got a nice voice too. The melody sounds borrowed from These Are My Mountains, but it's a nice melody and it's a traditional song so I don't think you need to worry about copyright claims on that one.
  3. That's really fucking tasty, but where are the Christmas bells? Too low in the mix obviously.
  4. Two new demo tracks from Standins. Hope you enjoy.
  5. Not to nitpick but with a keyboard player I'm not sure why you'd need a bass to fill in a lot of space in the overall sound. It's more of an artistic choice than one of necessity. Same with guitar.
  6. HOW DARE YOU CRITICISE MY AMAZING SONG! Only joking, cheers for taking a listen and writing back. It's a pro-scepticism, anti-dogma song so I feel "Question Everything" is justified. But I would say that. Either way, I'll go away and have a think about those comments. One of the things that inspired the song was something I remember from a few years ago, when someone started a thread on a messageboard about an argument they were having on another messageboard. They'd run out of arguments on the first messageboard so were asking for people on the second board to spoon feed them arguments so they could "win" the argument. I suggested to them that at the point at which you run out of arguments then you should maybe consider (just consider) the fact you might be wrong. Well anyway, now I've told that story no one wanted to hear I'm off to enjoy the rest of the day.
  7. If I have a wee moan about lack of feedback do I get some?
  8. I'm not being facetious but I liked everything except for the songs themselves which are a little weak. The artwork is amazing. The band name sounds like an in joke so not keen on that. I don't like anything that mixes tea and music.
  9. Here is a track written for my new band Standins. The line-up is me (Bob Knight) on guitar and vocals, Aaron Yung on guitar and vocals, and Ben Timpson on drums. We're currently looking for a new bass player.
  10. I'm looking for a bass player to complete a 4-piece punk rock band playing original music influenced by the likes of No Use For A Name, NOFX, MXPX and Blink (up to and including Enema Of The State). There would be plenty of opportunities for the right person to play some really fast, melodic bass lines and get creative writing their own. Since we view any potential bass player as an integral piece of this band and its sound, a root-note only player won't cut it for this project. The band already has a number of songs which we've worked on with a previous four stringer and now we're looking to find someone who can give us a little more time and commitment in order to create a gig ready set list. We also have our own rehearsal space in the Bucksburn area. For those of you who care about these sorts of things we're in our late 20s and 30s. Our current line-up is Bob Knight (me) on guitar and vocals, Aaron Yung on guitar and vocals and Ben Timpson on drums. The band name is Standins. If that sounds good to you all we're asking for is a little bit of realism on your part. Are you: 1. Interested in playing this genre of music (are you a fan?) 2. A more than capable bass player able to play basslines in the style of the aforementioned bands 3. Able to commit to weekly rehearsals in the Bucksburn area of the city. (Some flexibility required if there is a need for additional practices close to gigs) OK, great! Please get in touch, PM and let me know a bit about yourself completing the following sentence: The greatest punk rock bassline of all time is.....
  11. That's probably the best Mayberry interview I've read. Not all journalists are shit, who knew?
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