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  1. I have had bother with the NE use of the word 'fine' which when pronounced a certain way means 'really good' - those not familiar with the distinction have sometimes got a bit offended because they think I called something amazing simply acceptable, OK, inoffensive. The use of the word 'rare' in the same context tends to cause confusion rather than offence - particularly when describing commonplace things of excellent quality I enjoy the confusion.
  2. OK, it wasn't Brexit, it was new windows - I'm getting some installed so I can view the impending Brexit fuelled meltdown clearer when I barricade myself in my house against the posses looking for Johnny Foreigner sympathisers to hang from lampposts. Still got the sparkly Jack Casady though so it won't be all bad
  3. I'm down to 3 basses. I blame Brexit.
  4. Sorry, I forgot to say, this bass is sold
  5. Also, those "more Gibson than Gibson themselves" Epiphone Thunderbirds look damn interesting to me. Arriving October, last I heard. Black is front runner but white is in with a shout.
  6. Cheers min, but I can now say that the bass is withdrawn from sale, hole in finances plugged.
  7. 2015 G&L Tribute SB-2 bass guitar in excellent condition. White with black pickguard. Been well looked after - no dings or buckle rash. Really powerful pickups (I got asked by a sound engineer if it was active - it isn't ). 34" scale. Controls are volume and volume - the idea is that you dial in and out the bridge pickup to alter your tone. Slim neck, Jazz width but a bit chunkier back to front.I don't really want to sell it, but I had a higher than expected MOT bill for my car and it's the bass it would be the least PITA to get back one day if I was in the position.I'm looking for £350, no trades please, sale only. Tryouts welcome.
  8. Maybe you should have. I'm out, sorry
  9. Look in \Users\<your user name>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default
  10. I've been pretty content with my lot for a while but I hear that Yamaha are about to revamp my favourite of their basses, the BB series. Gone are the fussy chromed pickup rings, the inlays are more streamlined and modern, but it still retains the familiar but not body shape and I think these are the best looking BBs in a while. My favourite which I wouldn't mind picking up is the BB734A. First bass in a while which has said "buy me". I'm also getting old so I think the burst looks best. Kill me now.
  11. I'm selling a 2000 Yamaha SBV 500 bass - a recent reissue of the "Samurai" type of offset bodied basses of the 60s. It's been modified with an EMG-BQC active EQ (3 band EQ with mid sweep) and a proper battery box. Controls going away from the bridge are - stacked volume/volume, mid/mid sweep, treble/bass. Bass is sparkly blue with a matching headstock. In reasonable cosmetic condition - there are some dings on the body and quite a bit of buckle rash on the back (not mine!), some chips around the edges of the headstock and there is a crack in the headstock emanating from the E tuner hole but it hasn't moved in all the time I've had it. 2 Jazz-ish single coil pickups, pretty slim neck, balances surprisingly well considering the shape on a good leather strap. Looking for £250 for this bass. No trades. Tryouts welcome.
  12. Sold (old broken thread from the forum upgrade)
  13. Time for a bump. Still for sale. Also, if you want to check it out, it's currently at RamJam on Crown Street.
  14. Don't have anything with bass to hand, but here's what happened when we stuck a Hammond though it.
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