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  1. I watched a film called "Run" on Netflix. It wasn't great tbh.
  2. Very quiet here. Used to be buzzing. Anyway, I'm listening to "Marrow" by Madder Mortem.
  3. I may be wrong but I think Lars wrote some of the lyrics.
  4. Very true Cabbage. The lyrics are horrific.
  5. Folk still talking about St Anger. I personally hate the production. It does have a few decent moments but there are also some real facepalm moments too.
  6. Go for it............. None of that happy, light stuff. Something frenetic/evil.
  7. Good point. I'm still to visit that place. In a good place though. How about you guys?
  8. Nope. 3 ex- Element 106 members and also a damn good metal vocalist.
  9. Meshuggah. I found then technically perfect but with no soul. Now I like them for that very reason.
  10. After hearing my vocals for my acoustic work, Omer Cordell has asked me to record vocals for one of his songs. The exciting part is that it's the same song that shall have Jed Simon who is the current guitarist for Joey Jordison's band "Scar the Martyr". Jed was also the guitar player for Strapping Young Lad and Devin Townsend. Hopefully Omer likes my demo version Anyway, check out his Kickstarter page. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/trailight/trailight-the-primitive-mountain?ref=home_location
  11. Interested. I shall message you tomorrow .
  12. Sounds awesome... http://ulver.bandcamp.com/album/terrestrials
  13. What would you let it go for?
  14. Hog

    Sochi 2014

    lol. Cripple Bastards... good band
  15. Whoops, It's 40 inch not 42. 2 inches can make a difference on some occasions
  16. Trying to see the other number. Not sure how old it is. I got it from one of my friends last month. I turns out that I'm not using it.
  17. Just had another look. It's right behind the metal bar that's attaching it to the stand. I can try to remove the sticker to find out but it doesn't look easy.
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