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  1. So would one expect a court summons if they were to suggest that Peter Dow is a fucking psycho rapist in waiting? (Asking for a friend)
  2. Jimmy Moon Explorer

    Message sent
  3. Hi,

    I read you used to have a Jimmy Moon Explorer, I have had mine 5 years and have very little info on it could this have been yours ?

    1. HateEvent


      Hey mate,

      Send me a couple of pics and I can let you know if it was mine!

      I regret letting mine go and haven’t been able to track it down since selling!




  4. 2nd hand gear prices

    I bought a guitar for £2k in 2007 and just sold it for £7k. That was silly, but nice all the same! But in general yeah - there are some crazy chancer prices going on of late.
  5. your gear.

    Picked up a few new bits and pieces in the last year or so: - Marshall JCM800 2203KK - Mesa Boogie Mark V - Gibson Les Paul Custom - ESP MX-II (Custom Shop special order) I'll get some up to date 'family' pictures soon.
  6. The organising and the playing of Football

    This should happen again (providing anyone will actually read this).
  7. ENGL E300 Gigmaster 30 Combo *FOR SALE*

    Open to (sensible) offers.
  8. Decided to fit a titanium 4" exhaust to reduce the restriction I was getting from the previous exhaust. Now running 1.55bar (22.5psi) of boost, so should be making around 700bhp at the flywheel now
  9. your gear.

    I hadn't bought any gear in ages so I bought a Marshall JCM800 2203KK. With it running KT88s I'll take the EL34s out of my ENGL SE E670 and put 6L6s into that.
  10. your gear.

  11. Quick Questions

    Student discount - yes, with a vaid student card. What Wednesday discount are you referring to?
  12. Oggy Watch

    It could also be a person that entirely exists. Who knows?
  13. Gear that you want

    Another Les Paul, another V, another Explorer, another Superstrat, another Mesa Boogie, a JCM800, more cymbals.
  14. Restaurant / Takeaway review thread

    Viva Brazil (Golden Square, ex-Tropeiro building) has closed. Hey Brazil is on Crown Street where Mim used to be. It's still open.