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    Bet you guys never thought you would see me again. (Or wished. either way.) No one was called "Hedges" which was unfortunate at best. I'm the only member who still pursues music (As far as I know, maybe Stefan & Benson are still about). to put things straight for all the members who thought the thread was cruel, Don't, It gave me the kick up the ass I needed. For all of you who found and still find it funny, go ahead, Everyone is stupid when they are 15. (Fuck I chuckle at the myspace & thread every now and then). I will say I was genuinely that stupid as to not understand the sarcasm that was blatantly happening in that thread. Anyway I just popped in to say I hope you're all doing well for yourselves and thank you. I probably wouldn't work as hard as I do now if it weren't for you lot taking the piss. ~Have fun, Steve.
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    Confession - After living off Paisley Road for three years I'm no longer a Rangers fan. You were all right, they're a bunch of total cunts. I'm moving back to Aberdeen shortly.
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    I e-mailed the council about something last week. Then yesterday, the person who responded to my e-mail (accidentally) included me in a non-work related e-mail she was sending to colleagues, possibly to another person with the same first name as me, and Outlook auto-completed it as it often does. Long story short, I ended up with an e-mail full of pictures of Fiona the Hippo
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    The above breakbeat thing became an EP/double A-side whatever, and the excellent Sun Hole Records has released it. Its a cool pay-what-you-want digital release label, but there's a ton of great stuff on there, if horrible electronica noise is your bag. https://sunholerecords.bandcamp.com/album/shr048-hospitals-manufacturing
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    Nina is renton's cousin who he tries to chat up if I am not mistaken. It has a central story line which has ended when Renton run away to Amsterdam. The book is amazing and made me to think a lot . I know there is also a movie but unfortunately they made it worser that I have expected. I used to write the essay which is connected with this book but my vocabulary list and correct grammar sentences are not pretty acceptable, so I just simply used the site https://www.essayskills.com/ where I bought the essay and get the good mark of my subject. I still have to improve myself to write quality essays without any help but at that moment it was inevitabity. Wish you good luck. Hope you would write it in a perfect way.
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    Have enjoyed this thread! My time involved in the scene was 2000-06 probably, but especially the first couple of years of that spell when I still lived in Laurencekirk and the next two when I was in Glasgow for Uni. Playing and attending gigs in Aberdeen was a huge part of my formative years and I thought nothing of going up to watch a midweek gig in Aberdeen in my school days, catching up with a room full of people who all loved the same things, getting tanked up and going back to school the next day. The variety was massive as well; we played gigs with a load of bands who were totally different to us (from the many pop punk bands to some heavy bands like Bodies, Risactonia and of course Black Atom who we shared many stages with). There was an awesome cameraderie in that era. Bands helped each other out, stepped in to support irrespective of genre or perceived level of popularity and just generally enjoyed each other’s company. I dearly dearly miss those times. A lot of the things I went on to do (stand up comedy, after dinner speaking, MCing etc) were natural follow-ons from being in sage with FeSTR and while I never had another band where I captured the same feelings of togetherness and shared purpose, playing music continued to be a big part of my life for around ten years. Getting back into jamming with the boys Orr the last nine months has been a great catalyst to reminisce on this era and it’s been lovely. This website was massive for me too. It was a source of entertainment, friendship and handy for finding out in one place what was going on. My involvement in the scene pre-dates it too. I can’t explain the excitement of logging on via dialup and going to the Fudge and AUBL bravenet message boards (each board had the same url but with a long number at the end differentiating it and I knew these off by heart because I was on so often) to see what gigs were coming up and what people were saying about the gigs we’d played. Some of the banter on here was huge as well. The Thong Song had me in tears on the bus, the ‘not headlining, just playing last’ nonsense, the main present debacle (still being justified a decade in!) the Big Bastard posts, Ben winding everyone up. Jamesy vs Scorge. Some stuff that’s got me laughing even typing it! The Stripey era was a funny one because it let me really refine my trolling of him from a formerly impassioned place to a much more distant poking, and while he brought a different musical perspective, the fact is he was just a cock. The laughs, the friendship and the memories all add up to a lot. Thanks to everyone who kept this place alive and made it possible for all these years!
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    And all whilst recording the most consecutive appearances in the English Premier League. Impressive.
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    Could you highlight your main present for clarity please.
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    Mr Peter Dow, Bearer of Scotlands NATIONAL STANDARD Your doing a bang-up job Keep up the good work WE LOVE YOU I Love the Queen more though I see no record of you, LIZARD THE Dow train is coming
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    Not the only list he's got with half the people on it dead...
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    It's my favourite Conan thing by far. I always thought they were aaaaalright but adding that handful of Fast Bits stops it feeling as much of a slog to get through than the old stuff could be at times. I'm listening to Capdown because it's 2006.
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    So very sorry to read this Kevin, I knew your dad fairly well from back in the 60s when he played with The Strollers. Last saw him at a gig in The Lemon Tree a few years back, he still looked about forty even then, we remarked on how little he had changed. Yes, an extremely talented drummer and all round nice guy. Please accept my heartfelt condolences for your sad loss.
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    It wasn't quite this photo, but taken at the same time... from memory it looked kinda like this but taken from a higher angle, I recall, and probably without a filter. (I found it on our myspace page which apparently still exists hahaha) 100% accurate.
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    I imagine it looks a little bit like one of those fake defensive walls that footballers use to practice free kicks. But blacker.
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    Baggie Bird is dead. West Brom's new mascot is a combi boiler, called Boiler Man. Look at him, warming up the crowd.
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    I read one of those clickbaity "things that will make you feel old" things yesterday. They're usually naff, but this one in particular is a good one: Remember Bebeto's 'rock the baby' celebration from USA 94? This is the baby, except not a baby, but a 24 year old man: Sheeeeeit.
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    You're more than welcome.
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    The second album from Seas, Starry is now available to stream and to download: https://seasstarry.bandcamp.com/album/triangle-teeth
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    Established Aberdeen rock covers band looking for a singer. We are two guitars, bass and drums that play music from AC/DC, Guns N' Roses, Bon Jovi and Metallica. Gigs booked into 2018.
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    Support your neighbourhood Bar- or, in this case, my neighbourhood Bar. You know, half of 'em are on the verge of going bust, don't you? …..and then where will we get to play? Smiddy, Daviot, 3pm. January 27th. It's always good- especially compared to backing tracks, YouTube, and books of Tab, which don't quite make sense.
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    Please call the next Before Stories song that.
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    I remember more since I stopped drinking a couple of years ago, and I remember things that were previously a blur, definitely much better with people's names and bands i've done gigs with - on the other hand I hate everyone and I don't ever want to go out.
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    Here's what I got, and from who, this Christmas: Partner Xmas Eve Johnnie Walker White Walker Whisky GoT "I Drink and I Know Things" Hipflask Xmas Converse x Carhartt WIP One Star (Black) GolfWang Camp Flog Gnaw Tee (Yellow) The Last Of Us OST 12" The Last of Us 2 7" Baby Driver OST 12" Jaffa Cake Scented Woodwick Candle Beard Buddy Shaving Bib Whisky Cooling Stones Calm Room/Linen Spray Parents Xmas Eve Framed Wolverine #47 (Oct 1991 - my birthday) PJ Bottoms Chocolates Xmas Adidas Handball (White/Orange/Gum) Adidas Future Hydro (Green) Carhartt Hoody (Grey) Obey Crewneck (Black) Kamasi Washington - The Epic 12" Boxset Twin Peaks The Return OST 12" Picture Disc Money Sibling/-In-Law Xmas Kashidun Watch Custom Designer Toy (Dunny) Amiibo Grandparent(s) Xmas Bulldog Ultimate Beard Care Kit Chocolate Money Aunts/Uncles Xmas The North Face T-Shirt (Green) Malt Whisky Tasting Selection Money In-Laws Xmas Kraken Rum Money What I bought on Boxing Day: Vans MTE UltraRange (Tan) Fred Perry Crewneck (Blue) Columbia Longsleeve (White) Fila Sports Socks Champion Beanie (Grey) Jeans (Black) Kanye West - Ye 12" Burial - Untrue 12" Vaping Kit (Mod, Coils, E-Liquids and CBD Liquid) Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for your time, see you all on my Birthday. Jaaakkkeee (Formerly JakeBassist) xxx
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    My new single, Martyr To Hope (featuring Triflemore), is out now!!! You can get it from all the locations below. Buy/download, stream, leave on repeat, send to your friends and family, share on your social media, every little helps and is greatly appreciated by me. Don’t underestimate the importance of a shared post for a musician! Apple Music/iTunes - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/martyr-to-hope-feat-triflemore-single/1441368596 Amazon - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Martyr-to-Hope-feat-Triflemore/dp/B07K768YW8/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1542353894&sr=8-3&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=ladywantsaudio&dpPl=1&dpID=4127cCs38UL&ref=plSrch Spotify - https://open.spotify.com/album/5qN6ikM0A3k0Y0yLATGnjA?nd=1 Google Play - https://play.google.com/store/music/album/LadyWantsAudio_Martyr_to_Hope_feat_Triflemore?id=Brcqsyep3u5fjw7ddsdbnb46274
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    That's Glenn Danzig's bairn.
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    Shouldn't have closed the rubber shop, could've have that leak patched up by now!
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    The landlord of the above property should be liable, but some will try to fob you off and tell you that it is you that needs to make a claim. That is bollocks IIRC. It's a tricky situation for the tenants above though, if the landlord is not playing ball. They might not be in a position to pay for an emergency plumber, and if they were, they'd need an agreement with the landlord to do that, otherwise they could be a few hundred quid in the hole with the landlord refusing to reimburse. They'd have to go down a small claims court route and jeopardise their tenancy etc. If the landlord keeps avoiding the issue, the tenants could claim for it via the Housing and Property Chamber, but that would be their prerogative, and if the leak isn't directly affecting them, they probably won't. Letting Agents claiming they don't manage a particular property when work/money is concerned tended to be a tactic that some of the shadier agents would use (like AM-PM, who should be avoided as a tenant or a landlord, proper shysters. APL are a load of bastards n'all). It was incredible how many times we'd contact agents when I worked at the council, they'd confirm that they managed a property, and when I'd mention leaks or repairs the tone immediately changed to "oh, actually, we no longer manager that one", like clockwork. Who is the letting agent in this instance? I believe you've spoken to my old colleague Joe Lamb before. He should be able to give you some advice (if he still works there, if not, someone else in Private Sector Housing will be able to help. Ally Thain is the manager and he's a super good chap, super helpful.). The council can step in and force works to go ahead and then bill the landlord in instances where the landlord isn't cooperating to essential works, and this should certainly qualify as such. They've changed the number on the ACC site to a single number which greets you with loads of confusing menus but 522299 is a direct line to PSHU.
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    if you like cover bands and acoustic nights you're in luck
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    just got round to checking out Greta Van Fleet. the Robert Plantyness of his voice at first made me dismiss them as a Zeppelin rip off, but its earwormed its way into me liking them, even if they are a Zeppelin rip off
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    The Hartke is my oldest cab and sat in The Deportees practice room (still does) for years after I sold an Ampeg B5R (I think) head that I had briefly. It's actually been listed for sale on here for years and I just haven't gotten round to really pushing it. It's been useful in The Deportees room over the last few years for playing my TC head through. The TC head is actually pretty amazing given it's size and weight. It's very powerful and although lacks the tonal flexibility of my Aguilar, I would genuinely have no reservation about using it live, and have done albeit with a bass EQ pedal to help dial in the right sound. I acquired the Ampeg cab when I bought a full Ampeg rig (SVT-Classic head), which I also recently sold. There were no takers for the rig as a complete thing so decided to split and the cab is what's left. Born out of a desire to downsize first and foremost, but also found it surprisingly tough to get a really nice sound out of the SVT-CL - it's the daddy of bass amps, of course, but to get that warm Ampeg joy you just have to drive it too hard for any of the applications I have for it. Even on festival stages it's just too loud. So, the theory was that I wanted to downsize but also have a rig that was a bit more modular, hence the dual 2x10s. Very portable, very flexible and frankly, the venues that we're playing for the most part it's used as a stage monitor only (with the bass being DI-ed). We would mostly take/use our own engineer and so I'm comfortable that the FOH bass sound will be consistent regardless of where we play (if not, the aforementioned EQ pedal helps), so the key thing for me was to be able to use the stage cab to hear myself. It's all been very positive so far and it is very, very rare that I would use any more than a single 2x10 live nowadays.
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    There's Captain Toms, D-Range up here. There's Lofi and 45-Aside in glasgow. That's the ones off the top of my head. 45-Aside and Lofi can be pricey. So if you're just wanting to do demos i'd go see about D-Range probably as I think they're the cheapest.
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    Better to be crap at one thing than to be crap at everything, eh Ewan?
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    r/theOcho r/mallninjashit r/earrumblersassemble r/artisanvideos r/findareddit r/isitbullshit r/obscuremedia r/perfectfit r/deepintoyoutube r/oldbritishtelly r/firstworldanarchists r/madlads r/accidentalrenaissance r/delusionalartists
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    The major reason would be that it would be deeply unpopular this side of the border. The football league clubs don't even want the B teams of English clubs in the Football League or even in the EFL Trophy and have vehemently voted against it. No chance they'd vote in favour of Scottish clubs coming aboard. It's true that there are Welsh teams, though Cardiff and Swansea didn't go from being established in the Welsh league over to the English league, they started within it as it was professional, and the Welsh football league was amateur and regional at that time. (Wrexham started in the English football league because their formation predated a Welsh football league system). Moving from being the best clubs in one country's league to another, for what will be for financial gain and exposure, would be unprecedented. The knock-on effect of a 22 team Premier League would ripple down the football pyramid. Every division would need to have more relegations as well, and the end result is two English clubs being punted out of the Football League and into the Vanarama Conference to accommodate two Scottish clubs. If that happened, fans would be majorly pissed. If the Old Firm were to join English football, they should have to start much lower down the pyramid, as a newly formed club, like AFC Wimbledon did. There's no real reason they should get a free pass into the Football League because of their reputation at the expense of clubs who have been a part of the system for the best past of the last 100 years. But I don't think it should happen at all. A cross-border cup competition involving all professional clubs from England and Scotland, at the expense of each country's League Cup would be pretty good, but the two best teams from Scotland leaving Scottish football forever would be weird. And from a long term perspective, with Brexit and whatnot, I envisage Scotland not being a part of the UK in the not so distant future anyway. At that point, it wouldn't just be a cross-border league, but an international one. TL;DR we don't want Rangers fans travelling to England and kicking our sandcastles every fortnight.
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    Only the one pair of camo shorts in a metal promo shot? Posers.
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    Fair play - sorry for misinterpreting your post. My memory of the hilarious band photos were five years earlier, circa 2003-04 (i.e. emo-era). It was all 'moody against a wall in the ghetto-ist part of town'. Attempting to look hard/sad/serious with floppy fringes, girls jeans and studded belts. LOL. Incidentally when MMW did our first proper tour with Cry For Silence and Aconite Thrill in 2005, one of the roadies for CFS was Laurent Barnard AKA 'Lags'. He he'd just formed Gallows, but they were still basically a little local band. One year later they were absolutely massive and on the covers of everything from Kerrang to GQ! Three years later and we were in the up-and-coming section of total guitar
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    It was great seeing Rangers's piss 3 points up the wall after they were timewasting from the 20th minute mark. At one point in the 2nd half, the ball went over the byline, so I got up and went to the loo, when I came back, McGregor still hadn't taken the goal kick. Small time. Jon Flanagan is the exception to the the age old expression 'a face only a mother could love'. He is a nightmare creature.
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    I made this glitchy beat using just a Pocket Operator KO sampler, and synced it with a Chali 2na acapella from Youtube, recorded via my mixer's line out into my phone, cuz if you ain't lo-fi, you no-fi. PO's are the business.
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    FINE. league code: 1381890-313665
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    A triumphant return tae the Noose & Monkey....Friday 27th July...kickoff 9pm The place was stowed last time...let's do it again... Good-time, down-home, get-down music from Otis and the lads...
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    Wow, I've never heard of them but there are some AMAZING quotes on their Wiki page... for example: "This 'Albucrazy'-based band has done for MySpace emo what some think Soulja Boy did for hip-hop: turn their career into a kind of macro-performance art that exists so far beyond the tropes of irony and sincerity that to ask 'are they kidding?' is like trying to peel an onion to get to a perceived central core that, in the end, does not exist and renders all attempts to reassemble the pieces futile." "even if I caught Prince Harry and Gary Glitter adorned in Nazi regalia defecating through my grandmother’s letterbox I would still consider making them listen to this album too severe a punishment." Just look at the state of them:
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    I have missed your avatar.
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    I've been away from AbMus for a while so thought I just carry on where I left off. Bit of a mix, all live recordings using my ever expanding collection of sequencers, samplers, synths and effects boxes all tied up in a tangle of leads and midi cables. Let's hear what has been going on with things since 2015 or whenever the last post was...
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    This is some staggeringly committed humouring. I am mind blown.
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