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  1. Thanks for helping me to find some provenance on the Moon, I have it in Guitar Guitar in Newcastle at the moment to sell so they will add a bit of history to it.
  2. It must be the same one as I Jimmy made 3 Explorers the first 2004 being this one in Rosewood, One was left handed and Black and went to the States, the 3rd had a transparent green finish and was for a guy in Scotland. It was re lacquered by Jimmy several years ago and since I got five and a half years ago it has been unplayed. I have decided to sell it as you can't keep them all and it should be played. Denis
  3. Hi,

    I read you used to have a Jimmy Moon Explorer, I have had mine 5 years and have very little info on it could this have been yours ?

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    2. HateEvent


      Hi Denis,

      I don’t recall him saying he had made any before mine (2004), though I may be mistaken!

      What is the spec? Mine was mahogany body and neck, rosewood fretboard, 24.75” scale, 22 frets, moon and dot inlays at 12th fret, black hardware (tone pros bridge, sperzel machine heads), EMG 81/60 pickups. Over and above everything though, I had it built with a rosewood top! 

      I think pictures can only be linked on here from other sites, rather than uploaded direct!



    3. Messer Fuzz

      Messer Fuzz

      Hi James,

      Sounds like mine or yours is the same Beast if you want I could have your email and I will

      send you some pictures.


    4. HateEvent


      Hi Denis,

      Ah brilliant! Yeah if you could, that’d be great - jamesdron88@gmail.com



  4. I have a Jimmy Moon Explorer which I have had for 5 years and I am trying to find out some history on it, it is in amazing condition and it would be nice to know something about it.
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