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  1. I might be missing something in what you’re asking for, but surely to capture both mixer outs into one you’d just want a 2x mono > 1x stereo cable? https://www.vicsdrumshop.com/planet-waves-planet-waves-10-ft-stereo-1-4-to-dual.html You obviously wouldn’t get a stereo effect given what it is going to, but at least you wouldn’t lose one side altogether.
  2. HateEvent


    This thread is relevant to my interests. Glad to see Ovi succeed finally
  3. The ab-mus football games were ace!
  4. A mate of mine burst his eardrum going down a flume and into the water at the Dundee Olympia pools. ...I don’t have much more than that.
  5. I had the 95-96 Liverpool goalie top in the alternate colours to that one - it was green and purple. Definitely #1 on my list!
  6. Another thread resurrect Had the Supra resprayed in Aston Martin AST5052D Storm Black back in 2016. At the same time I fitted new custom order CCW LM5T 3 piece wheels; fitted carbon fibre Ridox sideskirts; fitted new Recaro SR5 seats; fitted BC coilovers and lowered it a bit further; changed to a U.K. spec rear bumper (removing the carbon diffuser in the process) and re-fitted the standard spoiler. Much better: It is still putting out around 700bhp. Good fun (when weather allows, which isn’t often!).
  7. Added a few more things recently: - Jackson USA RR1 (with a ‘bowling ball’ grey finish, akin to Tom Anderson guitars from the late 80s) - Mayones Duvell - Mesa Boogie ‘Half-back’ Vertical 2x12 - ENGL Standard 4x12 (straight cab, to go to with my other ENGL Standard (slanted) 4x12) - Various rack gear (ISP Decimator Pro Rack G Stereo; Voodoolabs GCX; Voodoolabs Ground Control Pro; Korg Pitchblack Pro; 6U rack case) I’d like to think I’m done for a while.
  8. Yep - it is the very same one! Good to see it is still around! I have wished for it back from time to time. Not for more than it cost to get made right enough, so unfortunately I have to pass.
  9. I’ll be keen soon if you are needing folk - nursing an injury just now so will be out for a few weeks yet. FOOTBALL!
  10. I bought a guitar for £2k in 2007 and just sold it for £7k. That was silly, but nice all the same! But in general yeah - there are some crazy chancer prices going on of late.
  11. Picked up a few new bits and pieces in the last year or so: - Marshall JCM800 2203KK - Mesa Boogie Mark V - Gibson Les Paul Custom - ESP MX-II (Custom Shop special order) I'll get some up to date 'family' pictures soon.
  12. This should happen again (providing anyone will actually read this).
  13. Decided to fit a titanium 4" exhaust to reduce the restriction I was getting from the previous exhaust. Now running 1.55bar (22.5psi) of boost, so should be making around 700bhp at the flywheel now
  14. I hadn't bought any gear in ages so I bought a Marshall JCM800 2203KK. With it running KT88s I'll take the EL34s out of my ENGL SE E670 and put 6L6s into that.
  15. Student discount - yes, with a vaid student card. What Wednesday discount are you referring to?
  16. It could also be a person that entirely exists. Who knows?
  17. Another Les Paul, another V, another Explorer, another Superstrat, another Mesa Boogie, a JCM800, more cymbals.
  18. Viva Brazil (Golden Square, ex-Tropeiro building) has closed. Hey Brazil is on Crown Street where Mim used to be. It's still open.
  19. At Toms earlier, in the moorings now and going to the wig in a moment. I'll ensure suitable surveillance procedures are followed.
  20. My one piece of advice is to ensure you know what YOU want from this guitar in terms of sound & playability. It doesn't come down to anyone else. Of course I (amongst others!) can give advice as to the tonal properties of different materials and so on, but it all depends on what you want from the guitar to allow for suitable recommendations to be made. Out of curiosity, who is the builder?
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