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Right. Tell me all the bands you've ever been in, what you played, how long it lasted, how good or shit you were, and if you've got any links to some of the really embarrassing turd you did, then that's a bonus. Amusing tales involving that band are also welcome. Indulge yourself and the rest of us.

Here's mine, in chronological order. It's been a very slow day...

Kid Gloves (2002)

I played bass, even though I'd never played a bass before that. I borrowed the school bass, and we tried to play Green Day covers, badly. We weren't even tuned together. We entered the school talent show, and we got a minimal applause, and not a single vote. We recorded the one and only original song we ever wrote on a Talkboy tape recorder. We played one other gig in our drummers garage to his family. I thought it went really well. His family didn't.

Bike Ride Radio (2003-2004)

My first proper band, though we were still mince. I'd been playing guitar for about 6 months at this point. We played about 30 gigs, and released a demo. Mostly our own jams, of poor Alkaline Trio rip off stuff. We covered a Billy Bragg song, but we also covered a Fenix TX song, so make of that what you will. We played some girls birthday party and her elderly family members had their fingers in their ears, which went on to become my proudest musical achievement. Again, we entered a battle of the bands, and came last. I did a guitar jump and bashed my head on the ceiling and broke a string. So, a pretty successful band overall.

StartSelectExit (2004)

Could probably consider this my first real band actually. Fast hardcore punk stuff. We weren't actually terrible. We had merch and went on tour and everything. People liked us, which was weird. People also expected us to be guff, because 2 of us were in the afformentioned band, Bike Ride Radio. Ended because very few of us actually got on. It was a volume battle between me and the other guitarist, which ended up with his squealing feedback ruining everything, because he didnt realise his guitar volume didnt always have to be on 10, especially when the songs had finished. 2 of us (not me) went on to form We Are Corpses, and then Jupiter Lander. How about that.

Anti Social Mixtape (2004-2006)

Acoustic 2 piece Billy Bragg copyists, pretending we cared about the world and all that try-hard guff. Toured once, but not a real tour because there was only 2 of us in a hatchback, and most of the shows were in peoples living rooms and gardens. We covered a Johnny Cash song. It wasn't good.

Holy Crap! My Face! (One summer in 2005, I think)

Comedy powerviolence/thrash. Played 2 gigs. Steve from Duckstab was on vocals. We played 20 songs in about 8 minutes, if not less, and an Imbalance cover. Steve barfed on my shoes half way through the first gig, and kept on playing. He didn't actually write words in time for the last 2 songs, so he just shouted sex positions, and titled the songs "Things I've done with your Mum/Dad". Not sure why we didn't carry on, because it was great

It's Broken! (2006-2007)

It’s Broken! are ballers on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

'Mathy' punk, like I Farm, or something. Went on tour once. Did 2 demos and a split tape with Owl of Justice. All the recordings sounded guff, which was disappointing, as the songs were decent. having all 3 of us doing lead vocals didn't bode well with most shitty venues in Leeds only having 1 or 2 mic's, so alot of the time we had to share, like Rancid. Cool!

Cap Sant (2008-2009)

Cap Sant! on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Jangly emo with folks I met on here when I first moved north. Originally started as some wanky jazzy Karate rip off band, but it ended up being shouty indie rock. Made a demo, which people seemed to dig, played 2 gigs, and then parted. Differences and stuff. Which was a shame. I miss it a lot. We had 4 mint songs that we never entirely finished or got the chance to record. Art For Blind were gonna put it out too. Gash!

Now I play in Chevy Chase. Were not gig ready yet, but we will be when the jams have vocals. We all seem to be into completely different stuff, but share a love for Weezer and hip hop, I think. Sounds like major-key American mainstream radio rock.

That's mine. Now yours.

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1994 - 1995 - various jams with various mates, 7 or 8 of whom had just bought instruments and couldn't really play them, myself included. Wilson from Bodies was certainly at most of these sessions. Names of "bands" included "Bollocks To The System" and "Necrophilia" and other such teenage wonders. Mostly we jammed in garages, though occasionally living rooms, bedrooms, attics and once even a greenhouse. It was usually a couple of guitarists, and a bassist (depending on who was there, we did know a drummer but he was hopeless) and there would also usually be somebody messing about on a harmonica, as well as random things like someone hitting a flowerpot with a pair of scissors. It was basically skiffle. We covered the Sex Pistols, Nirvana and Rage Against The Machine.We wrote a few awful songs with awful names and awful lyrics, like "Cruising With The Reaper" and "Suicidal Tangerine". Never got as far as gigging, which is probably for the best. There's a video somewhere of me with shaved bleach hair doing a Johnny Rotten impression to Anarchy In The UK, and my mate Sam playing bass with a massive bright green afro.

1995-1996 - 36DD. We were a rock covers band, and we gigged in bars all over Fraserburgh, Peterhead and the neighbouring villages, despite only being 15. We were actually really good, had a good 2-3 hours worth of material and were really tight. I was on lead guitar. We mostly covered things like Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, etc. 90s rock basically, with a spot of Metallica here and there. We actually had a following for a while, especially in Strichen, where people would flock to come and see us. We started out as a 4-piece, and then later added another guitarist, and our drummers sister on backing vocals. It all went a bit to fuck when we went to a 6-piece and we all ended up fighting and we split up acrimoniously. Dale from the early 00s Aberdeen band Aerial was on drums.

1997 - Small Bananas. The former members of 36DD managed to put our differences aside and put another band together, basically 4 members of 36DD, but without the two singers, instead I was on vocals and guitar. We wrote a few songs and played a bunch of gigs doing half covers and half original stuff. We changed our name at virtually every gig. We got told to stop playing after 6 songs at one gig cos we were too loud and I threw a massive diva tantrum and screamed a load of abuse at the pregnant bar owner through the microphone. Good times. After a few gigs we all had another big fight and our drummer quit the night before a gig. We managed to replace him, sort of, by putting our bassist on drums and drafting in a bassist from the "garage jams" mentioned in the top paragraph. He made a good effort to learn all the songs in one night. Before the gig I got absolutely cunted on straight Grouse, and halfway through a shambolic set I fell on the floor and started crying. That signalled the end of that band.

1998 Angels And Lunatics Metal in a mostly Danzig stylee. We Practised a whole lot but never gigged.

1999-2000 - Twenty Eight. This was started from scratch with some old mates from Fraserburgh. I was on bass. It was a sort of classic rock-ish ensemble. All original stuff. We managed a few gigs around the Fraserburgh area before I fell out with the singer and left / got kicked out. They went on to do pretty well for themselves, toured all over Scotland I believe. I don't know if they are still together.

2002-2003 - Dos Dedos. Featuring Chris, the mod off this site, Steve from Cobra Kai, and Marcus who I'm sure a lot of you know. It was angry political rock. I replaced Ross on bass duties for about a year, and pretty much single-handedly ruined the band by being a bit of an annoying dick. We played Drakes a lot, and also Drummonds, Kef etc. I quit the band in a drunken strop onstage at Kef, after turning up at the venue 20 minutes late completely shitfaced. I also yelled abuse at the crowd and threw my bass at them. Clever....

bebo.com - Profile from Dos Dedos <dosdesos>

That's a young me with the white t-shirt and the white-boy 'fro.


During this time I didn't play in a band but stood in on bass duties for Sirius a few times, who I'm sure need no introduction to those who were around back then.

2003-2004 - Lost. An emo /screamo / hardcore kinda band. I didn't really know any of those genres, and had never heard that kind of music before. It wasn't really my kind of thing, but I enjoyed playing with the guys who were all really cool. I was on bass. Beeve from Malvera was the guitarist, Ryan from Point Of Origin on vocals and Dan from Stayover was on drums. We were really good, really really tight. We gigged in all the usual spots, Drakes, Drummonds, Kef, Moorings etc. We had a bit of a following but nothing massive. They booked a couple of out of town gigs that I couldn't make it to because of work, so our singer's mate stood in for me, which I was OK with. Then one night I found out they were playing at the Moorings and nobody had told me, so I figured I probably wasn't in the band any more.

2005 - Cobra Kai. I basically set this up and then wrote a bunch of songs about how much I hated Lost for replacing me, which I took as a personal insult. We were initially a 3-piece with me on bass and vox, Steve on drums and my mate Kenny on guitar. We wrote a set list, practiced it and almost got gig ready. Then one day we came out of practice at Toms and said "see you next week" and then didn't practice or even talk to each other for 2 years.

2007 - present - Cobra Kai. The finest misery-rock band in all of Aberdeen dontcha know. After not picking up a guitar for 2 years, I found myself exiled to Switzerland for a few months with nothing better to do than watch internet porn all evening, so I arranged to have a guitar sent out to me and started writing some songs. Got back in touch with Steve and Kenny when I got back to Scotland and the rest, as they say, is history. This is the first band where I've done any song writing and I'm immensly proud of what we've done so far. Were on a wee hiatus at the moment but well be gigging again very soon.

Cobra Kai on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads


Present - Chevy Chase. As Original Spies said above. Mostly American college rock. It's gonna be beautiful.

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First band was called the Spoilers. We only played one gig in the Carlton in Forres.

We were a strange mix of Therapy, Pantera, The Cranberries, The expolited etc...

Myself and Jake started Spike Pile Driver out many years ago, it could be as long as 8-9 years ago.

A short while later I joined Ruptured Spleen with Keilan and Steve Corpse.

I was asked if I would like to join Bodies but Spike and Ruptured Spleen were keeping me busy enough.

I carried on with Spike for several more years. During this time I joined Element 106 when they were looking for a guitarist.

I left Spike, still miss the evenings round at Jakes getting munted on Guiness,red wine and Cider while recording 10 songs in the space of a few hours. Quality times.

I doing some solo acoustic stuff for a couple of years.

I'm now just in Element and have a little side project called Cyclops that needs to get going.

I can't imagine not being in Element, it's good fun.

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Not much to tell:

Oct 2008 - played bass in a one-off ska covers gig in the Tunnels in response to an SOS for a ska band for a private party. We gathered together some mates who were willing to play and knocked together an hour or so set list in 3 rehearsals. My first time on stage with a band. I was bricking it. I was still simplifying bass lines and frantically scribbling over/around pages of tab over dinner before the gig. I played a short scale bass to make it easier to play. I had my music on a music stand just out of sight and had to have a wee read before each song. I reckon the crowd must have been well oiled by the time we went on, plenty of dancing going on. Made such a hash of "One Step Beyond" as our "one more chooooooon". Everyone must have been wasted, they still danced and didn't seem to notice/care.

2009 - ? Panda Eyes: Bass. Current assignment. Enjoying it very much; I'm in a band I believe in, with people who I don't find difficult to get along with, playing songs which I would listen to even if I wasn't in the band. Haven't got a treasure trove of amusing stories yet, having only done 4 gigs so far, but give it time :)

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The Phil Mitchell Experience (1997-1998): An absolute shambles of shouty punx/thrash/early hardcore. 2 (young) men (one on down-tuned guitar playing bass riffs and the other on guitar) and a drum machine. One called Phil, one called Mitchell (first name David), hence the name. Hilariously comedic and only ever played a few random parties and stuff. Mitchell left Aberdeen to go to University and the duo ceased to exist. I see his Mum sometimes.

Undertow (1998-2002): Indie rock in a similar style to R.E.M. Played quite a bit around Aberdeen after making our debut in The Dungeon at a Student night. Recorded an album, "Gallimimus Terminus" which sold surprisingly well and got reviewed on Channel 4's Teletext music thing getting a rating of 3.5 out of 5 beating the Jeevas (Crispian Mills post-Kula Shaker outfit) by half a point as the highest rated review of that week (must've been a very slow week). Had a disastrous time getting gigs and tours organised because of University commitments meaning that we had to pull out of gigs with pre-fame Biffy Clyro and tours with Astrid, Snow Patrol and Cosmic Rough Riders. I left the band in 2002 to move to Australia. The band kind of continued while i was away playing one gig and starting work on a follow up release.

Cedar Rose (2003-2004): Reincarnation of Undertow featuring some of the same line-up but with a slightly more experimental feel. Released an EP, "Faith's Eye", which largely went unnoticed and played a few gigs here and there. Eventually everyone started to hit the skids and i quit to join/start Genevieve and they didn't continue without me.

Lady Wants Audio (2002- Present?): Dance/Pop duo heavy on the bassline and jangly guitar. Featured me on guitar/vocals and Davies from Undertow/Cedar Rose on bass/vocals/samples/beats. Sort of project that's never really got past the embryonic stages although there is recorded material somewhere and it was pretty good fun to do however Calvin Harris kind of stole our thunder and whilst we've not really done anything for ages we're always talking about starting up again. I guess we're on "hiatus" :p

Genevieve (2004- Present): Noisy Alt/Indie/Rock. Played quite a bit in and out of Aberdeen with some amazing bands. Released an EP, "The Free EP", another EP, "Shield", and a Christmas Single, "Silly Boy! 'Tis Christmas!/ Come On It's Christmas". Currently there is an album sitting slightly unfinished. The brakes have been on since our singer moved to Belgium and had a kid with his wife. Plans are afoot. Frustrating at times but ultimately the most fun/most rewarding band i've been in.

I've had a few other things that have never really headed anywhere: the oft joked about multi-membered (in more ways than one) From Her Ashes. A Green Day covers band that started branching out into proper material and then collapsed called Christie Road. And my first foray into music before i moved up here, Exit Wound, who were a nu-metal band in the vein of Deftones.

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Volvo Death Spell - 2006

After an emergency call was put out by Stroszek after their singer came down with a dodgy throat on the eve of a Friday night gig in Drummonds, I answered the call and saved the day. What followed was 25 minutes of 'improvised music' in which we caused most of the audience to leave, Les playing guitar with his pint (bought halfway through our only 'song', Doug shouting Alan Partridge quotes at outraged punters who actually paid to listen to it, me getting told that I was a shit singer (despite not singing and just ranting into the microphone about how no-one understood us and how we were the future of music) and just generally pissing absolutely everyone off in the place.

For some reason, we didn't get paid and got banned from Drummonds :(

Never felt the need to go on stage after that for some reason.

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Holy Crap! My Face!

That's a great band name!

My friend managed to get me an audition to play in a band called Subject to Change (I think this was about 2000) by saying I could play Paranoid Android on guitar. I could play it, but that was all I could play so when we were rehearsing I just turned my volume down most of the time in the hope no-one could hear my awful playing. We played one gig in which our guitarist burned his guitar with lighter fluid. Our sound was very similar to our stunts; Shit.

Shortly after this I got together with my a couple of mates from school to form Toy. We still compose music together and perform utterly unrehearsed gigs to this day. It's always been my main focus to write songs for this band, although I also play acoustic songs with a friend in Musa on a Monday.

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Chronological order, off the top of my head:

Maiden Taiwan - 'Aberdeen's Premier Iron Maiden tribute band', according to Del Franklin in the Evening Express circa November 2003. Replace 'premier' with 'only', of course! Four ex-Mearns students (and various members of Black Atom at times) with nothing better to do than play Maiden covers. Very ramshackle, but full of naive young adventure, and we did sometimes just about get a couple of songs right. Fell apart as various members got caught up by uni/the real world, etc.

Ascension - Biggest mistake, in hindsight. Formed by me and the Taiwan lead guitar player while we were both heavily in POWUR METULZ to play harder and faster etc. Band was bogged down in personnel problems and I became bogged down in personal problems, left acrimoniously after about a year or two.

Spike Pile Driver - Saw their advert for a live drummer and jumped in feet first. Some utterly

great times, but also scuppered by Hog not knowing if he was in the band or not (just joking Baldy ;)), breifly reincarnated using a couple of members from Sidca. Band is currently on 'indefinite hiatus'.

Bastard Squad/Pearl Necklace/IDS - SPD offshoots in one form or another, mainly for shits and giggles. Squad did a couple of gigs and released a couple of CD-R's with MMW baiting artwork. IDS recorded one 40 minute long song, and that was it.

Wifebeater - ***********THIS PARAGRAPH HAS BEEEN CENSORED**************

I am currently inactive - too disillusioned to bother with the shit and hassle that comes with

playing live gigs and working with other people, but not disillusioned enough to get out of it

completely. I'll be back (maybe).


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Oddity (2000 - 2003)

My first band that sounded like "my first band". Played awful "punk" music that was inspired by Pennywise, Millencolin and early hardcore. Got compared to Minor Threat, Early Misfits, Gorilla Biscuits etc. Changed our style for a much more "indie" sound. Ended up sounding like Jerry Built meets early Biffy Clyro. I played bass and did half of the singing. Band broke up because I decided to play with another band...

Contra (2003 - 2006)

They were my favourite Aberdeen band by a country mile. They played Ska/Reggae/and played Punk Rock faster than anyone in Aberdeen. Sounded like a mix of Capdown, Rancid, The Bronx etc. They are still playing to this day, and they are still great.

We Shall Be Blessed (2005 - 2008)

I played bass and occasionally did backing vocals in this outfit. Played a sort of Grindcore/Tech Death Metal crossover similar to The Red Chord, Premonitions Of War, TUSK etc. Played a load of gigs with this band. Played in England for a week. Never properly released anything. Wish we had. Loved playing in this band. Played our first gig with The Great Deceiver, shared the stage with loads of great bands, Yacopsae, Magrudergrind, Himsa, Remembering Never, Cephalic Carnage, The Hope Conspiracy, Walls Of Jericho and loads of others.

My Minds Weapon (2008 - Present)

Originally joined them as a stand in bass player until they found someone. But after having loads of fun playing with the guys, most of whom I was mates with for years, I decided to stick with it, and have been enjoying it ever since. Working on album number 2 just now, and it's going to be awesome.

Zillah (2009 - Present)

Moved to Edinburgh this year and was instantly asked to join this band. Loving the new material. This band sound like a mix between Ion Dissonance, Dillinger Escape Plan, Mastodon, Neurosis etc. Signed to Retribute records and a possible new label announcement soon. Exciting times and all that.


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The Jan Stewart Quartet/Naked Lunch (1998-2001):

The band that I formed in school as soon as I got my hands on an electric guitar. It consisted of a bunch of school friends who all shared a love of Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins and the like. We played covers of the aforementioned band, and once came 2nd in a Shetland schools talent show - even playing one original song as well as covers of Ava Adore and Today. We also played some poorly received shows in prestigious venues such as the Welcome Inn (clearing the pub during our cover of Sonic Youth's "Youth Against Fascism) and the Brae Hall. All our recordings were done on crappy cassette recorders and were generally fucking terrible. We thought our cover of Aneurysm was the dog's bollocks however. Most people hated us though as we didn't play Oasis/Stereophonics covers. The 1st name was used for the aforementioned talent show, then we adopted Naked Lunch (terrible name) for our "proper" gigs.

Stroszek (2005?):

I was the original bass player, joining whilst Port of Saints were drummerless. Only played one gig before the other band members moved to Glasgow. Recorded a demo at Exile.

Port of Saints (2002-2006):

A band I formed with one of my flatmates after much discussion about forming a band since we met at university. It took about a year for us to actually sit down, write songs and get other band members due to general drunken student behaviour. We had some decent songs, sort of a cross between American alt rock and the singer's love of britpop I guess. It was a really stop-start band due to so many band member changes (usually drummers). We played a fair few local gigs in the usual haunts (Moorings, Tunnels, Drummonds, The Malt Mill(!) ) but never really left much of an impression on people I think. I left due to my extreme annoyance at the singer/my flatmates partying, which was having a negative effect on even rehearsing. We recorded a couple of demos at Captain Tom's

Panda Eyes (2006-present):

I wanted to do something completely different from Port of Saints, so formed Panda Eyes with an intention of writing disjointed, noisy pop songs. Which has now evolved into a more alt. country sound which makes a lot more sense than our first incarnation. Currently on our 2nd drummer, and 5th bass player. We've also had 2 guitarists come and go. Only played one out of town gig, and Marie-Claire and I have done quite a few gigs as a duo. Really keen to gig out of town and hopefully record an EP shortly.

1864 in Art (2007-present):

Formed after a drunken conversation with Chris Officer after a Kartta gig. Reunited me with Martin, who had also played drums in Port of Saints. We play instrumental heavy rock, which now is a much more jammed out, atmospheric sound to our earlier riff based material. We lost a bit of direction after Jim Taylor (of No Pasaran and amazing moustache fame) left for the bright lights of Livingston, having difficulty getting the right person to fill his shoes I guess. Hopefully we're going to be rehearsing again soon with a new bass player. Played a grand total of 2 gigs and recorded a live demo at Musical Vision.

Winter in Siberia (2009-present):

I play bass and sometimes put it through a fuzz factory. It's a good laugh.

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Me me me me me, my turn


Robear Burble (circa. 1995) school covers band when being in a covers band with cool people made you cool, irrespective of whether any of you could play. We played one gig in the games hall before musical differences (read: disagreements over which Nirvana song was the best) drove a wedge between us and we called it a day. Our set consisted of About a Girl followed by D7. We intended to encore with Radioheads Creep but the bassist forgot how to play it. I was playing a right handed kit open/left handed, one of our guitarists amp wasnt plugged in and our singer was dreadful (but popular which made it ok). I dont think we were ready for that gig.

Diploma/3rd World Lover/ Bobbejaan (1995-1996) Another covers band at school but this time with my older brother (Static in the City, The Scandal Extracts) and his friends (not as cool as it sounds, they werent the centre of the in crowd). More time was spent deciding on our band name than actually rehearsing. We played a ridiculous variety of covers (Black Sabbath, Alanis Morrisette, Nirvana, Oasis, Ten Years After, Led Zep, Screaming Trees) around the Banchory Academy scene and even had one or two of our own songs. I remember the lyrics Fergus was a boy, Fergus was a boy, WITH NO LIFE!

Ant Sally (1996-1997) - covers again with my older brother and friends who had now left school so playing in pubs at the age of 16 (coool), grunge and Faith No More. First Aberdeen gig at Becks Bar (I think), the highlight however was playing at Aboyne theatre at a show where the curtains actually came back to reveal the band and everyone was seated. Wrote a couple of songs, a chorus that stands out "I'm naked, I'm drowning, said I'm choking". Genius.

Steel Wool (1998-1999) - Weezer and Nirvana mainly. I have a video of a storming gig at Banchory Town Hall. 50 ono.


Rubber Ring (1998-2000) - My first Aberdeen band and my first original band. Belle and Sebastian stylee, twee pop songs about losing virginity, meeting on trains, psychotic girlfriends and more songs about trains. I have a poster to this day of a gig in Exodus, July 1999, promoted by Lithium Records featuring Rubber Ring, Sidca and Eric Ewan (sic). Fond memories of gigs in the old Dr. Drakes and the Malt Mill. Our first gig was in the Pelican. Our last song was "Waiting for a Train", Fudge Fanzine commented "Waiting for the set to end". We once played a gig at the Flare & Firkin with...

Sons of the Stage (2000-2002) - Teenage Fanclub wannabe's compared by the Shetland Times to "Dodgy on a bad day". Feat Andy "Vococksticks" Mulhern and Johnny "Half Wank" Telso. Played a lot around Angus Rock belt - Brechin, Laurencekirk (one gig to a bus full of obnoxious Hibs fans), Forfar....Once played a gig in Stonehaven where the barman told us to turn after the first song because all the punters had left. A blurry tour of Shetland. Shared the 1000 battle of the bands prize in Drummonds with Mercedes (now Lady Mercedes I believe). It was split by the judges to avoid a riot between Mercedes Bam Crew and the Brechin Barmy Army. I actually heard one of Mercedes' dad's going up to the guy who organised it at the end and saying "Hemmin, Five Hunner Poun'?! (incredulously) This band is the second highest paid band in Aiberdeen aifter the Billy Shears Band!". If anyone has the video of Glassel Gig 2001, check it out. Gerry Jablonski is on there too.

Flaming Katy (2005-2008) - Rock, Rock, Powerpop. Three Sons of the Stage and one Manganese (Manganese on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads). Highlight was the T-Break gig at Edinburgh Liquid Rooms. Those judges don't know dick. Flaming Katy on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

B]Escape to Victory (2008-4eva) - This cool band wiv sum kidz i met on the internetz rofl Escape To Victory on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Nae Bad Religion (2010-20never) - a Doric Bad Religion covers band where I am the lead singer. Members as yet unkown. Applications in writing by PM.

This took me an hour and a half. Thanks for indulging me (I know you didn't read it)

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Wirelessly posted (SonyEricssonK770i/R8BC Browser/NetFront/3.3 Profile/MIDP-2.0 Configuration/CLDC-1.1)

I read every word Shaki and laughed out loud a few times.

In other news, Irritable Downs Syndrome is my favourite band name of all time ever. I have no idea what you sound like, but internet high-fives to whoever thought of the name :up:

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Good thread.

Cant really remember any actual years, let alone dates, and this is quite probably in the wrong order/ completely imagined, but here goes -

'Once in a Blue Moon' - horrendous blues band with saxophone. Practised in a community flat in Logie, and played one flat to some sort of community teen youth group type thing who clearly wanted to kill us.

Colin Cant and the Zimbabwe 5. Started as a fairly dodgy covers band with my two mates from school (singer Rod, and guitarist Skuzzlebutt from here) after we met up again at the RGIT Music Society. First gig was at the East Neuk. This was also where we practised, upstairs when the pub was shut on a Sunday afternoon, as it was owned by the singer's Dad. We then acquired another scarily good guitarist called Gav who got us into a cool blues-rock kinda style and we actually got pretty good. We played at The Venue a good few times supporting some cool people I can't remember. Skuzzlebutt might. Then Gav left to go to Brighton (where he later played for Sharkboy, label-mates of Suede) and the band degenerated back into pretty dire cabaret blues-rock covers so we packed it in.

Around this time I started playing every single Saturday afternoon at the Drift Inn blues jam. This is where really learned how to play with a band properly, studying under the mentorship of one Del Doublejack. I vaguely recall playing in a band with some Drift Inn people, but this is very hazy *cough*

I then heard about another school mate of mine who was playing in a band called The Lorelei - I went to see them playing in Oh Henrys. The 17 yr old bass player was so utterly trollied he literally couldn't stand up, the rest of the band weren't much better, but they sounded brilliant. I instantly wanted to be in a band just like that. Saw them a couple more times, then Tony my schoolmate told me he was also playing in Another Wild Rose and couldn't do both, so would I like to take over the Lorelei from him. That was me for the next few years. Did pretty well, signed a deal and released two albums. Started getting some good reputation in that London, then split up weeks before what could well have been our big break tour of the smoke, lots of names were lined up to come and see us apparently. Our manager still hasn't forgiven us.

Did nothing really band-wise for the next few years, but was pretty much one of the resident drummers in the Drakes open mic Tuesday nights, after Steve Crawford and big Jim Stac. Brilliant fun.

Missed playing with the Lorelei guys so the ones still left standing and in this country started Suvara. Played a few gigs here and there and recorded some stuff at Toms. Really enjoyed it, and this was where I first starting writing songs myself instead of just hitting things

Also around this time I filled in for one gig with Electric Tibet at the Tunnels.

Then one year I went to Belladrum with the other ex-Loreleis, and our bass player came up from London for it. We got talking about the old days, and the plan was hatched to get together and batter out some tunes again just for the fuck of it. John from our old mates from the first time round, the Dawntreaders, took over vocals. Having a brilliant time writing loads of new stuff just as good as the old songs, but with no pressure. A gig every six months or so suits us, and we've done some pretty good recordings thanks again to Capt Tom.

As I said this is all pretty hard to remember accurately, but y'know, if you can remember everything about being in a band, you weren't really in a band...

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In other news, Irritable Downs Syndrome is my favourite band name of all time ever. I have no idea what you sound like, but internet high-fives to whoever thought of the name :up:

Pretty sure that was one of Jake's. We used to come up with spoof bands all the time when pished, Wifebeater was actually the least offensive one....


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Fault and Fracture 2006-2008 Mildly entertaining post rock type thing. I was lucky to do the band thing a bit late as we weren't that bad. I wish I had done though.

Carson Wells - 2008-2009 Got a drummer in February this year and that got the ball rolling. I really enjoy this band. Hopefully we'll do stuff like releases and tours.

Play(ed) bass in both.

Other stuff in the pipeline include a punk type thing in which I may play guitar and a djent sounding metal type thing which I'm possibly doing vocals for.

and a HIP HOP COLLECTIVE of course.

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good thread. horrid memories.

amnesia - guitar. first ever band at school. pure awful indie rock with a shite name and with loads of gash covers. one of those bands with an "official" site that would play at shite venues for an hour or so.

orwell - guitar. 2nd ever band which was during uni days. pure awful indie rock with a shite name and the odd gash version of cover (mission of burma- thats when I reach for my revolver).

Morse code is four amateurs - Guitar. A 2 piece band whilst I lived in glasgow. Pretty gash riff rock trying to like oxes and part chimp but sounding really bad. a small handful of gigs round Scotland.

Genevieve - very briefly. bass.

Masamune - very briefly towards their demise. I remember a very drunken Gavfest performance with Al falling off of the stage. bass.

Sir Dancelot Killed his Mother - bass. with Al & Gav Masamune, never actually did see the light of day. Some truly awful practices.

the butchers of bakersfield - bass. some very fun gigs playing arnie thrash on bass.

inshallah - bass & drums. annoying people since 2005

why can't we win? - Guitar & vocal. brief attempt at playing things on my own. a few gigs and some awful vocals.

Robot House - Guitar. Math which never got off the ground in the end.

The fall of boss koala / Archives - Bass. Dundee band, had a bit of fun.

M.I.L.K - Current. Bass. The new E Y E band, very very slooooow progress.

Little Anchors - Current. Guitar & Vocal. Jangly and Strangly indie/emo pop with Juliet Kilo, 3 times round, Archives members.

Year at Sea - Current. Bass & vocal. in female fronted indie emo like rainer maria and stuff. really fun to play.

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Great thread!

The Foggies/The Flavour Outside Approx 1995-1997

First band with 3 mates from school, played a few shows around Aberdeen but mainly the Pelican Club and The Malt Mill. I would say we sounded like The Bluetones at times and then Faith No More. Songs included Cotton Bud Cloud (Influence by Monkey) and Sausage on New York (Faith No More influenced).

Halcion Daze Approx 1999-2001

We started off as an indie band with a funk edge but turned into a 9 piece Jazz/Funk influence monster. Horns, Bongo's, Keys you name it. Played all round Aberdeen but got regular slots in Cafe Rouge and Drakes. First gig was in The Wodka Bar. Recorded a demo down in Glasgow which included the tracks Superbad, Period of Adjustment. Favourite tracks for me were Harry McCari and Everybody Hates you so why do you love yourself so much. Band broke up during a show upstairs in Triple Kirks. Supermal is on my old myspace page Dead Anyway on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Red Man Walking 2002-2005

Loved playing with RMW. Bit of a funk/stoner rock influenced band. Recorded our first E.P. Four Tales for John which was released by Fat Hippy. We then did a short U.S. tour and toured around Scotland here and there. We had a couple of tracks featured on a Canadian compilation CD and got quite a lot of airplay over in Canada/U.S. Our second E.P. Alternate Endings was released by our own label Dead Anyway. Just listened to the E.P.'s recently and think we had some really good ideas on there. I think our last show was in the Tunnels. Still jam with a couple of the guys in new projects. Consistency of Darkness from our second E.P. is on Dead Anyway on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Hidden Leaves 2007 - Present

Hidden Leaves I would say are an alt rock band. Started off as a 5 piece but now down to 4 piece. Recorded a few tracks at Exile studios, which you can listen to on our myspace Hidden Leaves on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Hoping to release an E.P, at some point in the next 6-12 months. Next show 1st October at The Forum.

Darth Elvis and The Tattoine Trio 2007 - Present

Created to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars and Elvis' death in 2007, Darth Elvis is my Star Wars themed Elvis impersonator act made up with members of Red Man Walking and Eric Euan. We have only played a handful of shows but did play at the first official Star Wars Convention in London in 2007 at the Excel Centre after winning a online campaign to perform there. We are starting rehearsals again this weekend and have new members coming onboard so name will be changing. Should be gigging by end of the year with new songs.

Darth Elvis (Darth Elvis) | MySpace

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Dedalus - Steven and Rob used to come into One Up when I was doing Sonic Deth Monkey at drakes and I offered them a gig. Apart from a dodgy joy division cover I really liked them and they mentioned they were looking for another guitarist. We played epic post-punk stuff not too dissimilar to Interpol and Editors I guess and coulda made a go of it, only we were all pretty unorganised. Played an ace gig in Inverness. Also played the first Gavfest, Steven was so drunk he fell off the stage. Footage of this was rediscovered and will be appearing on youtube soon.

Kartta - After being out of bands for a while I was getting itchy. Thankfully there was a few friends who were at loose ends musically too including a few ex-dedalus members, so Kartta was born. Had an absolute blast in this band and I'm really proud to have been involved in them, sadly I left due to work commitments and they're finally coming to an end tomorrow night in Snafu. They shall be missed.

Winter in Siberia - Again I got itchy, only this time I felt like writing some songs and having a bash at singing. Mike had placed an ad on here mentioning some of my favourite bands so we got together and jammed out some ideas for a few months before stealing most of 1864 in Art to make up the rest of the band. Two gigs down and it's going pretty well. It was meant to be alt-country but I'm not sure what it's turned into.

Also did a few improv things with folk in drakes around about the same time I was putting on Sonic Deth Monkey. And co-ran Valhella with Rory, which obviously wasn't a band but was a lot of fun and part of my musical history. Heaviest club night Aberdeen has ever seen. :)

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