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  1. California is the tipping point, given that it sets the cultural parmaeters for 'The West' resisting the Weed is useless, and the theraputic benefits of entheogens are back in the news, so things seem good right now, hopefully the Drug Warriors will fade away now they have been definitively intellectually defeated, although while there is funding from Coppers, Coppers and Screws Unions, Booze and Pharma, there will always be some of them. Anyway, I live in Holland now, so the ProHos can go fuck themselves...
  2. I'm back from beyond to say that this, definitively, is a Screen 2 on BBC 2 film (not series) from 1995 (not 88-91 or whatever I said before) called Black Easter, starring Trevor "Eddie Shoestring" Eve, apart from that it is unfindable to watch, sadly.
  3. Just got a TC Ditto Looper, even my sense of timing can get something out of it, infinite layering for bespoke loopage, also last year I got a Mellowtone Mini Wolf Computer, and a Rouse Electronics Pink Crystal Fuzz (FuzzFace clone), need a tap tempo delay with expression pedal input now...
  4. You got the right guy, take it fae me.
  5. Can't believe I forgot to mention Faster Pussycat at the Barras, and Donington '87 & '88 (GnR)
  6. Motorhead in '83 Maiden in '84 on the World Slavery tour, and '86 at the Playhouse Celtic Frost, even if it was the 'Cold Lake' tour, '89 I think Recently, seeing Earth, and OM (not on the same night) If there was time travel, I'd go and see Sly & the Family Stone at Woodstock...
  7. Until it nukes your ringpiece, as it surely will. I'm liking Waitrose German Pils, made by Memminger of Bavaria, St. Mungos, and now Winter is a coming, it's nearly Laphroaig time. Also Guinness Foreign Extra
  8. Are you the Aberdeen Rock that used to promote The Venue in the 80s, Duncan Fitshisname? Man, The Escape Club was something else. If not, I doubt he'll hassle you about it, but you never know.
  9. What are they like? I was thinking of getting a Satanic fuzz Ritual fae them...
  10. Just finished Lampedusa's 'The Leopard', which was a nice little palate cleanser after finishing 'Gravity's Rainbow', and starting John Barth's 'The Sot-Weed Factor' which is in a pseudo-18th century stylee, as it were. Also the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers Complete Omnibus- awe inspiring greatness.
  11. Even ProHoes can occasionally admit that they are wrong, so, so wrong... http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/08/07/cnns-sanjay-gupta-americans-terribly-and-systematically-misled-about-marijuana/ Cannabis is healthful, not harmful, and even the unhealthy (skag, crack etc) stuff is not worth persecuting, stigamtising and jailing AT PUBLIC EXPENSE the citizenry of any country. I'm on the right side of history for a change, and it feels good.
  12. The art studes nae as radj as they were? or better at getting away with it?? Nae bad, yersel'? Always a great event, enjoy
  13. It's not legal to grow that shit yet, and Renta-Blues/Rock lead guitar (in E or A) hasn't quite worked out, or any other music for that matter...
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