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  1. TheTickingTime-Bomb

    This Heroic Routine

    Hey, just leaving this here for anyone interested. We've been hermited-up working on a bunch of tracks for a while now and will be looking to release a bunch of them in the coming year. If you want to follow along, here are the usual links: https://soundcloud.com/thisheroicroutine https://thisheroicroutine.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com/thisheroicroutine Cheers for any support!
  2. TheTickingTime-Bomb

    Recording Studios

  3. TheTickingTime-Bomb

    Recording Studios

    Got a link to his site?
  4. TheTickingTime-Bomb

    Recording Studios

    That's a shame, I always meant to record there, but never got around to it. Not exactly spoiled for choice around here are we?
  5. TheTickingTime-Bomb

    Recording Studios

    What's the status of Recording studios in the area right now? I'm looking to record a track somewhere and need the lowdown. Does Exile Studios still exist? Anywhere new opened up? I've recorded previously at places like The Mill and Tom's and a couple wee random places, but I always heard that Exile was pretty good.
  6. TheTickingTime-Bomb

    Want good but cheap recordings???

    Hey, I just recently finished writing a batch of songs with a new band. Simple rock stuff mostly. We are interested in recording a couple if you're free in late May/June. You can contact me on this Facebook page (or pm me your e-mail because I'm barely on this site anymore), and there's a couple little soundclips of us rehearsing so you can get a taste. http://www.facebook.com/likeadogband
  7. TheTickingTime-Bomb

    Pet Hates!

    What on Earth made you think that you were allowed to say the word "twot"?
  8. TheTickingTime-Bomb

    Aberdeen-Music stalking.

    Well may I suggest to him that he should at least consider getting one. If he focussed his powers then he could take it to the next level: Chatroulette! It's like the promised land of the penis.
  9. TheTickingTime-Bomb

    Aberdeen-Music stalking.

    I've heard you say that a few times on this site. Do you have a tattoo or something?
  10. TheTickingTime-Bomb

    Oscar nominees announced for 2010

    Genuinely don't know to reply to that. Like this I suppose.
  11. TheTickingTime-Bomb

    Oscar nominees announced for 2010

    Why do you give a fuck that I give a fuck about you giving a fuck? But really, we already have a films thread for people who appreciate films and want to talk about them. The Oscars are just a corny celebrity jizz-fest. I suppose it simply annoys me that people happen to find it to be an entertaining and important event. I know I should just ignore it, but it's just one of those things that annoys me, like people who enjoy Chris Moyles.
  12. TheTickingTime-Bomb

    Bands you just can't stand

    *Looks at the floor...*
  13. TheTickingTime-Bomb

    Oscar nominees announced for 2010

    You can give me negative rep twice in a row? Well I'll count myself lucky. That would have spoiled my day!
  14. TheTickingTime-Bomb

    Oscar nominees announced for 2010

    Oh, you were serious...
  15. TheTickingTime-Bomb

    Oscar nominees announced for 2010

    No. Just no.