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  1. Hey, just leaving this here for anyone interested. We've been hermited-up working on a bunch of tracks for a while now and will be looking to release a bunch of them in the coming year. If you want to follow along, here are the usual links: https://soundcloud.com/thisheroicroutine https://thisheroicroutine.bandcamp.com https://www.facebook.com/thisheroicroutine Cheers for any support!
  2. That's a shame, I always meant to record there, but never got around to it. Not exactly spoiled for choice around here are we?
  3. What's the status of Recording studios in the area right now? I'm looking to record a track somewhere and need the lowdown. Does Exile Studios still exist? Anywhere new opened up? I've recorded previously at places like The Mill and Tom's and a couple wee random places, but I always heard that Exile was pretty good.
  4. Hey, I just recently finished writing a batch of songs with a new band. Simple rock stuff mostly. We are interested in recording a couple if you're free in late May/June. You can contact me on this Facebook page (or pm me your e-mail because I'm barely on this site anymore), and there's a couple little soundclips of us rehearsing so you can get a taste. http://www.facebook.com/likeadogband
  5. What on Earth made you think that you were allowed to say the word "twot"?
  6. Well may I suggest to him that he should at least consider getting one. If he focussed his powers then he could take it to the next level: Chatroulette! It's like the promised land of the penis.
  7. I've heard you say that a few times on this site. Do you have a tattoo or something?
  8. Genuinely don't know to reply to that. Like this I suppose.
  9. Why do you give a fuck that I give a fuck about you giving a fuck? But really, we already have a films thread for people who appreciate films and want to talk about them. The Oscars are just a corny celebrity jizz-fest. I suppose it simply annoys me that people happen to find it to be an entertaining and important event. I know I should just ignore it, but it's just one of those things that annoys me, like people who enjoy Chris Moyles.
  10. You can give me negative rep twice in a row? Well I'll count myself lucky. That would have spoiled my day!
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