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  1. Hey Craig, I thought I'd already explained this so not sure what's baffling about it.
  2. Also, I highly recommend kickstarter. Aside from the negative responses you get for using it,it is a brilliant alternative to traditional funding streams such as creative Scotland or banks,and has led to some amazing experiences and my record reaching people in the states.
  3. Thanks for your post Claire. As I've discussed with Jan and ewan privately, my issue isn't questioning my decisions but questioning my motives. I felt I've been open throughout and it hurt to be accused of defrauding people. That is what I felt was trolling. On the price point, it doesn't just come down to overheads of course and advice was sought and research carried out. I definitely don't ignore criticism and the price took into account someone mentioning on here that setting it far lower would have been unfair on those who backed at the premium reward level. While I disagree with you on the price that doesn't mean I'm ignoring the critique. I don't understand the surprise that a project to release a record then how'd to evolve into a label. Isn't that an obvious thing to do if this record is successful? Anyway,I genuinely appreciate the feedback and I'm sorry this thread has been derailed. Ewan and I have settled our difference,he was joking and I took it to heart. This project has been a rollercoaster and I'm ridiculously happy with the results. Feedback so far is that the record looks and sounds great and hopefully it'll be on sale in art galleries, record shops and other retailers soon. Of course I hope to sell all the copies, just cross those fingers!
  4. mastering and pressing, also most businesses factor in time to their costs, marketing, postage, stationary, other expenses. But I'm not allowed to, I'm clearly profiteering on my wee record that will probably sell to 30 mates and a couple of curious parties. All records must be produced to the same business model as Ewans or else they're not legit right?
  5. until
    A weekend of live music and film experiences from Friday 11th October to Sunday 13th October. Featuring films with live soundtracks by Wounded Knee, Pete Stollery, Graeme Stephen and a special audio-visual set by Remember Remember. Films being shown over the weekend are John Grierson's Drifters, The Red Balloon, Step Across the Border, C'etait un Rendezvous, Wall-E, Berberian Sound Studio and The Cabinet of Dr Caligari. http://www.woodendbarn.com/whats-on/sound-and-image-weekend/ This is going to be an amazing weekend of film with soundtracks and responses by some of the most inventive musicians in Scotland. Here's the facebook event to share: https://www.facebook.com/events/378226408947100/
  6. hey man, certainly not, and apologies for not updating on here and kickstarter. if you check your emails there should be an update or click the link Neil posted. I've had an apology from the pressing plant but still no sign of the 2nd test pressing. All the money is accounted for and I have my own money put aside to pay for postage and any extra costs so there is no danger of this not happening, it's just out of my hands at the moment I haven't been logging into this site as much recently but if you have any questions just ping me an email david[at]daemonsmusic.co.uk or @davidofficer on twitter. I'll try and check here now and again but it's not the best way of reaching me.
  7. yo, test pressings arrived last week but there's a fault that needs corrected so it's hit a small delay while they work that out (apparently from the lacquer cutting). Pressing ended up a little over what I raised but that's fine. Other than the wee delay it's all going well; master sounded great and the test pressing also sounded pretty awesome
  8. just this weekend, it was great. happens every year about this time and is usually a good laugh with sessions in all the pubs and main concerts in the town hall.
  9. the first sunny stonehaven folk festival for a few years was definitely ace-ic. great times were had.
  10. Referee beheaded and his head placed on a spike in the middle of the pitch: http://uk.eurosport.yahoo.com/news/south-american-football-referee-beheaded-fans-killing-player-084120459.html
  11. sorry, here's the Wolves track: https://soundcloud.com/david-officer/wolves
  12. I've been really enjoying using Vine to make videos of daisy being daft: https://vine.co/v/b3YuTgaz1Bg https://vine.co/v/bLKBXJ1AtwE
  13. So, er, going to Oslo on Tuesday to take part in the Polar Festival celebrating the opening of the new building at the Fram museum after they backed my kickstarter. They asked me to write a new track for the occassion and I'll be doing a set as part of the festival in the evening. Prior to that there's a civic reception where i'll be doing a short set as a warm up and then collaborating with an inuit drum dancer in a special performance for the King of Norway. The Prime Minister will be there too. Apparently this is because it will look great for the TV cameras. I'm not making any of this up.
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