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  1. it'll be a separate project, initially just one track as that's what's been commissioned. i'll speak to the museum to see if they'd want to make it available but the idea behind that reward is that it's an exclusive track for the backer.
  2. I was looking for you but didn't spy you, shame you didn't get a chance to say hi. CAS were amazing. were you doing touring sound?
  3. that's how i always dress...
  4. they've just sent me another message asking me to play at the museum when they launch the new building. I need to lie down...
  5. as per the post on my kickstarter thread, sending a message to the Fram museum in Oslo asking them to share the project on their facebook and them deciding to back it with a chunk of cash and commission me to write a new piece of music for an upcoming exhibition is undoubtably ace-ic.
  6. I know, i'm completely flabbergasted. They just 'got it' and seem really interested. Totally amazing day.
  7. I've posted an update on the project including track no 2 from the EP - Race to the Pole http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1058136871/daemons-fram/posts/447205 Thanks for all the amazing support so far!
  8. pretty valid for anyone involved in live performance, they should teach this shit in schools.
  9. Aye it was rather special. They are genuinely one of the best groups around just now
  10. so... people who are using it as a way of setting up a business which they'll profit from but not share those profits (as traditional investments would) good but musicians or artists using it to fund specific releases or start creative projects which may also generate profit bad? I don't really see the distinction. it's valid for culture, product design and business projects, they all have a similar goal. why wouldn't you get that angel investor feeling from funding a cultural product? they probably need it more than a company who've designed a smart watch. I think a lot of this is how the crowdfunding is perceived and whether people believe art or creative practitioners should be funded. it's great if people can fund their own art but there'd be a real lack of art around if that was all that was relied upon. artists need funding either from public sources or from private backers, crowdfunding is just a new way of acheiving that. or should all art be restricted to that which is commercially viable?
  11. beautifully explained as always claire. I doff my cap to you *doffs cap* I'd love to do more gigs. if anyone would like to offer me some I am 'up for it'.
  12. I'm quite surprised that you consider yourself an amateur and that both you and Jan make a distinction about doing music full-time. the way you've phrased that sounds like earning your living from music provides validation for seeking funds to create a professional release, but I'm sure you've both supported bands and artists who don't create music full-time and have likely received funding in some way to facilitate professional releases. I don't see why seeking to make music, or any creative practice, your full-time career should set you apart from passionate people who invest a lot of time, energy and creativity (even money) into a project in only their spare time. This is particularly relevant in some forms of music where it's nigh on impossible to live off the proceeds due to the obscure nature of the artform. Other than that, some fair points. I'd say you shouldn't base it on reputation either though. Surely a successful crowdfunding campaign can be used to build on a reputation and enhance it, while having a professional standard product at the end will also increase that reputation.
  13. everyone's entitled to criticise and obviously you're way more experienced at this than I am (this sounds sarcastic but it's not, you've been running a DIY label for a couple of years) as this is the first time i've attempted to put a proper release together . I do appreciate the feedback. If people don't see the value or aren't interested in it then they simply won't back it.
  14. I think people should definitely use crowdfunding more though, same as grant funding from Creative Scotland and local councils. There's not many bands and such who seem to apply for these funds round here and they totally should. It's admirable when people do it off their own backs and are able to save but it's not always that easy. From my point of view, I don't get much gigs (and i'm certainly not paid very much in my real job) so it would be tricky to save up to do a vinyl release and doing it this way will allow me to do it properly and may even kickstart it becoming a label.
  15. yea i think it has more value to bands and artists who are starting out rather than established acts, with a dedicated fanbase and who may already have access to ways of releasing or producing material. it's not right for everyone though.
  16. jeezo. I certainly didn't want to come across as some kind of profiteering ass. To clarify, each reward includes all previous rewards so it's going up a level each time. Perhaps I should introduce two vanilla rewards just for the download and the physical vinyl without any liner thanks or extras? If i'm lucky enough to meet and exceed the target any profits will simply be put back into more music or even looking at pressing releases by other artists.
  17. nah you didn't come across as a dick, it's a question I expected to be asked as I know people have that view of kickstarter. It's just another way of enabling projects to actually get completed. hopefully I've created rewards that people see some value in and will be keen to get on board with, if I haven't then I won't reach my target. There's no risk to those who are backing, if I hit the target the EP gets made and they get their reward. If I don't, no money is taken. It's new for me too but hopefully it all works out and I can do more. If I exceed the target then I'll put anything extra into more releases or putting on ace shows.
  18. They shouldn't. Other people aren't paying for me to make an EP, no ones forcing anyone to back this. Kickstarter is just a way to presell packages of a finished product or project and it's a great way to finance small projects which can be tricky to raise funds for. Quite simply, if I self-released this entirely off my own back it would take a couple of years for me to save up to do it. Using kickstarter allows artists to build interest and develop projects with less risk and everyone wins. Customers get a great product, usually with some extras and feel more engaged in the process and artists get to continue creating and producing work. All I'm asking is for people to take a look and if they'd like to get involved they can support the project at a variety of levels, even just sharing it with their own friends. If they don't want to get involved they just close the window and do something else. I know people seem to have an issue with kickstarter but it's a brilliant way for people to raise funds and is here to stay. I'd hate to think it comes across as simply me feeling like other people should fund an ep but this is a project I feel passionate about and if it goes ahead it will hopefully be a launchpad for further releases by a few different artists (not all using kickstarter). Hope that helps explain the reasoning behind it.
  19. it looks ashamed to be called a dog.
  20. also, "if you'd like to did about the EP"? what the hell was I trying to say there? possibly suggesting that if you'd like know more about the EP just click the link. sheesh, early morning phone fail.
  21. Thanks Stuart, I did look at other options but I can't get it completed without raising the full amount and figured it was a good trade off for the extra awareness that Kickstarter has. Sponsume is another good site for project raising. I'll post more info tonight when I'm at home but please spread the word even if you can't support the project yourself folks!
  22. I've got a new EP recorded and ready to go but would like to get it mastered and pressed to vinyl. In order to do this I thought I'd try a kickstarter project. If you'd like to did it about the EP and maybe support the project then check out the page: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1058136871/daemons-fram If the target is reached we make the EP. If the target is exceeded we might make more records by other people.
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