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    Off to Laaaaandaaaaan Friday: Warner Bros studio tour for the Harry Potter stuff, not my choice but should be proper geek fun. followed by pizza and drinks. Saturday: Field Day! get to see Chvrches, Do Make Say Think and heaps of other ace folk. and have pints. Sunday: probably more pints, some ace food and a wander. Monday: visit a museum or somthing then fly back to the deen. it's going to be rad.
  2. framheim


    Anniversary weekend Friday - ate mac and cheese, sticky toffee pudding, drank prosecco. it was pretty good. Saturday - went for a fancy lunch at La Stella with more prosecco, the best cod I've ever had, a tasty ganache followed by some iron man 3 action, german beers in the moorings then many ales in the Marine upon our return to Stoney Sunday - rough as fuck.
  3. aye, folk thought there might be 6. i'm pretty fed up with it all to be honest, just release the album already. sheesh.
  4. you're probably better off checking ebay
  5. make sure and reward her for peeing outside
  6. like at the start of football italia?
  7. so much stuff already on ebay. bastards: http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_trksid=p5197.m570.l1313.TR1.TRC0&_nkw=record+store+day&_sacat=0&_from=R40
  8. Hopefully I won't be doing a kickstarter for every release! Some will be digital only and some will be vinyl. No real plan at the moment but I just want to get some music by ace people out there. Obviously any copies of this which are sold now will be creating money for the label which can go into future releases or promotion. It's all about getting music out there.
  9. Totally hit the target today! Yay! You can still back the project though as it'll stay open till May 2nd.
  10. "Dave quoted a post you made"
  11. I'm pretty positive about reaching the target, but if I don't I'd probably speak to the Fram museum about sponsoring mastering costs and just go for a digitial download. If that wasn't possible the release would be delayed by some time while I scrape the cash together to get it mastered by the dude i'm looking at, or I get it mastered by someone else. Either way it would kill the vinyl plan at this stage. Alternatively I could approach other labels to see if they'd be interested in helping put out the vinyl version. I'd still look to doing other releases by different artists in the future and I was already planning some shows before the kickstarter which will hopefully still happen later this year. There's plenty of options and the kickstarter campaign has been nothing but encouraging so no matter what happens i'll be making some noise with other people. The whole point of this project is just to draw attention to experimental sounds and try and build an audience up here for it.
  12. that sounds a bit like a pet hate
  13. you should totally draw stuff all the time and put it everywhere.
  14. i only just heard about this the other day. It's pretty interesting but sounds very volatile just now so i'm going to stay clear. I like the concept of a universal currency though. I read an explanation of how it works and is calculated but I couldn't make any sense of it. Sounds pretty complicated (or i just wasn't in the right frame of mind to absorb that info).
  15. no need to apologise, people are perfectly entitled to criticise, ask questions and have different ideas about kickstarter. I'm amazed it's taken off quite so well but utterly delighted. It's been a pretty crazy couple of weeks so far.
  16. Here's a thank you video I made last night to celebrate the first 10 days of the kickstarter project
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