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  1. It had a few positives and a couple of negatives. Obviously the Great Intelligence is the story arc here and will be a factor in Clara's fate. It's a good story arc, and I don't know how it'll pan out. It's interesting that there was so much focus on the book, written by Amy Pond. Was that just a nod or will it have more profound meaning? The premise was shit. Clara was very good, though she was a little bit showy when she entered the tardis for the first time. It didn't feel like a natural reaction but she's a great character.
  2. bows can fuck off but that dog is cuuuuuute!
  3. I almost ordered the album yesterday then realised I should just buy it off them at the gig.
  4. we should turn football on it's head... no centre-backs! all out attack! bound to win a few.
  5. meant to say, if you're not familiar with Umberto you should check him out. Playing in Glasgow and Dundee this weekend. Excellent creepy synth-horror soundtrack goodness.
  6. hop on a bus and go for a walk somewhere? go to gigs. stay in and watch movies
  7. i've got the cheapo zoom and it's pretty ace. the H2n is meant to be better still. I also use the Edirol R-09HR at work and it's ace (though a bit more expensive than the H2n).
  8. you should probably tell someone other than an internet messageboard.
  9. they've just revealed it is indeed the malt mill. interesting.
  10. thank fuck for that. i was worried you had somehow slipped through my impenetrable facebook net.
  11. it should be pretty big if you're wanting a good quality file. most of mine are around 50-60mb.
  12. first quick listen this morning and my initial impression is that it's pretty good for a first go at creating on ableton! i'd roll back the kick as it's distorting and i found that distracting and there's some distortion later on in the track. great vibe though and it totally sounds like grubby 80's sci-fi/horror.
  13. this is tonight. in banchory. it's dead easy to get to. and it'll be properly brilliant.
  14. ah, that would be ace. can't think just now. is it part of that starbucks?
  15. did anyone listen to this? quite a good show i thought. craig and euan are good hosts and made me feel very welcome.
  16. nah, nothing to do with that. though they do want to hear from people who are interested in putting on performances in one up. they've said their reopening a much loved old venue. the only downstairs venues i can think of were the original drakes, hotel metro basement and kef. drakes is too small for what this place is proposing and kef is now a hotel. possibly the metro basement? were there any other downstairs venues?
  17. well, the last forum put the location in for you in the title so maybe people got out of the habit. is the map function not supported on the new forum?
  18. how come the soundcloud links don't work in signatures anymore? thought that was quite a nice feature. also, any response on the events thing?
  19. for some reason i'm on the show this Friday night talking about daemons stuff. you can listen in if you like.
  20. was it not where the ART shop was beside the music hall? or close to there? edit: i typed 198 union street into google maps and it looks like it was indeed the old ART shop.
  21. I love hendricks. not tried it with soda though, might give that a go tonight.
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