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  1. Last call for today's jam - I'll be there, hopefully with a couple of Fender-wielding associates...
  2. Went along to the Smiddy last week, brilliant jam. Dead friendly, really nice atmosphere and that drummer from out of the Malpasos. Can't ask for more.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/thestrangebluedreams
  4. Bi-monthly? Is that twice a month now? I need to get to this, haven't managed yet.
  5. Dunno who's running the place, or at least who is responsible for their social media, but they fucked this right up. Not actually closing, but some sort of direction change apparently. https://www.facebook.com/Cellar-35-120556733157 "After messing up yesterday's post here's what should have been posted Cellar 35 will be closing on the 10th of August for a re brand and change of direction Instead of only opening for gigs and events the bar will be operating 7 nights a week as an independent bar, as in own offers and own products not the same as The Noose We will continue to host music and comedy nights but will no longer be hosting house DJs Other events or gigs will be discussed and if we think it fits in with the new direction then we will oblige and help where we can The venue will launch on the 27th of August if all goes well I will update with venue name and style as the date gets closer Sorry again for yesterday's hap hazard post Although the coverage was good "
  6. Is this a full band type thing i.e with drums or a more acousticy affair?
  7. Looks like Gav has managed to figure out a deal for all existing gigs after July to be held at Underdog instead, This could be an ongoing thing, possibly including the weekly blues jam.
  8. Good point. So the college and Uni turned him into a Lib Dem?
  9. Nope. SNP Hold, Maureen Watt. This is a bit odd and vague though - " Having struggled in his early years, John turned it around with the help of Aberdeen College and the University and has decided to stand for the Scottish Parliament to offer a voice in parliament for those who need the same help he had."
  10. Your reply above reads like you 'hoofed a gaffer in the baws'. If not that, it would be easier to get a useful answer if you can give us an idea of why you got sacked?
  11. Physical assault is always going to be gross misconduct. I'd say losing your job is getting off lightly compared to landing up in court. I'd leave it there, or you still could.
  12. Someone selling a nice looking Denon turntable on Facebook, worth a look, might even get the price down a bit. https://www.facebook.com/groups/398498133532597/permalink/998867783495626/
  13. The Malpasos were ace. Great songs, but more importantly they certainly raised the sartorial stakes. Go see.
  14. Keith Chegwin is the world's biggest twat on twitter. Constantly makes these truly awful sub Christmas cracker jokes, and he's notorious for stealing other people's jokes too. Then he gets really butthurt when he rightly gets abuse for it.
  15. Take your avatar talk to the avatar talk place...
  16. Frosty Jack

    Your current read?

  17. Frosty Jack

    Your current read?

    I literally cannot read his books. Fucking dreadful writer.
  18. In the Shire? You'd really be best stretching yourself a bit further than that tbh. Only one I can think of is the Dangerous club in Peterhead, which is great. Anywhere else is going to be a case of bring your own gear to be squashed into the corner of a bar where the locals will threaten you with violence if you don't play 'rockin in the free world'.
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