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  1. Bought one from here a few years ago, then sold it, now want to buy it again. Is it still out there?
  2. Thanks, I'll see him tonight and see what he says
  3. I'm not too sure to be honest but I imagine max of £150-200 for all three.
  4. Looking for a friend. Anything considered
  5. What kind of squire was it? Do you know the size at heel?
  6. I have a loaded scratchplate but nothing to put it on. Looking for rosewood neck and preferably black or red body but all considered. Any tips on sourcing also welcome
  7. I'll take the big dots. Pm coming your way
  8. I'll go 2nd in line for the TU-2. Faulty or otherwise
  9. Just bought a Yamaha SF (see half way down page) http://ayrguitar.com/products/guitars/?type=secondhand+news The case is butchered so I'm after another, or spare hinges and latches in anyone has? I think the case would need to fit SG/DC type. too big for LP
  10. I'll take the digitech. Pm on way
  11. Pa poles I'm afraid. If you haven't already checked, there are some stands on gumtree that might work
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