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  1. Huw

    Post Rock/metal Band!

    Are you still looking? I could be into this... I have gear that sounds good. I'd just need to fix my distortion pedal. 0702562[at]rgu[dot]ac[dot]uk
  2. Huw

    Loads of FX pedals for sale...

    I'll take the Joyo Drive please!
  3. Huw

    Carson Wells - Wonderkid LP

    Now up for download!
  4. Huw

    The Hip Hop Thread

    I know this is the only hip hop artist, but has anybody listened to the new Aesop Rock album - Skelethon? Few tracks in, the production is mad good. The second song has a definite loose RjD2 feel about the drums. Great.
  5. Huw

    NEW! Prelude to the Hunt DEMO

    Enjoyed that. The breakdown kills - lazy comparisons to YFM-era Converge. I was holding out for a noisey guitar solo at the end though! Are there more in the bag from that session?
  6. Huw

    Carson Wells - Wonderkid LP

    Ross is a true playa, and you will get a zillion times better recording for a splash more than you'd pay a day in Tom's.
  7. Huw

    Carson Wells - Wonderkid LP

    Thansk a lot gaiz.
  8. Huw

    Fender Platinum Cables

  9. Huw

    Fender Platinum Cables

    I've got a pair of these that I'm looking to get shot of: http://www.dolphinmusic.co.uk/product/34120-fender-platinum-series-12-guitar-cable.html They're rugged buggers that cost me £45 each from RNB (I was desparate for some cables that wouldn't break!).I've found some that are a little longer and more suited to my general clumsiness in a live situation. £18 each, £30 the pair? I realise this is expensive for cables, but if you are interested hit me up on huwATgurdenDOTgotadslDOTcoDOTuk. Ta
  10. Huw

    absolutist-ave up for streaming

    Finally got round to listening to this. Has been crushing so far. Really enjoying it. Enjoy the tour.
  11. - KADDISH - This band need no introductions. One of the best active screamo bands in Europe, if not the world. Based in Dundee. FFO: Kaddish. http://autumnjams.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-lp - CAVALCADES - Local emo/hardcore/screamo band. This is the first show of a UK tour for us, and hopefully a release show for a new split 7". FFO: Comadre, Raein, Life at these Speeds. http://cavalcadesuk.bandcamp.com/ http://www.facebook.com/cavalcades - ABSOLUTIST - Dark, heavy crust from Aberdeen. Fresh off a Scandinavian tour and a new record, not to be missed. FFO: His Hero is Gone, Alpinist, Cursed. http://absolutist.bandcamp.com/ http://www.facebook.com/pages/Absolutist/129215777136623 - DRUG COUPLE - Mad as fuck hardcore from Perth, this'll be their second Aberdeen show in as many months and with good reason. Members of The Barents Sea (I know, right?), xharoldshitmanx, My Castle, Your Castle etc. FFO: Trash Talk, Full of Hell, Dangers. http://www.facebook.com/drugcouple - DIRTDRINKER - Heavy as balls local 2-piece that will blow your collective genetalia clean off. Ex/current members of lots of good things (WSBB, Clearer the Sky, Dweller etc). First show! FFO: Pulling Teeth, Converge, Kylesa. http://www.facebook.com/DIRTDRINKER 10 february 2012 £4 door tax
  12. Huw

    Peavey Classic 30 valve combo

    peee emmed.
  13. I also have a Commencer guitar pickup lying around somewhere. I'll take 40 for that. Gwaaaaaan.
  14. Huw

    Peavey Classic 30 valve combo

    I only have a 412 cab, a distortion pedal or a carbuncle pickup to offer top swap for. Interested? Heard great things about this amp.