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  1. Kaddish-http://autumnjams.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-lp Clocked out-http://clockedout.bandcamp.com/ Absolutist-http://absolutist.bandcamp.com/ The Obscenities-http://www.facebook.com/TheObscenities Doors will be at 9pm £5 entry Captain Toms 11-15 Ann Street, AB25 3LH Aberdeen View Map · Get Directions
  2. SHAID(France)-http://shaiid.tumblr.com/sounds Filthpact - http://filthpact.blogspot.co.uk/ Absolutist- absolutist.bandcamp.com The Obscenities- http://www.facebook.com/TheObscenities 29th october!! http://www.facebook.com/events/444245305617438/ £3 in! Tunnels room 2
  3. Contort Noisy irish punks- http://contort-punx.tumblr.com/ Filthpact Local crust violence veterands- http://filthpact.blogspot.co.uk/ The Obscenities Granite city noise HC punk- www.facebook.com/pages/The-Obscenities/328016990573544 Dirtdrinker New deafening local noise rock- http://soundcloud.com/dirtdrinker TUNNELS 2- 13TH JULY DOORS 8pm (has to be over by 10.30 so first band 8.30) ADMISSION £3-5 Distro by Bitter North Records-http://bitternorthrecords.tumblr.com/
  4. New album Ave up for streaming here http://absolutist.bandcamp.com Vinyl will be out through Suburban mayhem records february/march.http://suburbanmayhemrex.tumblr.com/ Also our blasphemy demo will be put out on a special tour edition tape through Sacrificial tapes (50 copies only) http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sacrificial-Tapes/125637387510457?sk=info euro tour starts march 29th. Cheers.
  5. are there any locals that have a van willing to hire out for a euro tour or know of anyone doing van hire? Would be for 17 days and we would cover insurance also for our driver. cheers
  6. new song up here...http://absolutist.bandcamp.com/ will be available on 12" in december through suburban mayhem records
  7. artwork musical vision was the place
  8. Check it out here Absolutist Physical copies on sale on tour
  9. anyone selling one mogwai standing ticket?
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