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  1. steam is a load of pish and I'll not be buying it as a result. This is a shame as it looks excellent.
  2. why does Brown get a game for Scotland? I have no idea how that guy has played football at the level he has for so long; completely flatters to decieve. You could stick him in a Caley Thistle or a Dunfermline and he wouldn't make a blind bit of difference.... When we play with 5 in midfield it gives him further excuse to hide and do fuck all too
  3. i think we need a bricky; thatll stop the goals....
  4. Always used to pull a good crowd in the past, great band!
  5. Not sure about that. He's def an Aberdeen level player; you are kidding yourself if you reckon you can get a better full back than him. Good sprint and tackle from Commons. Foster would have gotten away with that touch against any other SPL side. Yes, a mistake, but defenders mistakes usually cost goals. Thought the backline held well. Arnasen and Considine looked good as a pairing.
  6. Vernon doesn't suit dropping deep; get the ball into the box and he'll help with the goals.
  7. That Magennis lad is not a footballer; surely?
  8. b.b.but you signed Aaron Sinclair from us for 10k
  9. i think people have been saying that for about 15 years!!
  10. Montrose pre season so far...... Montrose 2 - Stenhousemuir 0 Forfar 1 - Montrose 1 Montrose 1 - Raith 0 Dundee Utd XI 0 - Montrose 3 I'm getting a nosebleed over here........
  11. glorious garlic burps and farts fall out of your body for at least 36 hours after your gorge....... this is good.
  12. Brian set this up all part of the "initiation process" apparently that was a fun gig; and if I remember correctly there was some pretty decent heckling....
  13. David Dimalta signs for Montrose from the scum.... Caused us a lot of bother last year but no end product....:s
  14. Wait and see, some old heads take to it but not many. It took Paul Sheerin half a season to adjust from St Johnstone and The likes of Phil Mguire, Jim Hamilton, David Hannah and Charlie Miller and numerous others failed over the years.
  15. You mean like Steven Tweed and Paul Tosh did for the last two seasons??? Tosh barely missed a game this season!
  16. CMON FULHAM: more goals please! We need Blackpool and Holloway next year!
  17. stuartmaxwell


    nice one Jake. My throwing has went from "bad" to "dreadful"....
  18. I hope nobody has that type of vindictive streak in them Has been a bit of an institution over the years, shame for a lot of the staff; a lot of good people who have been there a long time and know their stuff.
  19. horrible weekend of football with the scum winning title in emphatic fashion against us. Adding insult to injury, the glory hunters pished onto the pitch at full time pushed our goalie to the deck and started kicking him and some fat naked bloke in speedos was hanging around too. disgusting stuff with the habitants/mutants of Arbroath showing their true colours.....
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