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  1. He stopped using these boards etc etc. EDIT: As did everyone else. Blame Tinder.
  2. https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/news/local/unsightly-aberdeen-buildings-could-go-in-bid-to-revitalise-area/ Committee papers have it being demolished by next August if they get their way. That's going to be one heck of a closing down sale.
  3. I finally went in last winter. Eccentric place, I'll say. Looks like the roof is literally about to come in though: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/mckays-of-aberdeen?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=socpledgedesktop&utm_content=mckays-of-aberdeen&utm_campaign=post-pledge-desktop&utm_term=WaJbBM557
  4. My only ever visit to Fraserburgh was a football away trip where it pissed with rain for 90 minutes (no cover), lost in injury time and froze to death waiting to get home. Apart from Govan or Grangetown I've never seen a more depressing place. (EDIT: Greenock, maybe. Shivers.) Worst gig I have a (almost) waking memory of was the big Ascension/MMW/etc Tunnels thing that Baldy put on. Didn't really want in on it so anaesthetised myself by drinking Guinness. No idea exactly how many pints, but at least 7/8. So goggle-eyed by stage time (not headlining, but playing last) I was seeing two kits in front of me and couldn't hit either of the fuckers properly. One of those ugly situations where it almost stayed on the rails, but was still well off what it should have been. Should've just flung the kit across the room that night, really.....
  5. If it's any consolation, I'd find them toe curling now too. I always thought the SPD/MMW back and forth should be more of a grandstanding online pantomime than anything else, but it occasionally got out of hand and the line got crossed. I never recall any cross words in the 'real world', I don't think. In all seriousness, what Dan has said about MMW reads like a good example in what happens when you have a plan, but have to confront a 'going pro' threshold and make a choice either way. (we chose a rather different direction/methodology, of course)
  6. Aberdeen is a city past the top of the bell-curve. There is far less social and cultural capital in it than there was in it 10 years ago, it is suffering from the same suburbanisation that kills inner cities hence taking the money out of them, ergo there is no desire for A&R's to take a trip seeking musical wanderlust up here when it is geographically isolated. Most big PR attempts to address this are a sleight of hand (not music, but the highly-rated SPECTRA light festival is bought in from other cities, a perfect example of how money you could use to breed culture gets outsourced, completely defeating the point IMO) More specifically: venues are scattergun, scenes have been micro-compacted and barely intertwine anymore, and the lack of a central point of reference like this site used to be for your key age groups (15-25) has been killed off by social media. There are still plenty of bands about, but the chances of the stars aligning for them going big (ie. Chvrches) are far less - the gap between the settled bands and the ones who want to go places is bigger than it has ever been. How to solve it? Employ me as a development worker-type on decent money and I'll tell you
  7. COOKIE MONSTER I can't really bear to look at or dwell on my youthful-irritable-intransigent self for more than a few seconds, a lot of it feels too removed from current reality (also sold out, got a proper job, kicked booze, and have a wedding to plan. haven't touched a drum kit in seven years either). As said already, social media has laid this type of community largely to waste now, though I am sure those who did make meaningful connections will have kept them.
  8. Most of 2004-2010 in my mind is now a hazy mirage lost to alcohol, but that gag frankly never gets old. My Mind's who?
  9. Ultra training is utterly killing my knees just now, really paranoid about my cruciate going ping. Debating whether to bin it for this year and make sure I'm fine enough for the Great North Run. Stoney was murder AGAIN last week., too...
  10. Non stop sproggery on Facebook is the pits, I've now started unfriending because of it. Picture of the ultrasound > picture of the newborn > picture of the 1st birthday cake is enough, surely?
  11. Scorge

    Pet Hates!

    IIRC the Beeb had to rewrite/soften their comedy commisioning guidelines after the 'Sachsgate' nonsense: every original comedy idea they've produced since then has been utter pish, epidemic of the safety first culture on TV just now. Boo-urns.
  12. Scorge

    Pet Hates!

    Zing! There's plenty of room behind my chair, the thing missing is a collective failure of spacial awareness anytime someone goes past. And in half the cases, an apology (no matter how insincere/half hearted)....
  13. Scorge

    Pet Hates!

    Are we on office rants? Good: People knocking the back of my chair EVERY SINGLE DAY. I move in six weeks thankfully, can't wait.....
  14. This is wrong on so, so many levels. I feel dirty even posting it. THEHORROR http://youtu.be/IfB_K4RGtDo
  15. ^^^ What he said, *1000 Anyone know how to get to Grantown-On-Spey?
  16. Losing the title on goal difference is hilarious. Just type 'hearts 1986' into Youtube for a demonstration. Shields finally got the dunt from the Mo yesterday, about two months too late. Highland League sat nav may not be needed....
  17. The judges obviously forgot to swing in past Brechin on the way back down the A90....
  18. This 'armageddon' has been a right bastard, hasn't it? Dundee Utd and Aibrrrdeen both look really handy sides, would be great to see Ra Sellick shit it. (Stay tuned for a cricket score at Gayfield tomorrow, sadly)
  19. 1 - The ongoing hilarity of the 'Sevco Comedy Revue', currently struggling in its second act. 2 - Brazil taking an utter shoeing off ze Germans at the World Cup. Staggering, funny, shocking. 3 - Seeing Montrose top of the league for one week after an opening day massacre of the Shire in August. Less said about the last three months, the better. 4 - Morton shipping 10 to Hamilton Comicals at the end of last season. The seethe on P&B was glorious. 5 - Having pride in a half decent national side again. Happy Christmas all.
  20. QOTS were 4/1 pre match. License to print holiday money. Sevco just keep giving.
  21. Suffered from grumbling appendix, ripped the skin off a toe (stupid socks) and finally ricked my back in with 9 miles left. Lucky there was an ambulance round the corner to strap me or I'd have been a certain DNF, could only do 400/500 metres at a time after that before it got sore again. Fun! Course is beautiful but tough - the undulation is near constant throughout with a couple of real ugly hills at 5/6 miles and the infamous ones out of Dores at 19/21 miles before it levels out into Inverness. I reckon you'd need to incorporate plenty of gradient into your LSR's in the lead up to it to be confident. That said: very rewarding to finish, no matter how slow!...
  22. Short summary of Loch Ness Marathon: Miles 1-4: happy days! Miles 4.1-26.2: not so much, really. Got home in 5hrs52, which should give you a clue to how smoothly things didn't go. Filing this under 'character building'!.....
  23. Pass, though a friend of mine did the half last year and said it was a quick course so you may be right. Loch Ness just round the corner now. Anything under 5 hours would be a triumph given my lead-in TBH....
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