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  1. Who said he had a new job though? Lack of attention to detail is also why you got sacked for being a shite mod.
  2. Guarantee there's ones you're not allowed to see either.
  3. I love Rangers. Fat Sally's salary actually increases now he's given notice.
  4. Why would he not have had sex in the hallway? Is this commonly known as a sacred room where no sex shall take place?
  5. First example is called being a dick. Second example is technically anti-social by not being sociable.
  6. Same thing though. To be unsociable is to be anti social, no?
  7. Some could say that about music though. There's plenty hipster wanks that do exactly the same with music.
  8. My cat died this morning. I'm gutted.
  9. Heisenberg and blue candy? Wtf is this? 2013?
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