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  1. Camie :-( Here we go: https://depeche-choad.bandcamp.com/album/i-hate-cats-dead-mole-party
  2. Shaki

    Pet Hates!

    I haven't seen Brew Wars but I still hate JJ Watt. I actually can't drink beer because it gives me gout. Some of these beer places don't sell Cider - there's a pet hate for ya. In related news, Depeche Choad, Min Diesel and Lenin Death Mask are playing Underdog tomorrow night. Come and hate, love or be indifferent to the bands, surroundings and beverages.
  3. Just read this Graham. Thanks for the kind words and for coming down to the gig
  4. For Whom the Bell Tolls - Ernest Hemingway. A struggle in places but has the best passage I've ever read.
  5. East of Eden - John Steinbeck. I maintain it's his best, as did he, and is therefore the best book ever.
  6. Interesting and pleasing review http://toxiconline.co.uk/unsigned-return-to-girth-depeche-choad/
  7. Shaki

    Pet Hates!

    Qualifies as a pet hate in itself. Also, as someone mentioned "I'm a bit OCD". I'll also throw in the use of the word "schizophrenic" metaphorically to describe inconsistent behaviour or the likes. Get your illnesses right.
  8. Shaki

    Pet Hates!

    In the world of public sector procurement the equivalent is a "PIN Notice". PIN stands for 'Prior Information Notice'. Deeply depressing.
  9. Shaki

    Your current read?

    Recently read 'First Time Solo' by Aberdonian writer Iain Maloney. It's about an Aberdeenshire farmer who joins the RAF during WW2 and tells the story of his training and forming a jazz band. I wasn't that keen on his writing style - he used a lot of short or one word sentences for impact but it didn't really seem to fit. There were some good passages and one liners and it was obviously well researched but I can't say it really grabbed me much. It was not bad for a debut and I'd read more from him to see how he develops. I then tried 'Jazz' by Toni Morrison Great writing but I couldn't get into the story so shelved it for now. Hoovered up 'Dead I Well May Be' by Adrian McKinty and really enjoyed it. It's the second one of his I've read and both have really stuck with me. The stories are probably fairly stock yet enjoyable anti-hero crime but the way he tells them and his understanding of the human condition sets him apart. If you like noir and a want a bit more to think about than Stuart MacBride and Lee Child I'd recommend this guy. Now reading 'The Cider House Rules' by John Irving. Lovely so far.
  10. Aye, this is her full length debut.
  11. I'm going to be bold and say it's a masterpiece - a modern classic that will be revered for decades to come.
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