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What's the happiest song ever?

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happiness by ken dodd, the poignant lyrics make me feel happy everytime, so simple yet effective

happiness, happiness,

the greatest gift that i possess

i thank the lord that i've been blessed

with more than my share of happiness

dont worry be happy by bobby mcferrin always cheers me up an all

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Wot' date=' no ewoks? :(

I'd say either The Nature Anthem by Grandaddy (cruelly appropriated by the Coca-Cola corporation) or Do You Believe In Magic by The Lovin' Spoonful.[/quote']

I decided to keep it away from being too personal - y'know these kids today ;)

The Ewok song is a natural first choice but sadly some bastards don't agree. It fills me with a feeling of sheer joy.

I spotted someone mentioning Junior Senior. Yas!

Getting personal again... "Dare" by Stan Bush.

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