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  1. The thing is you have to have a particular kind of food safety certificate to serve raw fish so if they didn't have that then tinned tuna is pretty much the only option available to them. I've been there a few times and thought it was alright and I have heard that it's run by the wife of the chap at Chef Jang's. Also, they stick seafood/crabsticks in the sushi at Chef Jang's and no one seems to mind, to me that's much more of a cop out than using tinned tuna. At least you know where you are with tuna, god knows what are in crabsticks!
  2. I went to see him at the fringe in summer, upstairs in a tiny pub, people utterly crammed in. Quite enjoyed it but I think he'd get boring really quickly, maybe one to see what kinda mood I'm in on the night
  3. To be honest I've been to heaps of gigs where you online find out an act has cancelled either by looking online or when you get to the venue. If you're putting up your own cash for things like this, have a contingency fund. Simple. A spare 50 or whatever and you can cover yourself.
  4. It was a waste of your money certainly but is the charity out of pocket? Bands pull out of gigs all the times and it's what you have to deal with as a promoter. It's not fair to slam a band online, (especially one which generally keeps out of aberdeen-music and all associated in fighting) for looking out for their own. Not everyone can afford to do nice things for charity, by getting on your soapbox and shouting about it you've acted unprofessionally and almost guarenteed that they won't want to work with you in the future. I know it was probably really frustrating but knowing a few members of the band I'm sure they were apologetic and sincere. Professionalism goes two ways and there are a lot of musicians and bands on these boards who wouldn't thank their promoters for bitching online about them, don't shoot yourself in the foot.
  5. They have gone a bit mainstream but surely you should like an album because it's good, not just because you liked the band 5 albums ago. If they didn't develop musically then they probably wouldn't be around. I really like the new album, the singles are catchy and have great big juicy choruses and the rest of the tracks are strong. Plus any band which writes a song with the lyric 'preposterous hooves' is a winner with me.
  6. Surely he could just explain to his folks that he's a grown up, doesn't get to see his girlfriend very often and it's pretty selfish of them not to understand that some 'quality time' with his girlfriend at his house isn't asking a lot? Outside sex is all well and good on the way home from the pub and you get a bit frisky, but I wouldn't be too impressed if that was the only way I could see my bloke if I didn't live in Aberdeen. I hear that people have been getting down and dirty in Octopussy (thursday nights in Warehouse/Moshulu). And I've stumbed accross a couple going at it in the grounds of Aberdeen Grammar School more than once which I guess is kind of secluded. Having said that I walked home one night and saw a couple shagging against the wall of the church on Crown Terrace which is pretty much on the pavement. It was kind of traumatic though so don't suggest that to him because I'd rather not look out my bedroom window and have to see that
  7. I think the point is that overseas workers should be subject to the same screening as UK workers and the way you've phrased your petition sounds rather agressive. Compulsary checks? No. The same checks? Yes. Ultimately though it's the responsibility of the employer to screen their workers, especially when it comes to jobs dealing with vunerable people. I would imagine (but I don't know, so don't shout at me) that most people working in a nursery/school/special needs area/or just anyone who may be considered vunerable would need to have a full UK work permit and as such would have been vetted before they were allowed to work in such a capacity. Same goes for people working in a position of authority or trust. I see your point but to be honest after a while this problem goes round in circles and it comes down to passing the blame to someone else. I tried to type it all down but I got confused and decided that tonight I want to believe in the good in people and this thread won't help me in that The bottom line is if a person wants to commit an act of terrorism, they'll try to find a way to do it, I don't imagine it matters if they work in the airport or McDonald's
  8. that would entirely depend on which two members are going
  9. snapfax discount available any time, I think that's 20% too.
  10. i thought it was a carpet factory or warehouse, hence the name? Ah wells, a club is only has good as the music and the people who go there. I've always enjoyed the slightly dingy side of Moshulu, I just hope that when it reopens that people go back. 6 weeks is plenty of time for the regulars to find a new haunt, most likely Korova. Also, I remember hearing a few years back that Aberdeen Uni (and possibly RGU too) nominate a club to be the unoffical union, seeing as there isn't one. Liquid has always been a favourite (for some unfathomable reason) but I heard The Tunnels was nominated as the 'alternative' venue. If Moshulu/Warehouse/whatever can catch that gravy train in time for freshers week, that could work out nicely.
  11. And couples who don't want to sit inside watching TV when it's still light outside. And people who want to socialise rather than get wasted. Chi has some good deals on during the week from 5pm til close. Can't remember the exact prices but I think it's about 2 for a pint and 2.20 for a G&T.
  12. cooking from scratch is probably the best way to be honest and try to get in the habit of making big batches of soup, mince and such like because it saves time later in teh week. I'm really bad for coming home after work and just having something quick and easy rather than cooking and nine times out of ten that means eating rubbish. Cutting out booze would probably help the most to be honest, it's pretty alarming how many calories are in a pint. Plus if you're out boozing you inevitably end up getting food on the way home and there's no chance that you're going to find anything healthy stumbling up Belmont Street. Also don't fall foul to other people's eating habits. My boyfriend eats utter shite most of the time and it's really easy to just end up eating what he does. It never seems to make him add much weight but I blow up like a balloon if I follow his example.
  13. Seconded. They were ace last time I saw them, hurrah for ska!
  14. She was a beautiful lady, before and during her battle with cancer. Kudos to her for handling herself with grace and dignity, even when her son was arrested for possesion during her final months.
  15. Pop by N*Sync and Something Kinda Ooo by Girls Aloud. I completely agree with Fine Young Cannibals - She Drives Me Crazy and Paul Simon too, my Dad used to play them all the time when I was little and they remind me of driving up to see my Grandma on the first day of the summer holidays
  16. were Lights Action the last band on? They were brilliant, it's been a while since I was at a gig where people were dancing to a band rather than just standing politely and nodding their heads.
  17. You can get Bundaberg in the 24 hour shop on Crown Street. Best hangover cure ever
  18. ?( No reason it should take you any longer than anyone else surely? I've toyed with the idea of doing an intensive course for a while, I had about 30 lessons a few years ago but then my instructer left the company and I didn't get round to getting a new one. That was with the AA because my dad got a deal through his insurance. They were pretty good I think it's probably best done like any kind of studying, cramming isn't going to yield the best results.
  19. Guitar was launched off the stage narrowly missing me and Amy. The some guy picked it up and started restringing it before giving up and appearing to leave it behind the pool table. Cracking set and let's face it, it just ain't Deadloss if something or someone hasn't been broken by the end
  20. I just found my photos from when I was there when I was 11 it's such a gorgeous city that to be honest just wandering around will probably be enough. Seeing as I was only a nipper when I was there I can comment on the night life but I'm sure you can find some sites to help you. The Gaudi park is well worth a look. There is a beach in barcelona but you can get a cheap train up the coast to smaller towns which have gorgeous quiet beaches and ace wee streets to explore.
  21. have you got stage times for this? It's a school night so not sure if I'll have to be tucked up in bed by the time ZATS are on.
  22. Metarie

    That 70s Show

    I resisted buying the final series for ages because I was scared it was going to ruin it for me but it's not too bad if you ignore Randy, he adds nothing to the story at all. It is the worst season but it's still watchable. I think the writers must have changed though because the characters completely change. I need another TV box set to start collecting, anyone have any ideas? Apart from the obligatory South Park etc.
  23. I've gotta say Chris I could almost hear you ranting while I was watching it last night. Wolver-pussy indeed. Every cliche that could be shown or spoken seemed to make an appearance.
  24. Thanks Rass Chances are we've all mentioned it to someone at some time when we've been in but it's been tricky actually getting a full answer. The thread was more to get everything explained than to complain. I was considering writing to the management but wasn't 100% sure who that was exactly and you more than Steve know how often us lot pop in for a quick pint or two. Thanks again!
  25. I really don't want this to turn into a moshulu/bassment bashing thread, but this blanket ban on staff drinking after hours or on their days off is pretty annoying. I'm not sure if the management realise that it's affected regulars with friends who work there as well as the staff? There's been a few occasions when my mates and I have had to find somewhere else to go for a night out because a friend works in Bassment and isn't allowed in there or upstairs that night. Case in point, a few Sundays ago there were 6 of us who wanted food and a couple of pints and ended up going to a different bar because one of our group wasn't allowed in the Bassment and that easily lost the bar the best part of 100 on a quiet Sunday night. Surely if the staff want to spend time there when they aren't working this is a good sign? I know that there's probably a reason for this, but it seems to me that if you don't trust your staff to socialise in their place of work then you probably shouldn't be employing them in the first place. To ask a memeber of staff to immediately vacate the premises after work and not allow them to even wait for a friend or partner to finish their drinks is a bit extreme if you ask me. So, just really wondering about the reasoning behind it and hopefully bringing it to the attention of the management (whoever that may be these days).
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