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  1. Arnold Odermatt (thanks to Tortoise for showing me his work!)
  2. Tim Harrington from Les Savy Fav... this man should probably have a very snug, wrap around coat. BEARDO | Pitchfork.tv
  3. I can, it's because most people are cunts.
  4. there's a point here somewhere...
  5. they couldn't all have colds could they? I was rubbing my nose the other day, as it was getting a bit drippy in the cold...I hope the cops don't pounce on me!
  6. lepeep


    i was on Boomkat - Your independent music specialist (again) the other day, and "zomby" was a dubstep artist I liked the sound of...
  7. I think the thing that most news people / republicans can't get their head around is that he might just be genuine! There might indeed be a type of human on this earth that does want to do good - and is (fairly) selfless and is down to earth - yet can cope with major roles such as this. I think it's because we've never seen one yet, that people doubt he's all what he pertains to be.... again, only time will tell - but I am guessing he is who he presents himself to be.
  8. I was going to get this for my grandparents this christmas, it's time I let them go peacfully. Oh...printed, you mean....sorry.....errr.....
  9. me too...I was trying to be funny by replying with at least two of the points in the film....but my "U P P E R C A S E" reply was transformed with css / javaScript.... sometimes, I try too hard.
  10. I do the multiple select thing, and sometimes it works, sometimes not. One strange thing that does happen, is the art work appears in the "slider" view (you know, the snazzy scrolling artwork selector), but when the lp "comes to the front" - it dissapears, then, when you slide past it, it appears in the squashed / sliding mode (that's hard to describe)... Another annoying thing is that the artwork appears in the selctors, but not when you view the track / artist / album in the iTouch... I was wondering if file format / quality / size etc makes a difference?
  11. how can you tell the different songs?! great photos by the way!
  12. of course you have you nazi...lolz (curse you and your uppercase killing code!)
  13. I am guessing that she's got the role of "vietCon" prison guard down in the bedroom, and McCain still loves the feel of bamboo whacking against his feet. I always thought that christians would steer clear of looking like they have sold their souls to the devil...there is something quite malevolent in her eyes. And also, I wonder if the white christians now know that god loves black christians more? (apparently).
  14. Well, can you also tell us the lottery numbers this week too? or am I being too cynical here?
  15. lepeep


    one of the "so bad it's good" horrors I always loved was "bug" (1975) Where high-pressured super heated bugs spew up from the centre of the earth and wreak havoc. Its got the classic old lady on fire is actually the stun man with a beard, ach fuck it, we dont have the budget to do it again with someone smaller and thinner, like the old lady were supposed to believe is on fire
  16. replace nation with "press"... but I'd like to think that he's going to sort stuff out - and prove people wrong. He has got an uphill struggle, but labour managed to turn things around from the disaster the Tories left in the 90's....shame it ended tits up again though! (but, that was mostly a Global reason affecting the UK situation - as well Gordons imprudence in "the good times") I am amazed that people think that he's the only person in the white house that will be doing anything...what about all the advisors working under him etc? - "all" he has to do is make some cool headed decisions based on some undoubtedly excellent, considered reports... and the way he handled the economic crises when campaigning was astounding. I am led to believe that he had produced a 4 point plan - which was implemented in the strategy by Henry Paulson and his pals...(but I can't find a citation for that)...
  17. If only he would come and post on here!...I didn't understand a word of where he was coming from. I have to say, when they wheeled in all the republicans during the night, watching them grimmace when ever the "unbias" BBC would slag them off, or suck up to Obama was quite amazing, and they took it - coming up with excuse after excuse...gotta love a meltdown blame game live on TV.
  18. "what do you give to a woman for christmas that has everything?" nothing, you've already given her two black eyes.... something like that isn't it?..... christmas presents?!....you are all hypocrytical heathens, join me!...I am a druid and celebrate newmassness, the calendar event that was hijacked by christians!....* * shut up
  19. isn't it the case that if he really likes your sound, and wants to work for you, he will do it for what you can afford (he's american?....liberal fag!) I can remember a story that he came to Galsgow to record a scottish band if they paid his flights and accomodation...but that might be a twisted memory or wishful thinking. (side note - Maple nearly had alex newport engineer / produce or LP...I'd sent him a mail, and he liked our stuff...and he asked for flights & accomodation + a grand...but we couldn't afford that)...bugger.
  20. he he... or taking time to write properly, instead of being giddy like a pussy liberal eurofag that I am...sorry, I shouldn't have visited that Rightwing "discussion forum"... ho ho I was going to write a post on the "crying blacks" thread to the guy who said that crying is for fags...something like "yeah, I bet you didn't cry when you had grandads dick in your ass for the first time"... but I thought....the subtle quip would go over their heads. wink wink
  21. I stayed up 'til 2.30 - once fox had said that OHIO was OBAMA's I knew it was over for Mcain... I am in such a good mood today. It's amazing to see the world being happy about the direction, I think it goes to show that the US is not just thinking about itself (as usual), but the important role they have on the world stage - a lot of comments from the US voters (obama, of course), were all about the appearence of the US on the world stage - the "hope" that the world sees that the US want to distance themselves from "old white men" politics. I just worry that he's not going to be safe in his own country...an ironic switch don't you think? - an new US president that has less enemies in the world (apparently) and a baying crowd of fearful conservatives in his back garden. Interestign thymes ahead.
  22. it's a schytzophrenic lp to say the least...dub step one minute, massive attach trip hop another and tunng-esque folk-tronica (horrible term, great music)... It's surprised me as an LP, I love it, and hope you do too, if you hunt it down.
  23. again, it's the people "using" the data that are the crooks...but I'd hardly expect people to care about facts on here. the future is all about opinion.
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