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  1. Nothing to do with more people paying more council tax then or more people using public transport ergo lowering costs or even closer, more populated areas making cheaper public transport viable? it's actually hard to know where this is all going, is this a council bashing? or an art centre bashing?... as I thought some of us were here to remind us all that we are on a music forum - aka a place that is based on a care for "the arts" - and I have to say, I am very surprised by a lot of people here that seem to forget that. and yes - the majority here apparently think the art centre is shite (even if they don't know anything about it!) and yes, the majority want rich white boys to dangle money in their faces and think they will all be better off (spiritually? mentally? financially?) etc. I get fired up about this shit because I fucking care - and I am fed up of people who apparently don't care (enough to even look at some evidence or even speak to people that do) coming on and spouting off shite as if it was the truth. And as for people who left Aberdeen because there was fuck all here for them (no?) coming here and telling me how my city should be in their eyes, is just hypocritical - so my question, "how is Glasgow" is very relevant. If the last part of my wee rant is unfair not ture or made up, I can only but apologise, but several people have even stated they dont know anything. And as for Mr Godzilla bringing me personally into a statement about artists not doing anything to raise funds / finance themselves (seeing as it was my artwork he was referring to) I think I have every right to respond angrily. Now, If only we could all find something we agree on, we can all go skiing with each other. as for deleting posts, I have no idea who did it - but you are the boss of this place are you not? as for what they were?....inconsiquential pish most probably, but it's still editing and censorship! (but, you've probably got a clause in the rules that states "don't waste KBs with shite jokes").....that was a shite joke, if you didn't see it like that. I promise to type no more on this thread.
  2. you are on my case anyway, so I wouldn't expect you to think that telling someone who thinks there should be more council houses (and I do too), that the people selling the bloody things...are the council. so putting into the mix a suggestion that instead of spending money on arts centres, the council perhaps think about housing (when they are getting rid of them), I thought, merited that post. and as for the "I don't want to pay my council tax because I want a new 42" tv - different budget", does dave get the same warning?...I didn't think so. How's glasgow? still not answered that one yet. PS, why not just delete my post like I've had happen a few times in the past, without warning if you think I am full of shit and have nothing to say (that you like). Fuck me, I hate it when you make me sound like Stripey.
  3. Arnold Odermatt (thanks to Tortoise for showing me his work!)
  4. really? wow. I'd like to see your research. I fear you might not know what you are talking about. I fear you might not know any artists that have started their own initiatives and paid for pretty much everything themselves (as usual). I fear you might be thinking up answers without facts to satisfy how you think artists work I just think, you don't know much, and coming on a messageboard and spouting off if easy for you. please give us a list of 10 projects that "just expect the council to hand over the funds for poorly run arrangements"...and the council were partly responsible for the lemon tree, so they (or you) shot themselves in the foot there. I do see a picture of Aberdonians not caring about anything other than sucking up to rich oil men, so no wonder they don't want something that's fuck all to do with it. I do see that the level of journalism from our local papers (calling councillors "neeps" for example) perhaps dictates the level of debate we aim at. Perhaps the NE should be devoid of any form of self-generated "modern" culture - us pretentious tossers should bugger off to London eh, where all the other wankers are. While you suck up to rich oil bosses...and wave goodbye when it's gone and get back to drinking, smoking and err....um....err....waiting for the weekend to...err....drink and err.... I believe that Aberdeen has the talent to be a place to be creative, to make new ideas to evolve our understanding of the world and our place in it, to lead culturally, to inspire others to design and create new things - to see different paths through difficult times of resource depletion and climate change...hold on!...they are all hippy ideas! no wonder such stiffly conservative people don't want us here!
  5. Ooh!...he's talking about me! yas, I am one of the Elite (sorry, Poor elite, you know, the kunts that aren't allowed to care, because we can't chuck money at people - "just bits of paper".) you wonder why "we" resort to having a rant now and again. go read your sun.
  6. wow. just one point dave....IT'S THE COUNCIL THAT SOLD THE COUNCIL HOUSES TO RAISE MONEY THEY PISSED UP A WALL. I don't like blue - so I am not going to pay my council tax. I thought I'd be as relevant as your argument.
  7. so much, but not enough to phone Elly at peacock's (as it says on the site). If you want to know, I too have questioned them about the budget - as we all know that Private / Public building works always go over budget...*cough* Scottish Parliament.... which I think is an amazing building, and worth every penny, more than say, the cost of one days warring in the middle east.
  8. I'd swithered about deleting my ranty swear words...but though...fuck it. (ho ho). I just got pissed off because this is serious, and there has been so much posted on it, and I just know that you didn't bother looking.
  9. what? you mean apart from following all the fucking links posted in the thread so far? or (and let me guess "yes") you've just jumped into the discussion without bothering to read the discussion? or how about looking on their website, or are we too lazy to even do that for yourself? New Building - Peacock Visual Arts :: 01224 639539 ::
  10. [better schools] - how about some social responsibility from the house builders? [medical facilities] - is this not the responsibility of the NHS? [wardens - wages] - different budget [public transport] - I'd imagine a different budget [more affordable housing] - private houses paid for by the council? [local charities] - hear hear - (as long as they are "valid" - eh...not poxy art & culture)...hence the defence of culture - as it "seems to read" that people (even in this "creative community" don't rate their own "niece" [etc etc...] - yes, Culture should be bottom of the pile, after all, it's not worth anything is it, it's not going to do any good for anyone, just make a "few" happy they get paid to piss around (etc)... or did I pick up on the whole "what a fucking waste of money, my lovely gardens will be destroyed" (which aren't really going to be affected if people looked at the plans) slant which seems to hint that people ARE attacking a cultural outlet as a good reason to spend money on? How's glasgow by the way? still enjoying the culture down there? blah fucking blah.
  11. oh, absolutely... I think the veiled 'elitist' we get (as creatives, artists etc) is just sad. Again, it's OK to be in a minority and push your views (push being an operative word) on people if you are rich enough for people to be frightened NOT to be on your side, for fear of monies being pulled etc. What I do think will be rather difficult in this situation, is Peacock looking for funding from Trump, whilst railing against Wood...oops!
  12. I'd just like to clarify that Creative Cultures is based in Transition Extreme, and has not been included in any plans for re-location to the Northern Lights development. (Although I would like to "dot in" whenever possible, "more" cultural hubs can only be a good thing.)
  13. that's not answerable, is it. None of us know what the solid "plans" or strategies are for what Ian W is proposing. if it's another shopping mall & parking space for Aberdeen - my answer (in relation to "Vs" a centre for contemporary arts, which the aim is to try and raise the cultural input and output of this wee city of ours) is..... ---- heres another we peep rant. ---- What do Aberdonians want as a whole? - probably the same as any other city in the UK. To have something to be proud of, something that stimulates and interests people, something that makes them unique, but connected. ask the people of Bilbao if they think a pesky arts centre has helped them. then again, the UK's best selling paper is the Sun, and we kicked out two rather silly men from their jobs because they said they'd shagged someone's granddaughter (who's band is the "Satanic Slutz")...while the financial world goes into meltdown. Elitism apparently only works if you are waving money around, Being Elite when you are talking about culture, raising worldly experience, education and understanding, you kind of get the response from the majority of fuck off pansy, paint a picture like a proper artist, and get a proper job (working in my factory, making me money). I dont want to be a bit gristle in a sausage machine and I want others to share my passion in caring about things that apparently dont matter but are fundamental to our existence and fabric of being human. To disagree with three-fourths of the British public is one of the first requisites of sanity. Oscar Wilde and as Steven Fry had quoted Wilde All art is quite useless. To which he added so is wine, so is love.
  14. no because the SAC money is specifically tied to the union gardens project - you can't just take X million, then "suddenly" say "oh, by the way, I want to build it here now...is that OK?"
  15. where is bigsby to explain the use of public finding (AGAIN...for the THIRD TIME). he does it so elloquently and well... dave...are you doing freelance for the EE or something?
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