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  1. when kids as young as 3 are developing type 2 diabetes, ban their parents from breeding. it's not our job to raise other people's offspring healthily.
  2. I hardly think eating at fast food chains once or twice a year means that in me they have produced a fat-munching beast of a human being. I'm just saying that if people were a bit stronger (self-control, ignoring all the shameless marketing, blah, blah, blah) they wouldn't turn into marshmallows. As for marketing towards kids, surely the parent/s is/are in control of what their kid eats (or they should be). If I see a whale of a child marching down the street I tend be a bit critical of their parents for letting him/her get in that state. I say stop blaming fast food for making people unhealthy and fat. Blame the people who eat it constantly. It's like when a kid in school takes advantage of something like being given free time to read who keeps fucking about and ruins it for everyone who can be sensible about having responsibility.
  3. I don't think we should ban them just because some people have no self control. I don't eat at any of these places often at all, but when I'm in the mood for a quarter pounder with cheese, real meat and unprocessed cheese just doesn't quite do the job.
  4. Healthy food available at school is important, and for the most part I think what Jamie Oliver said was pretty decent, but I don't think there's anything wrong with a good packed lunch. It's when parents shove them full of crap that they become crap... It's like people who complain that their dog is too fat when they cook them a sunday roast every week and feed them chocolate biscuits.
  5. 'Standing outside a broken telephone booth with money in my hand' - Primitive Radio Gods, only because of what I think of when I hear it. Otherwise, the genius that is Sir-Mix-a-Lot with 'Baby got Back'
  6. i have the laziest job in the world. and it pays well.
  7. screw sightseeing. eat the ice cream.
  8. i was more under the impression that she was crying because george's well-endowed bank balance walked out with him. i know she already has her parents' cash but i smell a gold digger.
  9. the tetris song is my ringtone. my text thing is just a little beep. and it vibrates a bit. and a light flashes.
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