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  1. Hey, its taking my ipod touch ages to sync. Hours. It seems to get stuck on step 4 of 4 determining tracks to sync. has anyone else noticed this? Is there anyway of speeding this up? Its a 30Gb and it is pretty full. ta pete inthehills
  2. Hey, I need a favour. I'm doing some kind of voting competition when the most votes wins. We're struggling. www.vosenefamilies.co.uk/user-entry?id=112306 could you vote for us and if you need some voting stuff, post it and I'll return the favour. Oh, and if you see some old shaven headed bald bloke at the back of a gig in the tunnels or similar in a sea of youngsters, say Hi, it'll probably be me. pete inthehills
  3. ta for the advice. Its been pissing me off for ages. I'm going to sort it at the weekend. ta Pete inthehills
  4. Hi what's the best way of organising all my tunes on my pc and then linking them to itunes to put on my ipod? I've got music scattered around the place and half of it doesn't seem to be in my itunes library any more. Should I put all my tunes in one place, delete my itunes library and then add everything back? How will this effect my podcasts? Can I use an external drive as the source of my tunes? will itunes then make a copy and stick them in my docs/my music/ipod? pete inthehills
  5. Stuartmaxwell knows the score! Although extra marks do go to Panda Strong for the phrase "an ethno-pluralist populist party with a biological and hierarchical racist past". Me, I'm going lib dem 'cos our lib dem bloke agreed to sign up for an early day motion against the closure of 6music. pete inthehills
  6. what's the difference between the SNP and BNP? (Other than one starts with an S and the other with a B.) SNP want the English out and the BNP want the Non-whites out. They both seem to be following a policy of ethnic cleansing. Pete inthehills
  7. hurrah! its working again. I tried the reboot thing this morning. On the apple website, it says that I shouldn't touch the outer ring when pressing the middle button and only press the very edge of the top bit of the ring when pressing the menu button. So I got two pencils and used them to press the buttons and it worked. I'm happy again. thanks for all your advice. Pete inthehills
  8. stop with the "put it in the freezer nonsense"! That must be an urban myth - I've seen that advice given for everything from broken hard drives to car radios with no code. sorry, enough ranting. I'm kind of fraught with out my ipod. Thanks for all your advice. I was updating stuff and plugged it was in to my pc when itunes crashed. Itunes appeared to be still running but when I checked the task manager, itunes wasn't one of the apps running. I tried to restart my pc, but that crashed too. So I had to hold the start button down until it turned off. My ipod has the "do not disconnect" bit displayed, but holding down the middle and menu button together hasn't worked. I've heard rumours of an application you can download to reset your ipod so I'm looking for that on the apple website. other than that, I'll just put in a corner and tell it not to bother me until its sorry and is ready to work again... pete inthehills
  9. NNNNOOOOOooooooo!!!! My ipod has crashed. Its just hung on the do not disconnect page. I've tried the middle button and menu button thing and nothing happened. I've tried reconnecting it to my pc and it isn't recognised by itunes. HELP! anybody know how to fix it? pete inthehills
  10. I'm not sure about bringing on the 12th man and the physio every 10 minutes towards the end. That smacks of desperation. still. At least its not going to be 5-0 whitewash. I'm now predicting a 1-0 win to the whinging poms. pete inthehills
  11. I went to see a gig at the lemon tree a couple of years ago and I was the only one in the queue that the bouncers didn't id! fuckers. But then I was 37. And hadn't shaved for a week. so that was alright then. pete inthehills
  12. i love mazzy star and I love MBV. I'm very excited about this. pete inthehills
  13. well...it probably is our best chance to beat the Aussies, but I predict a drawn series and so the Aussies keep the ashes by default. We don't have the attack to take 20 wickerts in 5 days. Our bowlers need to be inspired and a lot of hope is being placed on the shoulders of our new spinner. Our wicket keeper is a bit of a doubt too. pete inthehills
  14. that was the first book of his I'd read, so I went out and got a couple of others. I'm now reading "...served the king of England" and I've got Total fears sitting on my book case too. What are the films called? pete inthehills
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