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  1. I've got a big aluminium CD rack (approx 120 x 80 x 15cm) that I'm needing to ship down south. Any idea where I can buy suitably large cardboard sheets for packaging?
  2. Folks.....still for sale. PM if interested.
  3. It's fucking amazing.....although not quite as good as this old chestnut, when Alan Hutton tried to show off his ball skills to the Spanish media when he joined Mallorca. Sorry if you'll all seen this already, but I LOL'd like a drain when I saw this yesterday.
  4. Really hope he makes it down there. If he doesn't, and disappears into obscurity it will be one of the biggest losses of talent from Scottish football I can remember. Also, Aberdeen's chances of a 2nd place league finish have taken a big blow. He's had a mental number of assists so far this season.
  5. I know, the fact that nobody has ever hit a bum note during Rachmaninoff Concerto No. 3 remains a constant mystery to me.
  6. thanks, but no. looking to buy some new gear so need cash cheers
  7. i think this thread can be summed as follows: "We're not all the same" Who knew?
  8. For me, i like playing covers because: 1) i enjoy playing tunes by my favourite bands 2) people in pubs dig it 3) you can put together a set and start gigging in half the time of an original band. ideal if you're short on time 4) Play 2 hour shows right off the bat rather than 20 minute slots 5) i'm not particularly arty or creative, so i find original music a frustrating process When i started out, playing covers wasn't the 'aspiration' but having done both originals and covers, the latter sits most comfortably with me Money has nothing to do with it
  9. 1) Do a couple of OU courses. 2) Get a band 3) Practice regularly 4) Learn how to bake 5) Get more exercise (in order to nullify the effects of item 4)
  10. Folks, I'm selling my Axis Longboard double pedal. Beaters not included. v.g.c. £250. Cheers
  11. Hello, I think I want to get into a rock covers band again. I have a lovely, shiny but ultimately neglected drum kit and after many years of gigging followed by 2 years of bone-idleness, I need an excuse to start playing again. If you're wanting to play awesome covers, let me know. Cheers
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