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  1. Hey, its taking my ipod touch ages to sync. Hours. It seems to get stuck on step 4 of 4 determining tracks to sync. has anyone else noticed this? Is there anyway of speeding this up? Its a 30Gb and it is pretty full. ta pete inthehills
  2. Hey, I need a favour. I'm doing some kind of voting competition when the most votes wins. We're struggling. www.vosenefamilies.co.uk/user-entry?id=112306 could you vote for us and if you need some voting stuff, post it and I'll return the favour. Oh, and if you see some old shaven headed bald bloke at the back of a gig in the tunnels or similar in a sea of youngsters, say Hi, it'll probably be me. pete inthehills
  3. ta for the advice. Its been pissing me off for ages. I'm going to sort it at the weekend. ta Pete inthehills
  4. Hi what's the best way of organising all my tunes on my pc and then linking them to itunes to put on my ipod? I've got music scattered around the place and half of it doesn't seem to be in my itunes library any more. Should I put all my tunes in one place, delete my itunes library and then add everything back? How will this effect my podcasts? Can I use an external drive as the source of my tunes? will itunes then make a copy and stick them in my docs/my music/ipod? pete inthehills
  5. hurrah! its working again. I tried the reboot thing this morning. On the apple website, it says that I shouldn't touch the outer ring when pressing the middle button and only press the very edge of the top bit of the ring when pressing the menu button. So I got two pencils and used them to press the buttons and it worked. I'm happy again. thanks for all your advice. Pete inthehills
  6. stop with the "put it in the freezer nonsense"! That must be an urban myth - I've seen that advice given for everything from broken hard drives to car radios with no code. sorry, enough ranting. I'm kind of fraught with out my ipod. Thanks for all your advice. I was updating stuff and plugged it was in to my pc when itunes crashed. Itunes appeared to be still running but when I checked the task manager, itunes wasn't one of the apps running. I tried to restart my pc, but that crashed too. So I had to hold the start button down until it turned off. My ipod has the "do not disconnect" bit displayed, but holding down the middle and menu button together hasn't worked. I've heard rumours of an application you can download to reset your ipod so I'm looking for that on the apple website. other than that, I'll just put in a corner and tell it not to bother me until its sorry and is ready to work again... pete inthehills
  7. NNNNOOOOOooooooo!!!! My ipod has crashed. Its just hung on the do not disconnect page. I've tried the middle button and menu button thing and nothing happened. I've tried reconnecting it to my pc and it isn't recognised by itunes. HELP! anybody know how to fix it? pete inthehills
  8. I'm not sure about bringing on the 12th man and the physio every 10 minutes towards the end. That smacks of desperation. still. At least its not going to be 5-0 whitewash. I'm now predicting a 1-0 win to the whinging poms. pete inthehills
  9. I went to see a gig at the lemon tree a couple of years ago and I was the only one in the queue that the bouncers didn't id! fuckers. But then I was 37. And hadn't shaved for a week. so that was alright then. pete inthehills
  10. i love mazzy star and I love MBV. I'm very excited about this. pete inthehills
  11. well...it probably is our best chance to beat the Aussies, but I predict a drawn series and so the Aussies keep the ashes by default. We don't have the attack to take 20 wickerts in 5 days. Our bowlers need to be inspired and a lot of hope is being placed on the shoulders of our new spinner. Our wicket keeper is a bit of a doubt too. pete inthehills
  12. that was the first book of his I'd read, so I went out and got a couple of others. I'm now reading "...served the king of England" and I've got Total fears sitting on my book case too. What are the films called? pete inthehills
  13. Its surprisingly easy once you've got the first couple of rows done. Those ones are the worst 'cos they aren't heavy enough on their own and tend to pop up and displace. You might want to think about using some heavy books at first, but once your set, it clicks together really easy. Two of us did our living room which is huge. You just get in to a rhymn. When you cut the piece to fit at the end of the row, just use left over bit to start the next row unless its very short. I used an electric jig saw to cut the boards The hardest thing was fitting it in and around radiators. The expansion gap is really important, take off your skirting boards and once everything is down, put them back on above the laminate. That'll help hide the expansion gap. Don't put them right against the floor 'cos the laminate needs to move under the skirting. good luck. pete inthehills
  14. Too Loud a Solitude by Bohumil Hrabal. this is absolutely fecking brilliant. pete inthehills
  15. its really easy to grow a lot of stuff on your kitchen windowsill. We give away tomato and chili plants at work each year and they usually do well. The trick is not to over water them. That'll kill them quicker than under watering them. You should get some tomato fertilizer and give them a feed once a week. Don't just plant them in a huge pot and leave them, they actually do better if you stage the pots you use, steadily getting bigger each time you repot. Its also a good idea to mist the leaves if you can. The air in your home can be really dry and the ends of the leaves may go brown. If your window is in full sun, it might be a good idea to shade them a bit. These days you can get mini versions of most things, so I suggest you try the following - peas, beans, courgette, tomatoes, any herbs, "cut and come again lettuce" the lettuces are really good 'cos you just take a few leaves off and it keeps growing. If you're successful at this, you'll be soon taking your flask down to the allotment, talking about composting and listening to radio 4..... ...perhaps not. good luck pete inthehills
  16. Bitter and Twisted - Harviestoun Golden Glory - Badger Brewery Dark Island - Orkney Erdinger Weissbier In no particular order pete inthehills
  17. Becareful ladies, if a smartly dressed guy holding a clipboard stops you in the street and tells you he's doing a survey and needs to see your breasts. Its a scam. Don't fall for it, he just wants to see your breasts. pete inthehills
  18. Any punk band doing Beatles covers... Help - The Damned Helter Skelter - Siouxsie and the Banshees or 80's thrash metal bands doing tv themes... Happy Days theme - Anthrax GhostBusters - Xenon. pete inthehills
  19. I heard this lot on Marc Riley's 6music evening show when they did a live set. They were brilliant. They'd better come to aberdeen, I've been nagging them on myspace to do so. pete inthehills
  20. yeah, the word festival looks pretty rubbish, but on the other hand there is always the wordfringe festival http://www.wordfringe.co.uk/Wordfringe2009/EventCalendar.aspx This year he's pulled out all the stops, highlights for me will be 4th May Demented elegance word wrestling - aberdeen arts centre - Rapunzel will be one of the guys doing this, he's just brilliant 19th May Attila the stockbroker/David Rovics - tunnels, aberdeen - you young folk need to see Attila the stockbroker - I first saw him at glasto in 88 - before you were born, but he's sitll a sharp as ever 22nd May John Hegley - Lemon tree, aberdeen. - his poetry is short, sharp and funny, easy to remember and great for picking up Judith's. Judith So you're not a myth. You're the apple of my eye and the orange of my glasses, you're the succulence and pith. Judith, be my kin, give us a kith. but there is lots more all around aberdeenshire. pete inthehills
  21. if this is your first official press pass photo shoot then I guess you will learn as time goes on to be more inconspicuous during gigs. Perhaps you should buy some of those knee pad things so you can kneel down better. I did notice you singing along to Austere! Can you sing and take pictures at the same time! pete inthehills
  22. At tonights Howling Bells/Joy Formidable gig there was three photographers covering the Joy Formidable. One of them, with the dyed red hair isn't too bad, I've seen him at lots of gigs and he generally keeps fairly low, but the other two.... ....I didn't pay my ticket price to look at the back of some annoying bloke. They didn't even attempt to keep low. And when Ritzy was on the floor playing the feedback by hand on her peddles, all I could see was these blokes and not Ritzy. Be a bit more considerate to the crowd annoying photographer blokies! pete inthehills
  23. just got back from this gig and it was flippin' brilliant. I just love the joy formidable's sound. The howling bells were fab and I even enjoyed the chew lips. Best gig of 2009 contender already! pete inthehills
  24. well. I'm surprised and disappointed with most of you. You actually prefer dogs to cats? You prefer an animal that happily rolls in shit and then eats it. An animal with a subzero IQ? A spineless, fawning idiot who does what ever its told and enjoys it. Nah. Cats are much cooler. pete inthehills
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