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  1. The video is good, would be ALOT better if i was in it more tho.
  2. Thank you to anyone from here that came down! we raised 1750 very happy about the turn out!
  3. This is this Saturday The Locals Disco Filth Elevation The Tijuana Sun Steve Winton Lucy Pell first act on at 8pm 5 Minimum donation on the door all the proceeds raised goes to clan cancer support a very good cause!
  4. Dirty Disco Charity Fundraiser In Aid of Clan Cancer Support Featuring The Locals Disco Filth Elevation The Tijuana Sun Lucy Pell Saturday 12th March Cafe Drummonds 1 Belmont street, Aberdeen 5 Entry All Proceeds go to Clan Cancer Support
  5. Justin

    TV Series!!

    Cheers av just bought it! Got it for 30 on Play
  6. Justin

    TV Series!!

    Is the Sheild any good? was looking at things to get my dad for xmas and think he would like it
  7. BUMP! This is on Friday Support from The Tijuanna Sun and Justin Martin
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