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  1. That'll be me. Well done. I haven't the foggiest who you are. There were two folk spying me about 40 mins at said location. Possible stalkee's from here?
  2. Prime stalkings at the same location from various folks. I must change my routine!
  3. Red slayer shirt? Giving it "pure ladly"?
  4. To or from? I forget my day to day agenda
  5. Any Borderlands 2 geeks? Farming legendaries like a real sad lonely cunt has never been so satisfying.
  6. Cammy and KirkT upstairs in SportsDirect earlier today.
  8. Title says it all. I'm looking for a half decent,easy (legal/ pm me if "illegal) to use program to write various mpegs,avi's and suchlike onto disc. I've used some freeware (demo) programs but only getting 3 mins of each file is a bit useless. Any help would be appreciated. cheers!
  9. Duhhh! I never noticed the first post. Fit a praaaaack!
  10. I updated this morning to much disappointment. The updated notification feature and being able to use my phone whilst i sync iis the only decent things in my eyes. I'm not really noticing anything else of interest for me personally. I'm only using a 3GS so I'm probably not getting the full scale of the update.
  11. Hey man! I'll take the camera off your hands. I'll take those CDs off your hands if they're going!

  12. I'll take the camera off your hands. Also the bag of CDs I was meant to get off you a while butnever got round to it if it's still available?
  13. If I had the cash then I'd be going in full oderous urungous attire. A las I'll probably just stay in and maul the wife.
  14. 10/10. Stalked a few of the pervs on here who've walked past the gawking in the gym windows. Sweat must be a turn on!
  15. Does anyone have an old computer desk in good nick? Nothing fancy as long as it's strudy and has space for CPU,monitor,speakers and a sub. Pm me if you have one spare.
  16. I'll take the cd lot. I've pm's about some DVDs and my email address is attached. Lemme know soon. Cheers
  17. If you're ever in the vicinity of Toms feel free to drop off a cd/stick for myself. Only ever heard the tracks live and would love to hear the full quality versions.
  18. What happened between idol_wild and that other guy? I need a good toilet read
  19. Idiots that fuck up on tills. The guy typed in the wrong amount that I gave him by pennies and then proceeded to shortchange me. Okay it was only a couple of pence but the guy clearly hesitated after he typed in the wrong amount realising his entire lifes worth was insignificant, his whole family is nothing more than a fucking lie and that he was incubated between an old dried out sponge and a rock but come on!!! I still kicked up a fuss mind you which led to a supervisor getting involved which led to both of them scratching their heads like a couple of retarded monkies with downs. I'm glad I made a fuss and looked like a prick because hopefully now the checkout operator goes home tonight, murders his entire family and uses their blood to lubricate himself while he fucks the families pet dog. That's my three pence principle anyway..... ..... Yeah cool story braw! Life's hard for some people. Wish I never bought that chewing gum now as it was rather tasteless and no longevity to it.....
  20. Milner - I did not know Amy Winehouse nor do I know anyone involved in the tragedy in Norway. As tragic as both events are to others and yes I feel shocked that her death has overshadowed what went on in Norway but as far as I'm concerned my family and friends are still kicking it big willy style. The world keeps turning whilst I enjoy these wee whimsical threads of trolling and verbal diarrhoea. Peace!
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