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  1. Strawberry Wine are delighted to present an evening of Psychedelic Confessions with legendary Primal Scream tambourine player Martin St John. Psychedelic Confessions is Martin St John's memoir of his time as Ace Face in the jingle-jangle morning of Primal Scream. Evoking the mid-80s psychedelic punk rock vibe in all its technicolour glory, the show includes a maelstrom of film clips, lights, sounds and readings of far-out tales from the tongues of truth! Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1511210388922792/
  2. Best (by some distance): Kitchen Cynics Seas, Starry Godzilla Blues Worst: Certain mediocre indie bands. (Not naming any names - sorry.)
  3. Nice review from the states: http://mratavist.wordpress.com/2013/10/12/palace-of-swordsseas-starry/
  4. Montibus Communitas. (Palace of Swords' label-mates) http://youtu.be/oIywcepUtc8
  5. We've managed to obtain a few copies of 'The Pastels Are Dead', a fanzine from 1988. Free to the first 10 or so people through the door.
  6. I would say that Aberdeen is actually quite healthy in that regard. There seems to be quite a lot of people putting on their own gigs/club nights, and releasing their own records - which can only be a good thing.
  7. Thanks Flights. Here's the disc itself. Clear polycarbonate plastic as opposed to vinyl. A little bit on the lo-fi side, to be honest. It looks great, though.
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