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  1. It's not a very deep wonder, I'll admit it, but I do always wonder how many of my car could park bumper to bumper between two consequetive telegraph poles on the (grass next to the) dual carriageway. It passes the time.
  2. hattrick.org hmmmmmmmmmmmm
  3. But it was too late. They had disappeared into the secret realms of the private message, to hum snatches of Get 'Em Out By Friday to one another and study TGV timetables away from the amicably disinterested masses of ab-music.
  4. Good lord Genesis '67-'77 is my life. Though I have grown to enjoy the bursts of Phil Collins' crooning that always seem to appear for four or five tracks on RTL2. Really though, are you from Aberdeen? What are you doing in France?
  5. Leave me alone, Phil Collins! I think he might really be The One!
  6. LILLE??? Who are you? I live in Valenciennes!
  7. White wine spritzers and Pride and Prejudice! Look at Keira Knightley... she must weigh like 90 pounds. No way. WAY. But she's soOoOoOoOoOo prittyful!
  8. I'm sure Lush or the Body Shop would have one. http://www.lush.co.uk/products/Brazened_Honey_3063.aspx
  9. Same, I will not be around but it's an ace idea! Nice idea to put it on.
  10. Well, yeah. I would love to see them again. But many people probs travel a longer way than Aberdeen->London to see them in Tokyo. We could always start up a tribute (or... Faust-inspired) band called Fauxt. http://www.faust-pages.com/music/jeanherve/JH_LMC_fastened60-60.mp3
  11. Oh my, the bad taste! At least he's highly unlikely to get ill. X-(
  12. Ooh can I have a job at your festival, wheeling Robert Wyatt and entertaining him and bringing him refreshments? Anyway, here's mine. It would be held here: 5013′N 1223′E or thereabouts. Main stage, set in 1971 Genesis Magma Caravan Spring Bodast (reunion) Norman Haines Band Second stage, set today! Sportfreunde Stiller Opeth Faust Anajo Wow, it would be ace.
  13. I believe the reason was that it would have been uneconomical for them to come all the way up here.
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