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  1. Random stuff I tumble / reblog / blah goodandevil My own work Levi Bunyan
  2. Yeah it wasnt Dungeons & Dragons, had more of a cartoon edge
  3. Looking at a few videos, I'm not really sure if that was it... it had a longer name, I'm sure of it!
  4. I did some researching... possibly Double Dragon
  5. Bit of a punt I remember a cartoon as a kid of something to do with dragons, I always think of Mortal Kombat when I try and remember so it's got that kind of feel to it, there was two main characters, where the colour scheme was mainly green and black. Anyone any idea?
  6. The Warehouse Shots on the end of a roll of Delta 3200 I took at a gig at The Warehouse (Moshulu), Aberdeen
  7. New York In Black & White Finally got round to developing my Black & White rolls from New York. I love these, I love the grain and the feeling they have Film: Ilford Delta 3200
  8. I messaged you back on here ages ago. Never use Myspace and never had an email from you
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